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  1. I can't believe that things like this happen with NBA players. I am shocked, shocked to hear of things like this going on. I guess it does explain how my wife's son occasionally goes to Lakers games with a friend, that gets complimentary tickets in the Hoochie Mama section.
  2. You go 1 for 9 from the line in an overtime loss, and that's all that some people remember about you...
  3. He has to be a lock to come here; Nebraska is the only state where there's a town named after him (unless you count Polk City Iowa or Polk City Florida, which I don't). Ok, maybe the town is named after a president, but who remembers him?
  4. It really dropped off in the mid 90s when Bill Byrne ruined it by trying to suck up a few more dollars, and put the donor class down by the floor.
  5. Has any of those supernatural investigative shows, the type that look into the Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot, UFOs, and the like, ever done a show on what the paranormal phenomena is that turns Folsom Field into a magnet for assholes?
  6. Not really a cover because it's not really the same song... I probably heard this song several thousand times before I found out that the guitar solo is Blue Moon
  7. I was watching a Nebraska vs Oklahoma game a while back and Keith Jackson started going on about how amazing the sellout streak was. That game was in 1978.
  8. In the transfer portal, all that glitters is not gold. 45.
  9. On the bright side, we'll be picked in the preseason to finish 13th in the conference, which is the highest preseason ranking that we will have in the next ten years.
  10. If I was that one guy I sure as hell would fake an injury or something
  11. Nebraska's 4 on 4 offense worked pretty well against Iowa last year when they guarded Keisei with Muray.
  12. They probably just unplugged it and plugged it back in...
  13. He must have gotten shorter on the flight to Europe
  14. Winthrop and Niagara are amongst the 239 elite programs that can claim an NCAA Tournament win
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