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  1. I grew up out of state, in the era before streaming games over the internet was possible. Every game I would listen to a very static radio feed from beginning to end regardless of the product on the floor. The once or twice a year when I could actually see a game on TV was usually an ass kicking against a Kansas type team. Even though I've lived in Lincoln for 15+ years now, it still feels like a privilege to be able to watch the team I love in person. Most of us have lived through the best and worst of Nebrasketball. We've battled the elements when parking in the North Bottoms to walk around the moat that protected the Devaney Center. We now have a state of the art arena with the amazing Rail Yard to entertain us before and after the games. Recruiting has picked up. Why jump off the wagon now, after all these years?
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    Hey everyone! Longtime lurker here (and on the old HHC site), first time poster. As I read through all the posts discussing the team's potential for next year I got to thinking about the University's new radio contract and began to wonder if that will effect Kent's position as the voice of Nebrasketball. Anyone know? I really enjoy him as the play by play guy and respect him for brining his enthuiasm (and sometimes homerism) every game even in the many down years we've had. It feels to me like he's been along for the highs and lows of this program as much or more than as any fan or media member I know. I hope when the program finally gets that elusive NCAA tournament win, he's still behind the mike! #GotIt