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  1. Don’t understand what Lat brings to this team. An undersized Wilcher would have been an upgrade.
  2. According to the program director at 93.7 Ashley will not do her radio show tonight. Also, any chance we could change this thread title to just about anything else other than “Coach Love”. I get it’s his name but it’s a really unfortunate title.
  3. He hasn’t had season above .500 in 5-6 years so he’s used to it by now
  4. Why would Hoiberg agree to this, though. Frost did because he truly wants to be here. No way Hoiberg cares about Nebraska enough to give up millions to see this thing out
  5. Under absolutely no circumstances should Matt A be on this coaching staff going forward.
  6. I don’t think there is a legitimate argument for keeping him around another year. After the game I was hoping they’d just let Gates coach the rest of the year but I’ve simmered down a bit.
  7. Best position for Bryce to succeed would be in old 6-on-6 Iowa Women’s games where he couldn’t cross half court to play defense
  8. He doesn’t look even remotely the same in that highlight as he did at Nebraska. He was overweight and slow here, but he does not look like that at Tulane.
  9. Take your anger out somewhere else.
  10. This has all the makings of a close game that sucks us all back in
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