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  1. Don't sleep on the Koster kid from Kearney. He will be getting some D1 looks if last week was any indication of how muchhe has improved. I have heard from 2 people that officiated Mr. Basketball last week that he averaged over 35 a game playing with his high school team. I guess Kearney beat a pretty good team from Missouri for the championship and Koster Played lights out. Not sure if he is still growing or if he is gonna be a 6'2" or 6'3" tweaner.
  2. Norm, if we can get a scorer like MJ to throw it out to I would be OK with 20 rebounds and only 7 points
  3. I have been on message boards for 15 years and still pay for rivals but always come here for my husker hoops fix as nothing else comes close. As someone who does not post very often I still find myself checking this board 5 times a day for info. For that I say thanks to all the people that post any info you can get. Hell I even like the squabbles and find myself laughing all the time. I love the recruiting page as rivals basketball coverage is poor.
  4. We could use a shooter like Conner with the way Rey is shooting now, not saying he is a scholarship player but he would help open the floor for drives to the bucket.
  5. The reason I brought this up is when Nee was here we seemed to be able to get a solid contributor from Nebraska every few years. It would make recruiting so much easier for coach Miles and staff if we produced some legit D-1 talent. I know there have been a few D-1 players but just seems to be really down compared to the ladies sports.
  6. Looking at box scores and watching high school games the last few years was curious if anyone had any reasons for the lack of D1mens high school talent in Nebraska now compared to 20 years ago.(Strickland, Woolridge, Brandt, Vogel, Chubick, Badget, Mason, Glock, Markowski, Redhage, Hahn, Mitchell) There seems to plenty of D2 players being produced but not any D1's. The girls produce tons of D1 talent in both basketball and volleyball but the men are down in all sports but wrestling? Is this a youth development problem or just a population issue?
  7. Anyone know what the deal with him was last night?
  8. Long time lurker who does not post much but need to disagree with Kamdy a little. There may not be much High D1 talent in Nebraska but some of the states around us are good. Sunrise academy has as much talent as most D1 schools. We need to hit it hard,(pinder would be a great start if he can make it). Also some of the aau programs within driving distance are really good. St Louis, KC Chicago, all are close and have some quality players every year. Do agree with the talent in Nebraska girls sports being good.
  9. Who is Trey Burke? I am sure that is not the junior forward that is getting looks.
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