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  1. There's already a blueprint of this exact situation at New Mexico under the same leadership. Steve Alford resigned at Iowa, turned New Mexico into a contender, and parlayed it into one of the highest profile jobs in the country. It's not hard to figure out why Miles would be intrigued by this opportunity.
  2. Really hope our fans are better than that. We are WELL past the "transfers happen in college basketball all the time!" phase.
  3. I'm sure it's already been mentioned in here, but adidas has done a MASSIVE brand overhaul the last 2 years. They are on fire right now.
  4. How many of those players started for major conference teams? Also I feel like you're including Deverell Biggs and Akoy Agau in that list, which is also a JOKE I can't believe people are worked up over this. A) We aren't a charity, players have to develop and continue to earn their scholarship throughout high school and college. In state talent also rarely works out. Mike Gessel is basically the only in state player to make any sort of impact at a major conference school the last 10 years, and that impact was 8ppg on less than 40% shooting. Wow, incredible. C) Miles doe
  5. Is there a connection to Nebraska here for Saben? I'm fired up that he came here on an unofficial, just seems really strange. Hoping that there is some sort of family connection to Nebraska or our coaching staff that would give us a leg up
  6. AW3 is one of the most solid players we've had in a long time, I honestly have no idea how anyone could bitch about his game at all.
  7. It would be nice but I don't think it's as dire of a need as others. Hammond/Morrow/Jacobson/Horne/McVeigh with some more muscle is a fairly solid front court rotation IMO. Not great, but definitely adequate.
  8. Anybody know what happened to this kid? He seemed like a top target of ours a few years ago and then he just disappeared. Really glad we got Watson, obviously, just curious about this guy
  9. Great jerseys, I like our standard home jerseys this year too, but I really hope these jerseys aren't a one time thing. Wish they'd make some new black jerseys, love the idea of a black alternate but not the current version.
  10. Anyone know who is playing well today? This periscope is pretty grainy unfortunately.
  11. This will only help us if we want him to stay. I spoke with my source tonight. Pitchford leaving caught everyone by surprise. They fully expected him to remain with the team next season. Nothing new on TP. I do want to dispel any notion that Pitchford had a questionable work ethic. Pitchford worked hard on his game last summer, albeit with less fan fare than TP. I have NO truth to this statement, but did your source mention this maybe being a "mutual" agreement with the staff and Walt P? Just curious if there is more to this story than we know. A "mutual agreement" was not part of the disc
  12. That would be huge if we got him Do we know if we're in the running for him? I'd be surprised. Not that we won't go after him, but this is the type of transfer that almost every team in the country wants.
  13. I actually liked what I saw out of Hammond in the Iowa game. I know he picked up a few fouls in his limited action, but I thought his defensive positioning was pretty solid and the calls were questionable. If you add 20lbs to his frame, he'll likely get away with more because he'll be able to hold his ground down there. I also think Jacobson will be able to contribute fairly early. He's already a pretty big dude. Morrow isn't necessarily a big, but he could join the team tomorrow and be our best rebounder. Pair those 3 with Walt and possibly Fuller and I think we're looking alright. Our
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