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  1. And my point isn’t to drub them up, but rather to note that if we look at someone through the lense of their flaws first, our perspective will be skewed.
  2. I guess drinking “too much” isn’t a terrible offense in my mind. Maybe I don’t know the extent of it... maybe it’s affecting his performance and I don’t know it... but otherwise, it seems like something that people who already don’t like Moos will use against him. I really like Miles (a lot), but I think he has character flaws that people who don’t like him could summon up against him, too. In fact, I’m pretty certain we all do.
  3. I was thinking he stayed a season under Doc and got Maric to stay and Anderson, but he left before Doc got here. I believe he recruited Maric initially and Anderson, as well, though.
  4. Doc was an average-at-best recruiter. Of course, Mable Lee Hall was his practice facility. Spinelli got most of his good recruits. Ge was fantastic at defensive scheming. I would LOVE to have him back for that.
  5. That’s right between Ohio St. and Indiana
  6. Given what we had come back from a top-4 conference team, finishing 13th was a total flop.
  7. PBA appeared to be a pretty big home court advantage before the second half of this year. I probably preferred The Bob, but mostly due to nostalgia.
  8. But Kenya left for a better job. After 6 years here. Wants to be a HC. I don’t buy that narrative.
  9. Barry was a good X’s and O’s coach. No personality. Doc was a good coach who struggled to recruit. Part of that might’ve been related to largely below average assistants, which reflects on the coach (and the budget). Miles was a good recruiter and personality. If we could meld the last three coaches into one coach, maybe we have something....
  10. A few more Hoiberg votes should ensure he’s not coming here
  11. Gol darnit - I was just typing this. Ok, I’ll go Hoiberg March 16th.
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