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  1. Man, there's so much to say about this one!


    - The first half was about as bad a half of basketball I've seen in a long time. Kinda for both teams. NU was bad. Maryland looked like they were asleep. 

    - The second half, you had to love NU's fight. 

    - This was a game that gives so much hope for the future. 

    - This felt like pretty rough game for Mack. It seemed like the Maryland fans got in his head. But he still made some big plays down the stretch and man, if he could have finished that lay-up at the end, it would have been one heckuva story.

    - It's nights like tonight why I don't pick Mark Turgeon coached teams to go past the first weekend.


    I have more thoughts, but I need to wait for tomorrow. 

  2. - The game got off the start many feared, maybe expected. 

    - I liked their response after falling behind.

    - I look forward to having a competitive front court someday.

    - That three at the end of the half made me pretty upset...

    - Iowa did all the things they didn't do in Lincoln, which was pretty expected. 

    - Iowa should always remember that the worst team in NU history still beat Iowa.

    - I'm not sure which is more disheartening, being a terrible free throw shooting team or not being able to hit layups?

  3. On 2/3/2020 at 9:45 AM, hhcmatt said:

    I left @uneblinstu name off of the topic title so he wouldn't be associated with the stink from this game

    I've been doing this thing where I don't post after games so I was somewhat  surprised no one bothered to make one of these.  Apparently this was the 'how much can these fans take' point raised by Sipple

    Cheatham had a bounce back game and that very much likely was the reason he led the team in minutes with 35. No one else played over 30.

    Kavas and Arop made the most of their garbage time minutes. Kavas pumped in 8 points in 8 minutes while Arop chipped in 4 in 3.


    8-19 on the FT line and 2-9 in conference. You might think this is rock bottom but St Louis and Northwestern are currently occupying those spots, respectively.


    We get a week to stew in this before Iowa

    I was stuck messing with flat tires in the home town of the soon-to-be Super Bowl Champions. Sounds that was a joy ride compared to that game.

  4. 4 hours ago, Norm Peterson said:

    Here's the highlight vid and it has all three of Thor's made treys. You'll find them at the 1:25 mark, 4:30 and 4:37. He's catching and shooting from a long way off and getting the ball out of his hands fast.  (You'll also see Yvan getting stuffed at the rim and Kevin throwing it down on the same basic plays.)



    Yvan posting up and scoring over Garza is in there, too.

  5. On 1/3/2020 at 11:18 PM, Norm Peterson said:


    Rutgers has this sophomore kid who's 6'11 and has a 7'7 wingspan. Did I mention he's a sophomore?


    He shoots jump hooks just the way @Dean Smith described them. His touch is deft enough that he was able to hit 9 of 13 shots, all in the paint. Some of them were dunks, of course. But if he got within 10 feet of the rim, he was pretty effective with that little jump hook. He also had 14 rebounds and a couple of blocks.


    I don't think he had to chase anyone on the perimeter. Our guards were horrid from 3-point range. Our big men were worse. So, if we have a big man sitting at the end of the bench in a sweat suit who can knock down some threes next year, it'll be an improvement over anything we have right now.


    We'll see. I kinda like what I saw from the Rutgers kid. It would take a lot of threes to make up for 18 points and 14 rebounds.

    Yeah, I liked a lot of what I saw from several of the Rutgers guys. If Banton and Stevenson are as good as we are told they are, that will close the gap in a hurry. Will it close it all the way? We'll see. Another 10-15 pounds on the French freshman we have that you love will go a long way, too. Same goes from the Arkansan. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Norm Peterson said:

    Can someone explain for me again the whole thing about how we don't need a traditional big man, we just need a 3-point shooting stretch-4 type because their big man will have to chase our 3-point-shooting stretch guy around the floor when we're on offense and they'll end up subbing in a smaller player to do the chasing anyway? I'm kinda hazy on that one right now.

    I think they're sitting on the end of the bench in sweat suits.

  7. This one was pretty ugly for NU, pretty much across the board. Didn't shoot well from anywhere. Got eaten alive at the rim on both ends. Low energy. Just not much good to say about the Scarlet and Cream. The Scarlet Knights, on the other hand, look really good. They've got a lot of skill and size. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people are surprised come the first weekend in March and they're sitting at 14-6 with two byes in the conference tournament. Especially if they get Geo Baker back soon. I like a lot of the pieces they've got going for them right now.


    I think we'll see more nights like this for NU, though. With their lack of size, there will be several teams that push the Huskers around. 

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