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  1. I don’t think there is a legitimate argument for keeping him around another year. After the game I was hoping they’d just let Gates coach the rest of the year but I’ve simmered down a bit.
  2. Best position for Bryce to succeed would be in old 6-on-6 Iowa Women’s games where he couldn’t cross half court to play defense
  3. He doesn’t look even remotely the same in that highlight as he did at Nebraska. He was overweight and slow here, but he does not look like that at Tulane.
  4. Husker women - 12/30 @ Michigan State
  5. Take your anger out somewhere else.
  6. This has all the makings of a close game that sucks us all back in
  7. What is the reasoning for redshirting McPherson? He at least acts like he’s cares on the bench. Isn’t he supposed to be a good defender? Let the kid play.
  8. I think it’s a very fair question. At least in the last 2 years it felt like Fred was out coaching the other team with less talent. Now it doesn’t feel like he’s coaching at all.
  9. I quit watching after halftime. Haven’t done that since the Cam Mack year and never before that. Is this program in a better place than it was 3 years ago? I would certainly argue no. This offense is horrendous and can’t take much longer than an hour for the opposing team to scout. Thank you Doc for keeping it close, tell your buddy Hoiberg to hold up his end of the bargain.
  10. Fun watching Tominaga catch fire a bit. Could do without the MJ shoulder shrug after them, though. Gonna look dumb when we’re getting smacked by Purdue and he does the 3 goggles.
  11. I assume McPherson redshirting this year? He hasn’t played yet but is fully suited up and sits right next to the coaches. He’s one of the most communicative players on the bench.
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