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  1. swoof

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Katz has two of our games in his list of top conference challenge games this year. #7 - Nebraska at Clemson #12 - Seton Hall at Nebraska https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2018-06-07/we-ranked-best-conference-challenge-matchups-upcoming-college
  2. swoof

    Way too early Top 25

    Number 16 in Andy Katz's Power 36 released today. https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2018-06-04/andy-katzs-power-36-look-ahead-2018-19-season-post-nba-draft
  3. swoof

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    Definitely a good RPI game here
  4. swoof

    NBA Playoffs

    Wild OT finish in the Celtics-Bucks game. It'll be tough for the Celtics to win the series without Kyrie and Smart (who could be back for a game 7) nevermind Gordo who they lost in the first game of the season. Jazz-Thunder looks to go 7. I think the Cavs are done. Getting blown out on their home floor in game 1 is big. LeBron might be able to flip a switch but he can't do it for the whole squad. Ty Lue needs some time off after the mess of this season. T-Wolves should have beaten Houston tonight. They somehow had Derek Rose as their top usage player with their best two players, KAT and Butler, on the bottom of usage and it's not because of Houston's defense. They still had a chance to force OT after a laughable turnover by Chris Paul but the final play was poor constructed and I'm not sure the final shot taken by Butler was even a three.
  5. swoof

    NBA Playoffs

    I was pleased to see the Blazers wake up at the last possible minute and handle Utah easily to lock up the 3 seed. They'd been struggling down the stretch. Warriors are in a tough spot. No Steph in the first round and lots of other lingering injuries but they'll probably be fine with the Spurs still not having Kawhi. A very odd situation with him. If the T-Wolves had managed to get in the 7 spot I think they'd have a good chance of knocking the Warriors out in the first round. As it stands, I think they'll give the Rockets a tough series and Chris Paul is very injury prone this late in the season so who knows.
  6. swoof

    2018 Transfer Market

    Tarin Smith grad transferring. I gotta admit, I kind of forgot about him and haven't looked to see how he did at Duquense.
  7. My understanding of that situation is that it wasn't the kid that was getting all the cash but an agent and/or AAU coach that were steering the kid to Arizona but i could have been confused.
  8. swoof

    Lunardi Hate Week

    I don't think it's posted yet. His tweet said 'later in the week' so i'm figuring on Thursday hopefully.
  9. swoof

    Way too early 2018-19 BTN Standings

    yeah, that is what i was thinking which kind of implies what other people in this thread are saying about these early predictions not being worth much but it is something to get excited about.
  10. swoof

    Way too early 2018-19 BTN Standings

    Rothstein has us at #23 in his first too-early Top 25. He doesn't include X. Johnson in his key newcomers though. Only Davis. https://frshoopz.com/cbb/rothstein-way-too-early-cbb-top-25-for-2018-19/
  11. swoof

    Day and Time Contest

    April 8, 11 am CDT
  12. swoof

    2017-2018 HHCC Final Standings

    I blame myself for allowing KenPom back into the top 10. I completely forgot to pick the MSU game and slipped 6 spots.
  13. swoof

    NIT bracket announcement

    This is interesting. I'll have to listen to the interview later to hear exactly what Rasmussen said.
  14. swoof

    NIT bracket announcement

    Did they let Lunardi seed the NIT all by himself. WTF