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  1. One thing about many (but not all) media reporters and writers is that they have big egos. Because they have that “degree” they feel they are more knowledgeable then the average Joe. Not just about sports but about other topics like politics, etc too. They especially take it personal when a message board poster or social media poster corrects them. Insecurity is a big thing too when they are wrong in the era of media cutbacks too.
  2. I am really excited for this year. The chemistry amongst the players seems to be off the charts compared to the previous 2 years. There seems to be a respect and cohesiveness that wasn’t talked about before. The talent on paper is way beyond our talent the last few years.
  3. I could care less about that. Not going to waste my time watching it either!
  4. He meets the criteria of being a Nebraska guy. I thought that was the main criteria for being an AD. That was the bash against Bill Byrne. Moos got a pass because he brought Scott Frost back… Some people will never be happy. He’s been an AD for 12 years so he has the experience. Give the guy a chance.
  5. At first glance, definitely more upside than Kevin Cross in what you would want your 5 to do (nothing against Kevin).
  6. Let me the first to call him by his new nickname “Andre The Giant”
  7. Glad to hear the Fred is okay. Now everyone can take a deep breath and get some sleep (and wash your hands and don’t sleep with your hands around your face!)
  8. Can you imagine an explosive backcourt with Mack and Green? Imagine how many dishes Roby would get from a slasher to the hoop like Mack too! I hope these players have an idea of the fan support they will have here! After playing in sparsely attended gyms throughout their JUCO year, THE VAULT will knock their socks off.
  9. Turned on the Celtics & Cavs game 7 in the 4th quarter - had to turn it off with 3 minutes left it was so unwatchable. Far cry from the NBA I remember. I won't even watch the finals. Not my game. I'll stick to college basketball.
  10. I don’t think they were faking that. He ingrained himself over the offseason with his teammates through his hard work.[emoji106]
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