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  1. Absolutely agree with this. Add in that their effort has been exponentially better, I have actually enjoyed watching them. I think Fred has done a nice job game-planning the last two games.
  2. Those were the clips my friend sent me. I have a hard time understanding the mindset on those plays. If I'm out there on the floor, I have a responsibility to my team to do my job on the defensive end. Even if you didn't care about the team, I would think you would have a sense of personal pride not to be shown up. It's exactly what I was referring to about Bryce playing soft. I think your suggestion of applying the same standard of getting pulled for plays like this on the defensive end is the only way to deal with the problem.
  3. The first clip began at 18:44 in the second half. The second was at 13:39 in the second half.
  4. I had to go to a Christmas party so I gave my tickets away last night. I did watch the game on DVR. A friend of mine texted two video clips of the game. Both of the clips involved Bryce showing little to no effort on the defensive end. I wish I was technologically fluent because I would post them here. In the first clip, a guy blows by Bryce on the baseline with no resistance. Verge had to come help, leaving his man wide open for a 3. The shot was missed, but Bryce just stood there while his guy blocked him out and got an easy put back. In the second clip, Bryce played matador defense at the top of the key and the Burton kid got an easy layup. Hummel pointed out the poor defensive effort on tv. While I have been pretty hard on Bryce, I think he is clearly a talented kid and I think getting a 5 star to come to Lincoln was a significant development for the program. I'm glad we have him. Hoiberg said before the season that Bryce is not only an exceptional talent, but an exceptional person. The troubling thing to me is that he does not consistently play hard, especially on defense. I don't think he is soft, but at this point in his career, he often PLAYS soft. Perhaps it's a byproduct of being the most talented kid during his high school and AAU days. His dad's tweet about wanting your kid to go to a school where the teammates care primarily about winning was somewhat ironic. You would think a kid who cares primarily about winning would play with great effort all the time, on both sides of the floor. Objectively, Bryce hasn't yet demonstrated a commitment to playing with great effort on every possession. I hope he digs deep and learns to do so very soon.
  5. Generally speaking, I am a glass half-full type of guy. I usually do not comment on the day of a loss, but...here goes. I simply can't believe that a guy with Hoiberg's college coaching track record would put together a group of guys who have such low basketball IQs. The way it's going right now, I can't fathom a scenario where this group of guys will ever gel into a team that can be competitive against legit competition. We have nobody - absolutely nobody - who is good at guarding the basketball on the perimeter. We let guys into the paint with little to no resistance. Offensively, we have only 2 guys who can generate their own shots, Bryce and Verge. Neither of them know how to do so within the flow of the offense. Both of them are on the lower end of the basketball IQ. Neither of them seem to understand game situations. Most of the time Bryce will not move without the ball, and his effort on D is subpar. He stands straight up - never stays in his stance. On teams with better components, CJ and Tominaga may be good role players and could conceivably knock down shots. Neither of them can defend their position against good athletes. Both of them try, but CJ looks like he has lead in his feet. He cuts well without the ball, but most of the time, we don't run cutters. We have 3 guys just standing in one spot. Lat just can't get it done. He will turn it over 90% of the time he dribbles more than 3 times. If he doesn't make shots, there is no reason to have him on the floor. Walker would be a good glue guy on a better roster. The potential we saw in Andre is long gone. He is clearly frustrated and I don't know if he can recover. I don't know why Edwards doesn't get more chances. He is big and athletic. He can't be worse than Lat and has to be able to guard better than CJ. All this to say is how could we could we have missed so badly in assembling this roster? When we were recruiting, did we do any analysis on whether these guys could defend? Or whether they had enough heart to rebound and accept (or fit for that matter) into a role on this team? At this point in time, I can't name more than maybe 3 guys I would want to have back next year. I really don't want to make wholesale changes again. It is not a way to build a program. But right now, I don't see this roster being successful. My hope is that something clicks and things will change. I realize they are 18-22 year-olds. I will never stop rooting for them and hoping for the best. Right now, I just don't see how this improves.
  6. As a relatively old guy, my experience about rumors of the type we are hearing is that once the actual account of what really happened is reported, there is sometimes great disparity between the original rumor and what actually transpired. My sincere hope is that is what happens here. That being said, as a lifelong Nebrasketball fan, it would not surprise me if the worst possible scenario is true. Until then, I will maintain a modicum of hope that this won't be such a big deal. Forever, GBR!
  7. Bryce and Lat are really, really bad closing out on three point shooters. CJ was bad as well last night. With one shot fake, those guys fly past the shooter.
  8. I am in agreement with these sentiments. My biggest disappointment has been that it doesn't seem this year's team is cohesive as a unit. I haven't seen collective buy-in to doing the things which translate into wins - like playing hard on every possession, especially on the defensive end, playing under control (for goodness sake, you should have learned how to jump stop in 2nd grade) sloppy passes (John Beilein used to stop practice if a pass wasn't made to the right location of the pass recipient), failure to get 50/50 balls, and a collective will to get defensive stops or find a way to score at critical junctions of a game. No doubt Fred and crew are attempting to get the team to do these things. Great coaches impose their will on their teams. Calipari, Self, Jay Wright, etc., have shown the ability to take great individual players and mold them into great teams. They develop guys with a killer edge. The guys recruited to those schools all want to get to the NBA, but their coaches demand they do things the right way for the good of the team. Granted, we don't have the talent of those teams, but we have more individual talent here now than we've had since the Nee days. The frustration is that we seem have a bunch of individuals who haven't bought in to their roles or the team concept. I am waiting for that breakthrough. I do like the pieces we have in the non-Bryce freshman along with Tominaga. I am preparing to remain, at least for the time being, where all die-hard Husker fans have found themselves - in one of Dante's circles of hell.
  9. We didn't deal well with Dowuona. We couldn't move his arse out of the paint and he altered a huge number of shots. It's games like that where we could have used a Walter Pitchford-like big guy who could have forced their big to defend outside of the paint. Us Husker fans are destined to suffer. We are living in one of Dante's circles of hell.
  10. The second half was more fun than I've had at a Nebrasketball game in a long time. The second unit really played well together on both ends of the floor. Seemed to me there was more urgency and dedication on the defensive end than I've seen all year. It looked like the defensive energy transferred over to the offensive end. There was more movement and we got great looks at the hoop. The lineup of Webster, CJ, Wil, Tominaga and Bryce plays well together. Two things I noticed in particular: 1) CJ moves well without the ball and makes some great cuts to the basket; and 2) Bryce, when locked in, has the ability to be a good defender and rebounder. He has made marked improvement from the first few games. Also, Wil had several hustle plays which added to our momentum during the run which put the game out of reach. I hope we can be competitive and put ourselves in a position to win a few of the upcoming games against some tough competition.
  11. Watched the game on DVR yesterday. What stuck out to me is that we just don't seem to be connected on defense. I get what we're attempting to do with the constant switching, but we clearly don't communicate well and guys don't seem to play with urgency and passion on that end. They are not locked in. There are also certain guys who just don't do a good job of staying in front of the ball off of the dribble. We need to have people buy in on defensive end to have any chance of winning games in conference play. I've seen enough on offense to at least feel a bit positive that we can become dangerous when guys share the ball and hit shots. I agree with the sentiments about Lat. He can't handle the ball and he even has trouble catching it. He's not a rim defender and he's not an aggressive rebounder. Play Edwards and Breidenbach. Granted, Wil had a bad game against TSU, but I'm not as down on him as some seem to be. Might as well get him minutes and let him learn on the fly. I sense Edwards will mature into a nice player once he gains some confidence and experience.
  12. One of the guys that does this already is Breidenbach. He looks to swing the ball quickly.
  13. For all of the difficulty we have had in the last two years, one thing has been constant - Fred's offensive sets have gotten us good shots - we just haven't had guys who could knock them down or could finish at the rim. One of the things that bothered me most about last night is that we didn't get our 3 point shooters good looks and we didn't get many easy shots at the rim. We kept going to that high screen and roll in the middle of the floor and we hardly ever changed it up. I was very disappointed in the lack of ingenuity in our offensive sets. No moving the ball from one side to the other. We didn't force most of the defenders to move off of their spots. They slow played the screen and roll and we allowed the other defenders to just stand there on the perimeter because we didn't have any offensive movement. Just really disappointed.
  14. If Edwards can guard 4s, perhaps we'll see Edwards, Walker, the brothers McGowens, and Verge together on the floor at times. I am still excited about Breidenbach and believe there's a chance he'll be a heavy rotation player.
  15. The scrimmage was akin to an NBA All Star game. For the most part, nobody played defense and it was an opportunity for players to show off their skills. What stood out to me about Breidenbach was that, even in the midst of the free-for-all, he was actually making the correct basketball plays (e.g. reversing the ball quickly, going to set a pick when people were standing around). It appears the kid has a very high basketball IQ. He clearly has some skills and he's obviously put on some good weight. It will be interesting to see how he might be able to help this team win games.
  16. Nothing left today to improve on my seats in section 221. Still glad to have my current seats and looking forward to this year more than any since I've been a season ticket holder.
  17. This is a pretty fair summary of his offensive game. Not much said about defense. A big question is who is he going to guard on the next level? He's not quick enough to guard point guards and with his slim frame, I'd foresee him having trouble guarding physical wings. What I found distressing this year is that often he was sloppy with the ball and turned it over carelessly. I had expected that with his size, he'd be able to work smaller defenders into the paint and mid-range to create his own shots. I don't think that ever really blossomed. No doubt Banton's got a lot of intangibles and tools to work with. His ceiling is much, much higher than we saw this year. However, I just can't see him sticking with an NBA team in the near future without putting in the work on those glaring weaknesses. I'd love to have him back if he's willing to put be humble and develop his game.
  18. Cam had some exceptional point guard skills, and had we had guys who could have finished while he was at Nebraska, he may have averaged over 8 assists per game. He was masterful in our win against Purdue. If he could have cloned that performance, we would have had something to build on. He never played at that level the rest of the time he was here. His negatives got exposed as the year went on, especially his inconsistent shot - teams started going under every high screen and dared him to shoot jump shots. His brooding attitude and his narcissism was a net negative for the long-term health of the team.
  19. Yes - the game has changed drastically since I was in college. I think I'd characterize a point guard, generally, as somebody who: 1) can be the go to guy to handle the ball against pressure; 2) take command of the offense and get you into your sets; 3) has the poise and floor savvy/basketball IQ to be a leader on the floor, and 4) can distribute the ball within the context of the offense. But as you suggest, in today's game, a 6'8" guy with the right skill set could fill that role.
  20. I am actually disappointed I didn't get an offer. I am only 5'9", but I make up for it by being slow and having poor court vision.
  21. Nice! I guess Fred answered your questions sufficiently to decide that you WOULD, in fact, play for Fred Hoiberg's Huskers
  22. With all the clamor about bringing a point guard in for next year, I wanted to posit the possibility that we may already have our starting point guard on board. Trey handled the majority of minutes at the point during the last 4-5 games. I don't think he is a natural point guard, but it seemed to me that he showed great improvement as a floor general and in his decision making over the last several games. I think he was our best player during that time. In fact, one of the biggest factors in our Big 10 tourney loss to Penn State was Trey getting his fourth foul early in the second half. While things weren't going well before that happened, they deteriorated even further after that call. If we were to land Pinson, is it possible we would let him operate off of the ball, and let Trey handle the point position? Some have commented that Pinson is really adept in pick and roll situations, but you don't necessarily have to initiate the pick and roll at the beginning of a possession. It could come after a few passes swinging the ball side to side, or after several dribble handoffs. Not sure how I'd feel about making Trey the main guy at point, but will his late season improvement make this an option going forward? That being said, if we could bring in a quality, true point guard, I don't think we pass that up.
  23. Agreed. Didn't mean to imply you were making him a scapegoat. I agree with you 100%.
  24. I don't think it's fair to make Teddy the scapegoat for our troubles. There is plenty of blame to go around. What stood out to me during our run against Indiana was we seemed to be more fluid, have better spacing, and collectively, seemed to be in attack mode more effectively when the ball was primarily in Trey's hands. And I think it benefitted everyone, including Teddy, when that was happening. My question is whether there is a way that Teddy can modify what he does to play within that scheme. Perhaps it comes down to him developing a broader understanding of what he can accomplish, for him AND his teammates, by doing so. On the other end of the court, Teddy has a lot of work to do, but to be fair, he is not the only person making mistakes on the defensive end.
  25. He was the catalyst in our second half run against Indiana. For about 12-15 minutes in the second half, I felt like we saw what Fred's offense was supposed to look like, and Trey was fantastic during that span. The spacing seemed to be way better, we attacked the rim, and got some really good looks. While Banton's FT misses killed us, I thought one of the biggest failures in the final 3-4 minutes was that McGowens didn't touch the ball near enough. That failure, along with the missed FT's and Teddy deciding to play hero ball, did us in.
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