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  1. 2 hours ago, MitchMcGaryMunchies said:


    In five of six consecutive seasons, the Huskies had two players taken in the draft.



    During this time they advanced to a single NCAA tournament and won a single tournament game, beating Utah State in a 9-8 match-up.



    They've got a pretty bad reputation for squandering one-and-done talent.

    Would our fan base turn that down? IMO I think some on here would look at that as a success.

  2. 15 hours ago, Norm Peterson said:

    I kinda feel bad for Trevor Lakes. From the sounds of things, he's been shooting lights out in practices. His shoulder is finally fixed and he seems to have fully recovered. I wish I knew he was having shoulder problems last season; I would probably have gone easier on him in anything I posted.


    We're set to lose Verge and Kobe to exhausting their eligibility and the McGowens brothers to the pros. Lat Mayen, it's been speculated, could leave after this year to pursue pro opportunities in Australia.


    Trevor Lakes could potentially be a rotation player on next year's team. Except he doesn't get a next year. And, this year, fortunately for us and unfortunately for him, we're stacked. How many of the last 20 years would we have LOVED to have a guy like him?

    I hope so but it also seems like a kid who will leave to make room for another player. I hope I'm wrong and you're right about his shooting improving. The biggest issue the past few years has probably been just starting over with a brand new roster so some continuity would be great.

  3. On 10/6/2021 at 4:20 PM, kldm64 said:

    Just seemed like we could do better but have to trust Matt & Fred on this one.

    What do you mean? This kid looks pretty athletic. Will be some nice depth for the next few years. How many times have we been able to say that before?

  4. 10 hours ago, Norm Peterson said:

    Rothstein is actually a bit tepid in his praise. He thinks Verge and the two McGowens brothers are All-Conference caliber as a backcourt, but like us, he's not sure how we'll defend and rebound.


    His rotation of Verge, the two McGowens, Mayen and Walker followed by Keisei, CJ and Keon leaves out ...


    frickin' Kobe Webster, Eduardo Andre and Wilhelm "The Flying Dutchman" Breidenbach, whom he also praises.


    I mean, if that doesn't scream "Hey, this squad is deeper than your typical Husker team" I don't know what does.


    If you trim the rotation to 8 players, it's going to leave some quality guys on the bench not getting minutes.

    I dont want to get ahead of myself here as this season hasnt even started but I'm all in. This team looks deep just think what the season after looks like with the studs we already have committed and that's not to say Fred wont get a good transfer player too. This is beautiful I've never been this excited for Husker basketball. 

  5. 14 hours ago, Norm Peterson said:

    About talent, I recall having a brief argument on Twitter a couple of years ago with a guy who was unimpressed with the job Hoiberg had done putting together a roster in his first few months on the job.


    I challenged the guy about that statement and pointed out that Hoiberg had basically filled an entire roster in roughly 30 days.


    His response was there was no star power. No impact players. 🤔


    And so I took another look at the roster and, by gum, he was right. Oh, but c'mon, we have a couple of the best juco transfers in the nation along with a guy who was a double-figure scorer at Marquette.


    Yeah, OK, good luck with that was kind of the reply.


    Two years ago we started a 17-year-old French kid at center because we had no alternatives other than Kevin Cross. Our 3-point sniper didn't pan out. The juco kids were underwhelming at best. And the Marquette transfer (by way of some Florida school) was really pretty good but didn't have a lot of help.


    Last year, we upgraded the talent in some areas, but still had some huge, gaping deficiencies in skillsets.


    This year, we've upgraded talent again. And we've closed some of those gaping deficiencies. I don't, for example, see a guard on the roster this year who is likely inept at shooting. Last year, we hardly had any guards who were *ept* at shooting.


    We haven't lost ground in any area compared to a year ago. Both of our best bigs, for instance, have returned. I expect both will have improved over their Covid-year selves. And we've added some depth.


    I'm not yet prepared to say how much progress this will mean in W/L record, but I am prepared to think we should be headed in the right direction.


    That guy is an idiot

  6. 4 hours ago, hhcmatt said:


    There is more music out there today than ever before.  He's not asking for Fleetwood Mac here, he's asking for someone of similar pull who would provide the relatively insignificant boost to recruiting that doesn't have a domestic violence section in his or her wikipedia page. From what I can tell, we accomplished that when we brought in Rick Ross.

    You do realize Rick Ross is his stage name which is named after a notorious drug dealer. He was also charged with kidnapping and assault a few years ago. Good luck finding a rapper with a spotless record. 


    Again a % of the Nebraska fan base is out of touch with these kids reality.

  7. 8 hours ago, cornfed24-7 said:

    I'd just like to say I love reading everyones arguments for which players will start, contribute, or need to developed. Because I basically take the good from ALL the arguments and create a super team. Yup. Sweet 16. You guys are great!


    Well I would say its definitely a good thing when were arguing about guys who could start at alot of places being at the end of our rotation. 

  8. I was going to make a thread about this. Thanks for asking.





    Nebraska Athletics and its broadcast affiliates will continue to offer streaming at no cost to Husker fans. All broadcasts are streamed live on Huskers.com and the Huskers App. The TuneIn platform is not an option this season. TuneIn has added college football to its subscription-only plan, and Nebraska has elected to keep radio coverage free for all listeners. Some Husker broadcasts may be available on Sirius/XM satellite radio but no longer on an every-game basis.

  9. 14 hours ago, kldm64 said:


    Wow, you have quite an imagination. 

    Yeah probably but this thing has been funny the last few days I dont think it harms the program. Let's be honest kids these days probably find this more interesting than the glory days of Nebraska football which they weren't even alive when that was a thing.

  10. 8 hours ago, jayschool said:

    I think the idea was to bring some fans into a private area so they could interact with the uniforms in some way — wear them, comment on them, speak with players who were wearing them — all while being recorded, only after signing the proper waivers, of course.


    Now with that footage the AD can put together a video that highlights that fan reaction and reveals the uniforms to the rest of the world. 


    Not a bad idea, actually, but they need to explain it so the instant-criticism-and-outrage machine doesn't crank up and crush Nebraska's national image — again.


    Perhaps but maybe it will end up working positive if any press is good press like the pic of that lil red jersey was posted. Awesome troll job and is funny. Gets people talking maybe puts Nebraska in the back of some kids minds, then eventually some of those kids get to visit during a spring game or game day are blown away by the atmosphere and hopefully this years team creates some momentum (entirely possible).


    I'm probably overthinking this but hey this stupid private uni viewing has created some conversation and alot of people are having fun with it. Not nessecarily a bad thing.

  11. This whole thing with the athletic department and alternative unis was weird. Something about an unveiling tonight to some folks in the media but an honor system not to take pics because the university will be unveiling the uniforms August 31st. Lol idk who's idea this all was but it's a huge failure. 

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