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  1. Winning is fun!


    - Minnesota's injured players was a huge factor, especially Robbins.

    - McGowens was the best player on the floor tonight for NU. Too bad he had to sit on the bench for a crucial stretch in the second half.

    - Banton was terrific today. 

    - If we never get to see Derrick Walker play in person, I'm going to be sad.

    - I wouldn't be upset to see Kobe or Thor return. 

    - There were a lot of scoring droughts in this one. From both teams. That's why they're both gonna play on the first day of the Big Ten tournament.

    - NU has some limitations, that's not a surprise to anyone here. But they also can get very careless with the ball at times. When they eliminate those, we'll see them take a jump. They did a better job of that in the second half.

    - Marcus Carr was really good. That first half was ridiculous.

    - Teddy Allen was way off tonight. Impressive that Coach sat him. 

    - Of course Minnesota made a comeback.

    - Free throws, missed front ends specifically, are killer...

    - Webster with the clutch free throws. He looked like he's done that before.

    - And then Thor hits two more! Way to close that out!

  2. 18 minutes ago, basketballjones said:

    I said I'd take their record/recent history in a heartbeat.

    Still took until year 5 to be above .500 in conference. 


    Also....... going back to my original point.... They had behemoth Adam Woodbury their two best years of that run. 

    Also 6'9" Aaron White and 6'9" Jarrod Uthoff. 

    In other words, if you want to play the fast tempo way in the Big 10, you still need some skilled and tough bigs.

    Sure. Maybe that helps adjust our expectations for how long this thing should take to build. As for the bigs, I think Walker fits that bill. Andre will, too, I expect. Breidenbach is supposed to be that, too. And then that JUCO that just committed. We're getting there on that end.

  3. 3 minutes ago, basketballjones said:

    Sort of splitting hairs, but I don't feel going to the NCAA tournament is some marker of serious success. 


    I wouldn't exactly say this is a shining recored also. Obviously, I'd take it in a heart beat, but it took until year 5 to be better than .500 in conference. 

    Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 9.59.12 AM.png

    Really? Postseason in 7 of 9 years?  4 NCAA Tournaments, wins in 3 of them and they were poised for a decent seed last year. He's made it work at a pretty high level for quite a long time now. Garza maybe takes it to another level, but they were winning pre-Garza, too.

  4. 1 hour ago, basketballjones said:

    Make sure you quote and reference me in your next article. Thanks. Send payment to......... jk jk


    Iowa works because it revolves around a generational talent, behemoth. 

    One could argue a little bit of "chicken and the egg" with Creighton. Creighton, now, could definitely be in our top 5 for sure. But do they develop this way if they have to go through the same process we do (i.e., trying to play this style before you're good)? 

    Iowa was going to NCAA Tournaments under Fran before Garza was around.

  5. That was just a fun basketball game!

    Teddy got all the buckets! 

    Andre continues to show flashes of his potential.

    Trey hit some big shots, but finally got caught with his hand in the cookie jar on that attempt at drawing that foul.

    Walker does so many little things.

    Thor hit some big shots coming back from that 10 point deficit.

    Webster's giving some big minutes, too.




    Nebraskebtall happened. 

    Penn St. played harder and smarter at some key stretches. 

    NU had some sloppy, lazy turnovers at back breaking moments. 

    Giving fouls at the wrong time.


    and then...


    They kept battling.

    I liked that they didn't try to force a 3 at the end

    but couldn't quite get the final shot to fall...

    Man, that would have been fun to win. 

    Shame to waste that effort from Teddy.


  6. 1 hour ago, HuskerFever said:


    That might very well be true. But I just do t ever recall feeling "we've made any progress so far this year" prior to the COVID break.

    I was just starting to see that in the few games and culminating in the game against Indiana. It was starting to look like it was supposed to look. And the offense flowed much better with Walker in there. Then they lost all that momentum. I think it would have looked a lot different if they hadn’t had to sit for four weeks. 

  7. 4 hours ago, Huskerpapa said:

    *Fans should be back...correct?

    *Top 25 recruiting class?

    *Returning experience?

    *Big Ten won't be as good?

    *Coaching staff will have made adjustments*

    This feels like a lot of things, to me. This team's looked competitive for longer stretches as the year's gone on. And I think they were about to breakthrough when the shutdown happened. That month long break was killer. I bet we see a big jump next year, actually.

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