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  1. nebrasketball10

    Rock Bottom!?

    Im not suggesting they were individually bad losses... but I think the combined effect of all of them is bad. I agree with your “we’re good enough or we’re not” comment, but I guess with the returning roster, simply making the tourney wasn’t my definition for success this year. I hoped to finish in the top 4-6 in the conference. Not to say anything worse is a failure, but we’re not trending in the right direction.
  2. nebrasketball10

    JPJ in Conference

    So 2018 is all conference season? If so, it makes sense he was way better. If it just includes the latter half, then it seems to prove my memory is wrong again.
  3. nebrasketball10

    Rock Bottom!?

    The Rutgers loss on its own is a bad loss. Combined with losses at Minnesota, at Maryland and at Iowa, it’s adds up to more. Yes - it’s tough to win on the road in the B1G. That’s especially true for teams in the bottom half of the conference... I did not expect this team to be a bottom-half team. There is a lot of basketball left - I certainly hope we can turn it around. By NO means is this “rock bottom,” but - short of a major turnaround - I don’t see us reaching our (Miles’, the team’s or the fans) expectations. Hopefully we see a major turnaround.
  4. nebrasketball10

    JPJ in Conference

    I’m particularly interested in the end of last year’s conference season. It seems like he struggled to be efficient down the stretch, but I am going off memory.
  5. nebrasketball10

    JPJ in Conference

    What were his efficiency stats in the last half of conference last year? Wondering if he’s playing that much worse, or if conference teams “figured him out” after his good start last year...
  6. nebrasketball10

    Nebraska (13-5) vs. Rutgers (8-9) Game Thread

    Is the improved recruiting all Miles? Top ten facilities? Combination of both?
  7. nebrasketball10

    Nebraska (13-5) vs. Rutgers (8-9) Game Thread

    We could still have a good year, but it’s not going to be the special year some hoped. Roby is an incredible athlete, but a very average basketball player. We are SO VERY shallow. Tim said we have top 4 talent, but this is not a top 4 team. Need some leaders to step up. Make the tourney and win a game and it’ll be all good.
  8. nebrasketball10

    Husker Nation Defense & Rebounding

    I was impressed by Copeland’s defense in the non-conference, but he has definitely struggled of late. Probably has at least a bit to do with competition. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed watching him this year. Hope he breaks out of the funk. Agreed that our focus and intensity isn’t what it needs to be on defense. I’m not sure if I put that on Miles or the players (obviously it’s a combination). But I like your outlook!
  9. nebrasketball10

    2019 PF Akol Arop - LOI

    There’s a pretty big gap between those two... Simms would be a small role player at best on the kind of team we want to be.
  10. nebrasketball10

    Next 6 Games

    I haven’t analyzed our whole schedule, but if we’re going to be a top 4 B1G team, doesn’t it have to be 4-2? Could we afford to go the first “half” of conference play .500?
  11. nebrasketball10

    Amir Harris is N

    Better or worse than Shawn Stegal??
  12. nebrasketball10

    Texas Tech (4-0) vs. Nebraska (4-0) Game Thread

    Ya - that appeared to be a terrible matchup. Rebounds... points in paint... 50-50 balls... how many assists do we have??
  13. nebrasketball10

    Texas Tech (4-0) vs. Nebraska (4-0) Game Thread

    Allen hit some nice shots
  14. nebrasketball10

    Texas Tech (4-0) vs. Nebraska (4-0) Game Thread

    Tech is a tough defensive team that made our offense look as bad as it’s probably capable of. Windshield wiper motion with very little towards the bucket.