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    CanadianHusker reacted to 49r in Keisei watch   
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    CanadianHusker reacted to hhcmatt in How does this years roster stack up to last years?   
    More like oversaturated.  He's the lead on football and women's basketball. He shouldn't have to do a podcast about men's basketball simply because there isn't anyone else on staff to do so; He wasn't super prepped on this.  I had listened to the podcast prior to it being brought up and that was my impression.
    I'd treat the whole thing like Highlander 2 and just disregard it.
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    CanadianHusker reacted to Jacob Padilla in Poor evaluations?   
    I think the path each of those guys took played a big part in the players they became.
    Griesel's evolution as a player probably doesn't happen at a higher level where he got to play right away as a hustle guy 3/4, then mid-career moved into a point guard role, then after three years developed into a really effective player as a senior that earned him the opportunity to make the leap to a high-major conference.
    Similarly, I think the freedom Scheierman had early in his career playing against Summit League defenses as a primary initiator allowed him to develop into the dynamic player he became by the end of his time there. I know Matt thinks Creighton messed up by not running everything through him as the point guard, but he's just not dynamic enough physically to consistently create with the ball in his hands in the Big East like he did at the Summit level, though he eventually found a beter balance as the season went on between his on- and off-ball play. There was definitely a big adjustment period for him though.
    Like Griesel, Tonje and especially Allick were both late bloomers in high school (Griesel was good early then exploded at the end like Tonje, whereas Allick played mostly JV his junior year). Tonje was always a shooter and a bouncy straight-line athlete, but his offensive game really expanded as a senior. Lateral quickness and ball-handling against athleticism were concerns, though. At CSU, John didn't play much as a freshman and wasn't particularly good when he did get a larger role as a sophomore. He broke through a bit as a junior and was their second-best player this past season as a senior. But he has one season out of four as a double-digit scorer in the Mountain West. Does he stick around for four years to become that if Nebraska takes him out of high school? 
    Wrightsell didn't look anything like a high-major player his first two years at CSF, but a breakout year has earned him this opportunity to test himself in the SEC.
    It's also worth noting that Griesel and Scheierman are the only ones on that list we've actually seen play a season at the high-major level to this point.
    I think the conversation is far more nuanced than seeing guys have success elsewhere and saying Nebraska should have recruited them out of high school.
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    CanadianHusker reacted to Handy Johnson in How does this years roster stack up to last years?   
    The Governor Sam Hoiberg will be a year Saltier & Wiser. 
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    CanadianHusker reacted to cornfed24-7 in How does this years roster stack up to last years?   
    Not worried about this at all. Since Hoiberg got here I've watched our players miss open look after open look. Hoiberg gets dudes open. Do we finally have the players that can knock those open looks down is the question. 
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    CanadianHusker reacted to aphilso1 in How does this years roster stack up to last years?   
    To do this exercise properly, you can't view last year's roster through the lens of how they actually performed.  You have to look at it from how it appeared entering the season.  And that roster was full of holes and question marks entering the season.
    Key returning players:
    Walker - serviceable but undersized big man
    Wilcher - high expectations after ending the '21-'22 season with increased efficiency.  Probable leading scorer.
    Key transfers:
    Sam - big pickup, but still a question mark since he would be playing more of a PG role than he had previously.  Not an elite passer or ballhandler
    Bandoumel - lockdown defender, average offensive player
    Gary - undersized PF who has elite defending and rebounding abilities for his size.  Dennis Rodman Light (before Dennis went crazy).
    Blaise - questions about his health and ability to make the jump up from JUCO competition, but has potential to be dominant force
    That's really it.  The rest of the roster were freshman and guys who needed to make a monster leap in production compared to the previous season.  And looking at this year's roster compared to that isn't even close.  We are miles ahead of where we were a year ago.
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    CanadianHusker reacted to hhcmatt in Ahron Ulis is N   
    If you need to compare Ulis to Sallis, sorry but Sallis is the better player.  Now, if you're talking playing a guy at the point, Ulis is a point whereas Sallis would be a guy you're trying to turn into a point.
    Ullis is a solid veteran get and a guy who's played in the B1G for 3 years on a team like Iowa where he was used to moving the ball around.  Not sure if there is a very high ceiling but their is a high floor in being a plug-in 20+ minute a game guy at point, a position of need.
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    CanadianHusker reacted to Norm Peterson in Ahron Ulis is N   
    OK, so he's a MUCH better perimeter shooter than Sallis. He's not a volume guy, so that's good. Won't mess with our chemistry in terms of guys being uptight about who's going to get the shots.
    He's not quite as good at the stripe as Sallis, but he's certainly respectable.  His assist:turnover ratio is much better.
    He started on an Iowa team that danced. He knows the Big Ten. Him vs. Sallis is a coinflip if you ask me.
    I'm comfortable with this.
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    CanadianHusker reacted to Norm Peterson in Armon Gates done!!   
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    CanadianHusker reacted to LNKtrnsplnt in Quaran McPherson   
    I’m being way too loyal to a kid who’s never played a meaningful minute for us, but this feels a bit shitty. He was selfless enough to redshirt then had to medical redshirt last year. His demeanor on the bench was outstanding. Was engaged, supportive, and looked like a leader. Wish he would’ve gotten a shot here. Good luck Q!!!
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    CanadianHusker reacted to Norm Peterson in Transfer Portal 2023   
    His grandkids must be very proud.
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    CanadianHusker reacted to hhcmatt in 2023 Wing Brady Dunlap -> St John   
    If recruiting was a knock-knock joke, this seems like the end of that knock knock joke where banana knocks until you deliver the punchline 'orange you glad I didn't say Parker Fredrickson'
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    CanadianHusker reacted to HuskerFever in Rienk Mast is N   
    Yeah, but Wilhelm is a spectacle.
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    CanadianHusker reacted to jimmykc in Rienk Mast is N   
    And somewhere Richard van Poelgeest is smiling.
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    CanadianHusker reacted to hhcmatt in Brice Williams is N   
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    CanadianHusker reacted to Navin R. Johnson in March Madness 2023   
    The F*****g Catalina Wine Mixer
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    CanadianHusker reacted to cornfed24-7 in Brice Williams is N   
    Also as a point of order I would like to add to the HHC annals ”Coach is getting on a plane, but before he boarded... " as lexicon that signifies near certainty. 
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    CanadianHusker reacted to hhcmatt in John Templon....   
    At the end of the day 16-16 as a record just doesn't cut it for the post season.
    Had we played 3 creampuffs instead of that tourney in Orlando we're potentially looking at 18-14 and our resume looks an awful lot like Wisconsin.
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    CanadianHusker reacted to Dead Dog Alley in What are the AD expectations for Fred next year?   
    Expectations:  28-6, 15-5 in conference, 6 seed in NIT
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    CanadianHusker reacted to hskr4life in Big Ten Tournament   
    I will say, the loss kind of spoiled conference tournament week for me.  I was pumped to have games on all day this week and next.  Now I don't even want to watch.  I'll be pumped for March Madness, but just can't get into the conference games now.
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    CanadianHusker reacted to NUdiehard in Forecasting 2023-24 lineup   
    If healthy, Keita today is a better inside defender and rebounder than Walker.  Walker is a poor rebounder for a big man, and is an average at best inside defender.  There is a reason that NU always doubled the post, it is because Walker could not ever handle his man one-on-one.  Some of that is not his fault, he is a 6'7" playing center.  On the defensive/rebounding end I would say Keita is every bit the dawg that Walker is and probably more.
    The areas where Walker far exceeds Keita is (1) passing ability, (2) dribbling, (3) touch around the rim, (4) decent hands and (5) defending the perimeter.  Replacing that combination is going to be difficult, and maybe not possible.  But its not like NU's offense MUST continue to operate through the high post.  Just because Fred adapted to Walker's strengths this year doesn't mean it always has to be that way. 
    Keita is not much of an offensive threat at all, at least not right now.  He could develop that a bit over the next 2 years tho.  I definitely think Keita is a keeper, but I would feel much better if he is a keeper coming off the bench because we get another big man in the portal who is better than him.
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    CanadianHusker reacted to ConkintheCorner in Forecasting 2023-24 lineup   
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    CanadianHusker reacted to tcp in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 15, ed 32: Big Ten Tournament - Minnesota   
    how many people 2 months ago thought we'd be playing meningful basketball in the final week of the season? 
    Not I. And the only feeling I have today is gratitude to everyone associated with a beleaguered program that desperately needed something good. We got that. 
    Thanks, hoopsters, for rescuing what was looking like a complete downer of a season. I, for one, am proud of you guys. 
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    CanadianHusker reacted to hskr4life in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 15, ed 32: Big Ten Tournament - Minnesota   
    This is Nebrasketball... unfortunately.  You're talking about the ONLY team in the B1G to finish in the Top 4 of the league and not get a bid to the big dance.... and then also get a road game in the NIT.  The committee has rarely ever thrown us a bone, I won't hold my breath that they start now.
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    CanadianHusker reacted to MichHusker in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 15, ed 32: Big Ten Tournament - Minnesota   
    Bad time for Griesel to have one of his worst games and without Keita we have the worst bech in the league. It caught up with us
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