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  1. My memory isn't all that good, but I am thinking the following year they made a long three at the buzzer to beat us.
  2. Has to suck for Harris and anybody else who is recovering from surgery are being asked to leave. It would have to limit the number of quality schools that would offer a scholarship for a recovering player.
  3. It's one thing to count the chickens before they hatch, but in this case the eggs haven't been laid yet.
  4. In pregame, Amir didn't even shoot around. He sat on the bench. I guessed they didn't want the other team see how bad he was.
  5. Purdue also got a 7 foot + person from France that probably didn't count as any stars.
  6. I'm not sure this chart really compares apples to apples. For one thing a school could have a great recruiting class, but the results of that effort may not be seen for 2 or 3 years. This list shows the same 4 years of recruiting with the record for the same 4 years. How does it handle a graduate transfer? Look at Texas Tech. Not a great recruit status, but a few graduate transfers and they almost win it all. Some schools on this list recruit a lot of one and done players. Those freshmen are much better that the 3* that other schools get, and their results show up on the chart. Kansas, Duke etc. How did Gonzaga look so bad on the recruiting? Is that because their conference is so weak?
  7. The point I was making was that as soon as the 1 year extensions started, it supported the perception that Miles was on the hot seat and would not be around much longer. That does not help recruiting. I don't think that should be interpreted as he can't recruit, but rather it is hard to recruit when you are in a lame duck situation.
  8. Two years ago Miles received a 1 year extension. The one year extension was announced and Coach Hunter left shortly thereafter. People on this board even commented that Hunter could see the writing on the wall and left. Xavior Johnson soon decommitted. That's when recruiting dropped off.
  9. If Miles was going to be retained, Moos would have said so in his announcement 45 minutes after our B1G tourney loss to Wisconsin. Maybe Moos needs to negotiate the contract with Miles before it is announced.
  10. How about "IF" Karrington Davis didn't tear his Achillies. Lots of people had him playing quite a bit.
  11. I'm watching the Penn St - Illinois game right now. Every body on both teams are quicker than S*** and very athletic. I have a had time believing that there are any Nebraska high school BBall players who can compete at this level, and these teams are at the bottom of the Big 10. Maybe if Nebraska could get 10 to15 to walk on, we could get 1 or 2 roll players!
  12. Let's just throw in the fantasy that a 6-10 4* power forward commits.
  13. Might be wrong, but I thought Tanner had a Regents Scholarship.
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