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  1. Add a 200 level ring of seats and turn what would be the 300 level into a party deck.
  2. One year ago tomorrow we got the 18-19 conf schedule. So, this sucker should be coming out any time now...
  3. Aaron Craft? You're making that comp to Easley?
  4. And Damon's super passive aggressive "remember, as in don't forget..." gets me every time!
  5. I know they tried out a couple different guys before settling on shuffling things up and bringing back Mike'l. I think this will be a good lineup in the end. It'll take a while to find a groove, probably, but they'll find it. Still don't have anything as unique as Schick and Nick. Doubt anyone will be allowed to do a show like that again. It'll have to be a podcast. I only listen to pods of shows anymore. Who would have ever guessed radio would be a-la-carte before cable tv would?
  6. And connections to the AAU scene in KC. Might be a pretty savvy pickup .
  7. Christopher Russo Mike Francesa Honestly, this list is really long. There are a lot of bad shows out there.
  8. Well, someone's gonna have to play the 4, but I think Curtis is gonna be too good to leave him on the bench.
  9. Not sure where he fits in, but I strongly believe Samari Curtis is gonna play and play a lot. He'll be right in this mix.
  10. Any scoring totals? I'm only finding partial lists.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/stories/huskerhoops/
  12. Running total through one game: Jervay Green 15 Kevin Cross 13 Dachon Burke 11 Matej Kavas 10 Shamiel Stevenson 9 Haanif Cheatham 7 Delano Banton 7 Samari Curtis 5 Charlie Easley 3 Jace Piatkowski 3 Thorir Thorbjarnarson 2 Bret Porter 2
  13. That may or may not be true. I thought Thor looked pretty good in his minutes.
  14. I'm watching it on a desktop. It's a little choppy, but not too bad overall.
  15. I mean...time will tell, I guess...
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