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  1. nebrasketball10

    Husker Nation Defense & Rebounding

    I was impressed by Copeland’s defense in the non-conference, but he has definitely struggled of late. Probably has at least a bit to do with competition. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed watching him this year. Hope he breaks out of the funk. Agreed that our focus and intensity isn’t what it needs to be on defense. I’m not sure if I put that on Miles or the players (obviously it’s a combination). But I like your outlook!
  2. nebrasketball10

    2019 PF Akol Arop - LOI

    There’s a pretty big gap between those two... Simms would be a small role player at best on the kind of team we want to be.
  3. nebrasketball10

    Next 6 Games

    I haven’t analyzed our whole schedule, but if we’re going to be a top 4 B1G team, doesn’t it have to be 4-2? Could we afford to go the first “half” of conference play .500?
  4. nebrasketball10

    Amir Harris is N

    Better or worse than Shawn Stegal??
  5. nebrasketball10

    Texas Tech (4-0) vs. Nebraska (4-0) Game Thread

    Ya - that appeared to be a terrible matchup. Rebounds... points in paint... 50-50 balls... how many assists do we have??
  6. nebrasketball10

    Texas Tech (4-0) vs. Nebraska (4-0) Game Thread

    Allen hit some nice shots
  7. nebrasketball10

    Texas Tech (4-0) vs. Nebraska (4-0) Game Thread

    Tech is a tough defensive team that made our offense look as bad as it’s probably capable of. Windshield wiper motion with very little towards the bucket.
  8. nebrasketball10

    Texas Tech (4-0) vs. Nebraska (4-0) Game Thread

    Great talent... good player. Definitely capable of a big step forward
  9. nebrasketball10

    Texas Tech (4-0) vs. Nebraska (4-0) Game Thread

    What’s the split on 50-50 balls tonight??
  10. nebrasketball10

    Top Nebrasketball Dunks

    Thanks - that’s the one!
  11. nebrasketball10

    Top Nebrasketball Dunks

    Ya it was a prettt big moment in the game. Conklin had a HUGE game out there in the NIT. I seem to remember Badgett having a pretty big dunk on a breakaway, and I feel like it was a big spot in a big game... but I was pretty young, so I’m not recalling any details.
  12. nebrasketball10

    Top Nebrasketball Dunks

    So definitely not the greatest ever... but Conklin’s tip dunk in Hawaii was pretty cool at the time!
  13. nebrasketball10

    Danny Nee's Old Hang-out (one of them, anyway)

    Read this this morning, tried it this afternoon. Two thumbs up!!! Just how hot is the Angry Cow?? The waitress talked me out of it... but I’m curious.
  14. nebrasketball10

    Successful Season

    I can agree with this. Hopefully a fun year ahead!