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  1. We have one of the historically worse programs ever, have made the tournament once in the last nineteen years or so, our program has taken a nosedive with one of its most talented rosters ever and you want to criticize the fans?! UNL is lucky to have the basketball fans they do, anywhere else there wouldn’t be this kind of support.
  2. Just got home from the game. Frustrating game and officiating, we look so much better than we have in a while though. The amount of people cheering for Creighton at the game made me sick.
  3. Not sure he’ll have much choice in the matter.
  4. Lol, if Mcdermott didn’t leave for Ohio State he’s not leaving for us. Hoiberg isn’t going to survive this season, would be nice to take a run at him. edit: Also, I would rather be awful forever than hire Pitino, that guy epitomizes everything that is wrong with college basketball.
  5. Copeland looked like a man out there, I will take 12-14 from the field every day, awesome job.
  6. Norm, you’re like a labrador. Dumb as shit but always sees the good in things. Please never change.
  7. Miles will be fired after his season, until then we’ll get a bunch of the same. We’ll see bad games like this that are almost unwatchable and others where the team will come out and look good, ultimately I’ll be surprised if we crack .500.
  8. I'm sorry for urinating in your cereal. Forgive me for not getting too excited for Mile's optimism, he hasn't really done anything lately to garner any trust in his in game and in season coaching abilities.
  9. The guy knows he's on the brink of being fired, he's trying to be optimistic. Unfortunately, not much is gonna change this year, maybe a nice NIT win.
  10. This ship is taking on water fast.
  11. I'll bet you some scratch if no other players transfer and Miles is not retained they won't make the tournament.
  12. Michael Flynn was the lead recruiter on this one, give credit where it's due.
  13. Please let this happen, best for all parties.
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