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  1. Gotta figure that's the case thought, right? I can't imagine that kind of posturing without having communicated with the staff throughout all of this?
  2. Throwing an alley oop to Thunder Collins (a bad pass that he had to lay in) in a pick up game...a good memory, but definitely the peak of my limited skillet.
  3. Triumphant Return Too many years have gone by, Go Big Red and Fred
  4. Fahro Alihodzic ‏@FahroAlihodzic 13m That win was for all the haters I have in Nebraska . Never going to regret for a second going to UAB. I love this team and these coaches! Retweeted by Husker Hoops Central Nice little parting shot...
  5. Isn't the real question whether or not Agau can play defense longer than 12 seconds?
  6. Seriously...mad props to throwback for transcribing for those of us that couldn't hear it live. Now someone get coach miles a GPS!!!
  7. Isn't his fate tied a bit to Hawkins? I would assume 1 of them can redshirt while one will have to play for emergency/depth minutes when fouls start to really mount up. Do we have any updates on Hawkins foot injury recovery timetable?
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