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  1. I was going by Washut’s news today. Obviously not official.
  2. I think we have more than one scholarship available...
  3. That’s the problem with the 24-hour news cycle, Norm... nothing going on, so we just make stuff up! ;)
  4. His knees are probably bent in an obtuse manner, costing him 2 inches on camera.
  5. Very true. I was just trying to get an idea of how we think they compare (or IF we think they compare). Trying to think of what backcourt would’ve been the best between then and now...
  6. I only “follow” recruiting through this board, and I haven’t watched film on any of those we’re discussing herein. Lue was a first-round draft pick, and he and Strickland had 10+ year NBA careers. Do these guys seriously have that kind of fire power??
  7. How many 2019 scholarship spots will staff have filled by the deadline. Tie-breaker: who are the recruits. May need to adjust deadline based on recruiting cycle... I’m no expert on that timeline.
  8. But did they get the high-performance projectors?!?
  9. We should do this with our floor!!!
  10. I agree. ...but I wouldn’t mind the 12 high-powered projectors.
  11. Any chance we could get a court like Cleveland’s for the 3-d pregame thingy??
  12. Because if he stays in the draft and goes late second round, he doesn’t get a guaranteed contract and can’t come back. ...at least that’s the way I understand it.
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