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    Top Nebrasketball Dunks

    I recall Kimani Ffriend passing the ball inbounds after a basket to Cookie Belcher and then running down court to the basket. Cookie dribbled to the center court and passed the ball to Kimani who dunked the pass into the basket. Maybe not a great dunk, but what an athletic play!
  2. PointGuard

    18-19 depth

    Is Nana going to add about 10Lbs of Muscle this summer to his last year weight of 215 lbs?
  3. PointGuard

    Roby (is Good)

    That is one only Tim Miles can answer... Sorry for any inconvenience I remember Robe getting into foul trouble often early in the season, so he had to set on the bench. At the start of the year he moved to playing Center and also quit fouling. His minutes went up.
  4. PointGuard

    18-19 depth

    Why not a project? I'd have no problem, if when we get close to the start of classes and the 'ship is still open offering it to someone like Shereef Mitchell´╗┐ or someone like that. If a scholarship is available: Just thinking about 2019. With all the seniors on this years team leaving, we will need quality players in 2019. Not sure we will want to rely on projects that might be able to compete after a redshirt year. Why take a person who will only offer a body for practice? We have seen a number of recruits come here who are not quick enough to play defense or can't shoot. They sit on the bench and usually leave. Take a look at other big 10 recruits. They are 3, 4 and 5 stars. Its a big uphill battle for a project to develop and offer competition to those teams. Thats why I say hold out for a quality recruit, not just take a body to use up a scholarship.
  5. PointGuard

    18-19 depth

    Christian is 6-8", 230 lbs. A quality recruit, However, I don't see it happening. When he would play, Roby, Copeland,or Palmer would be setting. Not sure there are enough minutes availaible for him to want to come here and then would not add much additional value to us at that position. We need the quality recruit to be available in 2019.
  6. PointGuard

    18-19 depth

    Keeping an open scholarship was the reason we got Copeland. That seemed to work out pretty good. Only reason to use the last scholarship would be if a QUALITY recruit will accept it. Don't use it to pick up a project.
  7. PointGuard

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Will he bring a 7 footer with him?
  8. PointGuard

    Going forward

    It seems to me that we should keep either Copeland or Roby in the game at all times. Copeland has been starting, then Roby subs for him. They both play together late in the game when you want the best team on the floor. Now they both get close to 30+ minutes and the team is at its best strength the whole game. That leaves about 20 minutes a game at the 5 position for the Centers.
  9. PointGuard

    Times Change I Guess

    I suspect that Papa Gordon honed his basketball knowledge with Johnny one nut at that exclusive girls basketball camp in Kansas. The one somewhere south of McCook or Hastings or where ever.
  10. PointGuard

    Agau's Salty

    After the basketball season, two more left. Not sure of the timeline, but Miles probably knew that their was going to be openings. Walter Pitchford Tarin Smith
  11. PointGuard

    2017-18 Nebraska Juniors ?

    What's Miles suppose to do? Sit down with Morrow, and tell him that he is going to take minutes away from Roby, McVeigh, Palmer, Copeland? If you are competitive and believe in yourself, you stick with the program. You should go into every year with the belief that you are going to make the tournament. You have to control what you can control. If you have a bad season, and the coach gets fired, you probably aren't that good. 0 Miles has said in the past that he will keep trying to recruit better people than the current players on the team. You will have to keep getting better or lose playing time to new recruits. Each person than has to decide what they want to do and figure out if they should stay or leave. There was a log jam at the 3 and 4 position and it can be argued that the less talented people would decide to leave. Quote
  12. PointGuard

    Experimental Rule

    Interesting how opinions are all over on free throws. My preference is that all of them are two shot fouls. A foul is something that is not good. It should be penalized. Currently a one and one is hardly a penalty at all. Why is a shooting foul 2 and a foul that prevents an easy two a 1-1? Should be done away with IMO. A foul should always penalize the team that commits it. IF you want to penalize a team for fouling, let the team fouled select who gets to shoot the free throw. That would keep a team from always fouling a bad shooter.