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  1. Tickets went on sale today on a 50% off sale at sprintcenter.com. They are $25/day after fees. The sale only includes the end zone sections, but the corner section face the baseline. Best available takes you to Section 108, row 18, but you can select section and get lower. I recently purchased section 104 row 5. At this cost I figured I can sell them if I fall into something better.
  2. Neebrasketball

    BTN Sign Ideas?

    Yes Auroran, you had the winning design (not sure what you won...I owe you a beer)! You going tonight?
  3. Neebrasketball

    BTN Sign Ideas?

    It's been in storage for 4 years...but the sign is heading to Lincoln tonight! My son, who is now 13, is going for probably the final time this year so it is time!
  4. Neebrasketball

    Minnesota Game

    If we think we should be a bubble team, we need an rpi around 45 at least. To be there you need to beat a 15-20 rpi team at home.
  5. Neebrasketball

    Robin's Predictions

    If Robin is correct I see that as bullish our record.
  6. Neebrasketball

    2016-2017 KenPom Rankings Thread

    And the team we beat is fourth...They weren't a pushover.
  7. Neebrasketball

    Refresh my memory please

    Nick Fuller
  8. Neebrasketball

    Freshman Coffee Talk

    McVeigh. He will gain the most from strength training. More explosiveness and weight to gaurd and rebound.
  9. Neebrasketball

    This will sound like whining but.......

    The missed travel call was a huge missed call and an important point in the game. I can't remember the score, but I do know they scored on that possession. It happened in front of me and we noticed it when it happened. They showed the replay and he clearly drug his foot. We had our chances to win the game though and didn't.
  10. Neebrasketball

    Starting PF: Andrew White

    What this tells me is Hammond will not start unless its for the opening tip. Our three and four will look the same on offense, and I could see Andrew White guarding the four on defense since he has more bulk than Shavon.
  11. Neebrasketball

    Pitchford not playing next year....

    I am sad as well. Walt has talent I was excited to see him harness again next season. He gets bashed on here quite a bit and his play wasn't what this years team needed, but he has two things that Nebrasketball lacks recently, height and experience. I really liked Walt as a person. He was good with the kids while signing after the scrimmage and one other occasion. I wish him the nothing but the best.
  12. Neebrasketball

    Update on Moses Abraham & Leslee Smith

    Just as dissappointing to me is that we burned Hammond's redshirt and he still isn't ready to see the floor with both these guys out? I would think the coaches could coach him up up on defense (assuming thats where the problems in his play exist) and had given him a few minutes in these recent games. If he couldn't play the last 5 games how can we expect him to contribute with B1G play here?
  13. Neebrasketball

    Craig Smith

    You bring up a good point. That is one change from last year that is hard to judge but may be bigger than what we think.
  14. Neebrasketball

    Scouting Rhode Island

    Biggie would hav been a freshman teammate of Terrain at Tech. Thanks for the info...will be a tough game.