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  1. I did get tickets nubest79. Thank you though. Maybe someone else can use them.
  2. Originally couldn't go but now looking for four if anyone has extras.
  3. I love the movement and pace. Will be fun. Kavas more athletic than I expected. Stevenson looks really good. Blanton...unreal, will be worth the wait. I Cross also better than I expected. Score getting ugly now so they may look good due to competition.
  4. Do we really know if everyone they have brought in for a visit has a committable offer? Also, how many visits do they have left? How many total for a year? I'm guessing they have to be close.
  5. A group of us had big plans to go to KC and life got in the way. So I am selling 6 tickets for each night. Section 104, Row 5, Seats 6-11. In the corner right at baseline behind the benches. Paid $48/seat for both nights so will let go for that or best offer. Message me if interested.
  6. I agree...we need info. Someone on hear has to have seen a workout, played them at rec (thanks Noah for your past report), or has a second hand account of workouts. Please share what you have. I guess I'm desperate for Husker hoops news?
  7. Tickets went on sale today on a 50% off sale at sprintcenter.com. They are $25/day after fees. The sale only includes the end zone sections, but the corner section face the baseline. Best available takes you to Section 108, row 18, but you can select section and get lower. I recently purchased section 104 row 5. At this cost I figured I can sell them if I fall into something better.
  8. Yes Auroran, you had the winning design (not sure what you won...I owe you a beer)! You going tonight?
  9. It's been in storage for 4 years...but the sign is heading to Lincoln tonight! My son, who is now 13, is going for probably the final time this year so it is time!
  10. If we think we should be a bubble team, we need an rpi around 45 at least. To be there you need to beat a 15-20 rpi team at home.
  11. If Robin is correct I see that as bullish our record.
  12. I think a stretch 4 for sure. I am a little concerned if we miss out on Nate Roberts because he is just what we need. I haven't heard of any other 4s we are in on now. IF...If Copeland would have a good year and decide to turn pro, we need to replace him or get a back up for Roby.
  13. Agree with huskerbaseball13 about the shooting % being a concern, but also hope he has improved his off hand. I did not see him once finish with his right hand or use it dribbling in traffic.
  14. For someone who has researched and read about this transfer, what are the odds he commits here?
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