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    FWIW, the line is down to -3.5.
  2. Miles ahead of the rest

    Marcus Perry

    I don't want to speak too much on it, because I know we see it happen more and more today with people you'd never expect. With that said, knowing Marcus as long as I have and knowing the type of man he is, which is a hell of a father, loves his wife, such a family man.... I just have a very hard time believing this is actually true. Someone like Marcus wouldn't do something like this.
  3. @DanAndShay hey fellas, I’m gonna ask once again. Please play Lipstick tonight in Lincoln!

  4. @NDdaleruhl @kldm64 Absolutely embarrassing.

  5. RT @TexasFootball: Antwuan Davis named Big XII Defensive Player of the Week. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm https://t.co/KeIXgbhOJV

  6. #TexasFight https://t.co/Jqpnd23Cuq

  7. @DanAndShay what are the odds you could play “Lipstick” when you come to Lincoln next week?

  8. RT @LonghornNetwork: Thank you to everyone who served in the military. https://t.co/R9uRCYA5b8

  9. RT @LukeCombsMusic: Who'd be happy if we added more dates to the Don't Tempt Me with a Good Time Tour? 🤔

  10. Almost 1/3 of Northwood first half points are off of banked in 3s.... #Nebrasketball

  11. RT @RoSoulo: Don’t ever ask me why I love Basketball so much. Look at this poetry in motion https://t.co/dx7I4o4to7

  12. RT @wingoz: This is called creating a culture. Well done https://t.co/1ttqfJkJA8

  13. RT @AVCAVolleyball: The #NCAA Selection Committee Top-10: 1) Penn St. 2) Neb. 3) Minn. 4) Stanford 5) Kentucky 6) Florida 7) Texas 8) Wash…

  14. S/o to @_JoeHartley and @_jhartley03 on the World Series win. It’s been a long time coming for you fellas!

  15. RT @KREMEvan: This exchange with a reporter on the phone wins the day from the Leach press conference. #WellMyMyMy https://t.co/AJCaIHi2hy

  16. Happy birthday to my dude @SodakBlack3. Hope it’s a good one kid!

  17. RT @CloydRivers: Usain Bolt stopped a live interview to stand for the National Anthem. He’s more American than some Americans. Respect. 🇺🇸…

  18. RT @BestOfWorldstar: They've been practicing this their entire lives https://t.co/hh64GWwL1u

  19. @danhoppen Boneless? I’m a bit disappointed

  20. RT @TexasFootball: Just Announced: 2018 Texas Longhorns football schedule. #ThisIsTexas #HookEm https://t.co/Btd2GySkyN

  21. RT @SethDavisHoops: Jackie Robinson says hi https://t.co/ljSgzrMqws

  22. @ASAPVOSH 😂😂 I watched that part live and reminded it like 4 times

  23. @BDavisAAS Only under the Tim Beck offense. There’s nothing good that comes out of Becks offense

  24. @Anthony_Ruhl @NDdaleruhl @angie_ruhl Easily top 5