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  1. Wojo is my dream pick with his up tempo offense Scott Drew (if others are truly suggesting Pitino and Sampson, why not throw Drew in there) Dan Marjele kind of a longshot, but he created a winning program and draws recruits from everywhere. GENERALLY, with the lack of size and quality basketball players in the area, we need someone who plays an up tempo style that players will like to play, making recruiting easier. WIth the slowdown "defensive" tactics utilized by out current coach and previous two, its time to open up the game.
  2. Very troubling!! With all the "administrators" and bureaucracy in the AD right now, there should be plenty of people to get this finished in a more timely manner.
  3. Thanks for the information Donkey!! Assuming what you are saying is true, it seems to me that there must be a NCAA or conference obstacle that he is trying to maneuver around. Considering he started his career at a Big 12 school, I wonder if his preferred school (closer to home) is also in the Big 12 and they have special rules regarding transferring between BIg 12 members that he is trying to circumvent?
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