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  1. 10 hours ago, kldm64 said:

    Let's be honest, the longer Miles is out of coaching, the harder it will be for him to land a Power 5 head coaching job.  If he goes 2 seasons without being in coaching, the more likely it is he will land at a mid major school.  I think we are all pulling for Tim as he is the coach who made it cool to be a NU basketball fan.  However, there are coaching like Craig Smith who might get a shot at a power five school before Miles will again.  Pretty ironic huh.

    Not really, it's just how it works. Miles wasn't likely to get a P5 job this offseason anyway and wasn't even rumored to be a candidate for any potential openings. If he wants to get back in a P5 school, he's going to have to win again at a mid-major job.

  2. He would have gotten a job this year but with all the Coronavirus stuff going around, not nearly as many did as normal. Of course he wants another crack at a P5 gig, but a good mid-major job will be his best bet at getting back into that game. He'll be able to get one next year. I bet there will be more jobs open than normal 10 months from now. 

  3. A few jobs opening up despite all the other things happening in the sport.




    Grand Canyon

    UAB - hired Takayo Siddle



    Maybe others I've missed.


    If you're interested in where Coach Miles might end up, he'd been linked to Wyoming but sounds like he shot that down recently. Also been rumored that he's been in contact with Grand Canyon. Sounds like Big Rick Pitino is trying to get back in the game, too and been attached to that GC job some, so we'll see what that turns into.

  4. The end of a surreal game brings the end of a really rough year. I hope coach is ok. But if he ends up having COVID-19, it could be the end of college basketball for the year.


    I thought the guys played well for about 15 minutes and then Indiana wore them down. A little fight in the second half was good to see, but the season is mercifully over. 


    It was fun to see the football players get in the game. I hope we never have to see that again unless they're legit players for both teams.


    But for now, that is a wrap for this year. On to brighter days.

  5. That was a master class in how to lose a basketball game. I've never seen anything like that. I have to imagine that's the worst free throw shooting performance in school history. If they fix that alone, not to mention the turnovers, they win handily long before overtime. It's always sad when a season ends, but this one is time to move on from. There will be better days.

  6. Nebraska lands Wisconsin transfer Kobe King who has 2 more years of eligibility.


    I'm actually impressed it took this long before we saw a game like this. Credit Ohio State. They came in on a mission and took it to NU from the opening tip. We had no answer for Kaleb Wesson, they knew it and hammered that point home. That's what good teams do this time of year. We've seen the good Nebrasketball teams do it. They played hard and NU looked uninterested in dealing with that tonight. That was disappointing to see. Hopefully we get one more good effort on Sunday to close this thing out and move on to next year.

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