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  1. The people that want Miles is very few in number. Pitino isn't going anywhere for awhile, new extension and another good recruiting class coming in.
  2. Thompson has been battling concussions, thus the lack of playing time, but your right Miller is going to need to figure things out quickly at Indiana.
  3. Sounds like he committed to CSU of all places.
  4. Whalen, while having no coaching experience, she is a home run hire. Needs a good staff, has a very high basketball IQ, will be a great recruiter, should be able to lock up the borders. Most are very happy with the hire. Certainly an icon in Minnesota and women's basketball.
  5. Good points. She was definately one of the main ones involved with Yori being gone. It appeared she worked even less this past year getting in shape than under Yori.
  6. Hadn't heard about Chuck Barris. The Gong Show was one of the funniest shows on TV, maybe ever.
  7. Hate is maybe a little strong. Fans were certainly split on Pitino just like they are with Miles. As a Gopher fan I don't think it is correct to say everyone HATED him.
  8. Yes he was, his dad, all time leading rusher at Minnesota, admitted that in an article on a Gopher web site.
  9. Minnesota played well in beating St Johns last night 92-86. Freshman Amir Coffey scored 30. The games end up tied again 4-4.
  10. The booing got pretty loud last night when Iowa was kicking their ass at home in Assembly.
  11. I would have liked to see him play for anyone but the sticking Badgers. Minnesota got a commitment from a big man and filled all their open spots before AI would make a decision.
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