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  1. Last yr the big ten was ranked as the toughest or second toughest league. That ain't the case this year. I ain't bagging on the conference,just saying it was better last year. I ain't basing anything on no hype. I'm basing the dissapoitment on the fact that the team returned four starters from a ncaa tourney team and the one player that Din't return wasn't one of the main stars. Most teams in the country lost a whole lot more.
  2. So you don't think there should have been any preseason hype? You make the NCAA tournament last season and basically have your entire team returning along with a 1st team All-Conference player and you don't think this year has been disappointing? I'm very disappointed in our offensive production this season and the heart of this team. No doubt, last year was a magical ride but if you can't built on it the following season with the same players, then we might as well just kept Doc Sadler and not have any expectations or hype each year. I never mentioned that it wasn't disappointing. Yet
  3. Play the best players. Never "save" anyone for a different year. Redshirt only if a guy ain't gonna get any minutes.
  4. Hard to imagine he gonna have a better chance at immediate playing time at GTown than Nebraska.
  5. Problem when comparing thus year to last year is that last year we din't have them bad losses at home. That's the killer. Everybody gits stinkers on the road but home stinkers kill ya.
  6. I think with the grind it out style Miles wants, Benny is perfect. He is a royal pain in the ass to play against cuz He always all up in your business. I wish he could or would score more, but he perfect on the defensive end. Real problem is dat none of the bench guys be much better scorers neither.
  7. Could also mean that other teams be making better adjustments as game progresses
  8. he needs to put on at least 20 pounds. way to thin. That just gonna make him even slower.
  9. i believe the spread was 10.5 and we lost by 11.... I don't really care what the spread was. This was a four point game with five minutes left. With as thin as NU was vs. a full strength Iowa team coming off a huge win, NU had every chance to win this game. Iowa's depth was a huge factor in this game, probably the biggest one, NU still gave themselves a real shot to win. Wit the cold and snow it prolly also the weakest home court advantage a opponent gonna get dis year. You could see all the empty seats on the broadcast.
  10. FSU is 8-6 wit only 1 win vs a power conf school. They prolly ain't that good so I am not sure that's a good comparison Iowa gots some issues at PG but has some good posts. This may be a trap game for em doe coming off their big win. Wonder what kinda crowd gonna come out for a late start in dis cold
  11. Also hard to run when you can't rebound True dat.
  12. The players we got that are playing prolly would be better if we would run more. Problem is you can't run wit no depth or the players be dead by February lol
  13. If it's that simple, I guess it is a lock that Miles was outcoached by the Incarnate Word dude?
  14. Also hammons and fuller ain't big 10 talent at this point...miles can't play them or they get lit up. Hammons many be able to get stronger but neither of em ain't getting no faster. I got concerns with fuller especially since he coming off a red shirt all ready.
  15. Some of holding Indiana below they season avg is because of the really slow offensive tempo miles uses. When you hold the ball for most the shot clock, it limits possessions and if looking only at pts allowed, could make a defense look better than it is.
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