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  1. 2 hours ago, dustystehl said:

    I just paid my renewal today and selected Seat Yourself. Will they contact me when I am able to do the Seat Yourself process? I can't seem to do it right now, so I'm guessing that won't start until after July 22 (deadline to renew season tickets). Can anyone offer some clarification on the Seat Yourself process/timing?

    I think they wil, The seat yourself process goes off of donation points. the more pts. the sooner you get to seat yourself.


  2. On 6/15/2022 at 5:34 PM, hoop_head said:


    The reason I say under the radar is these two didn't end up playing two sports.


    #1, which counts IMO, would be Amanda Buchholz. She shows up on the 1999 Women's hoops roster but never played a game that I'm aware of. She was to play basketball and softball but ended up finishing out her Husker playing career at shortstop. Was also eternally a fan because of Ogallala's slaying of the South Sioux City giant in 1999 at the State Tournament. When you're from out west, none of the teams you play are ever taken seriously at State. That was a fun one for us hayseeds. Buchholz ended up coaching for NU as well and last time I knew, was still coaching softball somewhere at a Power 5 school.


    #2 I kind of blew up between then and now. In my memory, Eric Strickland was on loan at one point to the football team as they prepped for a bowl game or something but I couldn't find anything on it. Some of the older folks probably remember/know that Strickland could have competed in four sports at NU if he wanted to and coaches were willing.


    Tanner Farmer is the most recent I can recall that competed for two teams, Football and Wrestling.


    Also will be looking up Keith Nuebert @Huskerpapa that's one I didn't know and was hoping there would be at least one of those in here.


    @KarlHessEatMy.... Those two ladies were fun to watch for sure. 


    @12dozen Props for mentioning The King - Erstad and of course Miracle Matt. And Havers/Meyer/Cepero as well. 

    Wasn't Buchholz not playing BB a thing with the coaching staff?


  3. On 7/11/2022 at 9:10 AM, basketballjones said:

    Figured I’d ask this here as you all are my trusted sources for wisdom and insight…


    Solicitor came by the house unexpected, dog lost his mind for some reason, I told him to go upstairs and thought he did (he’s a tricky bastard). Then I tried to open the door and skinny myself through to close it behind me, and the stealth ninja shot the gap and snipped the lady’s foot. 

    He’s a damn good dog, I think welcoming kid #2 into the house has thrown his world off and he’s become kinda protective. So this isn’t common. 

    Anyone ever dealt with this before? Lady said she was ok… and I apologized profusely. Am I looking at the humane society knocking on my door soon or what? Or is my home owners insurance about to be put to work?



    I had to get rid of a dog, because he had bitten someone. Don't call your insurance co.

  4. I have to hope that we have a legitimate shot at landing both Freidrichsen and Betts.  I donl't want to give up hope and be a football fan only.
    Lots of people have jumped ship on the football team as well.

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  5.   I think we were all (secretly) hoping for a 'Big-Name' 'Power Five' hire, if for nothing else, maybe, validation that 'we could.'  But, That is Not Coach Amy Williams' 'style.'   I believe she has demonstrated that she can spot, and attract, talent.  Coach Jessica Keller has an impressive resume';  I trust Coach Williams' instincts and will take my 'proof' that 'we've arrived' from the results on the court.

    Not all power 5 coaches are good coaches. There are good coaches in the lower escohon of D I That just need that one break.

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  6. No Husker ties but family ties as Jessica coached with Amy’s sister.  Wish the article would have addressed the coaching roles she will assume. 
    I'm guessing she will be on the defensive side

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  7. Wonder what is taking so long to hire an assistant coach.  The only league currently playing is the WNBA and that regular season does not end until the end of July.  You would think Coach Williams would want her full staff on board before the women start their summer workouts.
    Maybe the coach is already there.

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