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  1. Sounds like Roby is getting the start tonight. Matches up better with Finke than Okeke.
  2. Per Kent, banged his knee in practice. He could play in an emergency.
  3. The Commanders in Chief Los Cinco Jefes Billy and the WMDs (Where's My Drawers)
  4. I would give the slight edge to Ubel over Talley as MVP. In addition to what has already been mentioned, I think much of Ubel's influence on the games do not show up in the stat sheet. In one of the BIG tournament games, the color guy mentioned a few times that Ubel stopped or discouraged a drive to the basket by the way he played help defense. I think we are going to miss him the most next year. I also agree that Talley would be the best overall player this year. He really stepped up in many ways especially as PG and still needing to be a primary scorer.
  5. Thought this was hilarious. If this BB thing does not work out, he might be able to write for Letterman. Tim Miles ‏@CoachMiles I am happy to let @BTN know that today I successfully used a Q-tip... No injury to the ear!! Ready for the B1G
  6. Very sorry for your loss. May God bless you and your family.
  7. A fun stroll down memory lane. I remember standing outside for quite awhile just to get a good seat in the student section. Thanks for posting these!
  8. dennis, it was a pleasure meeting you today. Hope your son enjoys the jerky. Cip, it was great meeting you as well. Thanks for the jerky--its great stuff. We are all enjoying it.
  9. Per Kent Pavelka on Sports Nightly, he practiced today. KP said based on that, he expects him in the starting lineup. I tore my calf a few years ago and took a couple of months to get better. However, I was quite a bit older than Rivers and not in game shape.
  10. For me, I like to read other people's opinions. Unfortunately due to my kids' schedules, I am not able to read daily so some discussions have already have run their course. I did register when the board upgraded to have access to the recruiting forum to keep up who is being looked at. I have followed the Husker BB team since the Hoppen/Cloudy years listening to the games growing up. Was at UNL during the glory year(s) under Nee. Although I live in Lincoln, the schedules of my 4 kids does not allow much opportunity to go to games in person, but I try to follow as close as I can (which is why I check this site as often as I do).
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