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  1. thanks atskooc's I normally don't even use punctuation just run on sentences and S apostrophes from now on seriously though this goes deeper than players making plays or strategy and i dont think SE is a bad gut or even bad AD but likely still not the answer all husker fans are seeking
  2. Nebraska Men's athletics has a fractured psyche, it spans 15 years, multiple sports, coaches and AD's, no one in the building from the fans up believe that we can win these types of games or expects us to. You could see it in the players eye's during the game, you can see it in fan's leaving early in the 2nd half, you could see it in Columbus during warm up's before the Ohio St game it was not going to go well for the football team. Success in any aspect of life requires leadership, a concrete vision of what you want to accomplish with a plan to get there, innovation and a willingness to do all the ugly, boring, behind the scenes monotonous preparation that leads to success. I don't believe we are doing any of those things at least not well. Maybe John Cook could be AD someday and our Women's volleyball team could bring some testosterone over the the men's athletic department. For now we have the Energy Bus and are living in a Twilight Zone Ground Hog Day of Callahan's, Sadler's, Collier's, Pelini's, Anderson's and Peterson's.
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