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  1. I selected the three who’ll be playing this year, put them in any order, because I think this year is Miles make or break season.
  2. I know we haven't recruited many juco big men recently but I always think back to a guy like Derrick Chandler and wonder why we don't. Are they as hard or harder to identify and sign as the hs kids?
  3. SIAP but with the commitment of Dooby is there any chance MJ may decide to return after all?
  4. Just said visit went well but still had visits lined up for MD and Georgia Tech
  5. Since we're reaching back to when I was in school (early 80s), I'd nominate Nate Jack Moore too.
  6. I think going .500 in the B1G will get them into the NIT. Then I think getting 1-2 wins in the tourney puts them firmly on the NCAA bubble. But I think I'm getting way ahead of things here
  7. I'll be there. Fortunately I have friends there which brings a lot of Aloha Spirit to my wallet. When I called about tickets they said that a lot of the best seats are currently tied up with Hawaii season ticket holders and other booster types and won't be made available until later this month if they aren't all sold. This was in regards to the packages. I don't remember the day off the top of my head but they also said they'd email a notice to me.
  8. unless he requires surgery I think you need to heal and play him. One for the reason you mentioned in balance. We need some badly. That class is already over-sized and to make it larger would be a catastrophe recruiting wise. Also we NEED some experience for next year. If we shut down Shields we bring back Parker and Gallegos as the only scholarship players to play for Miles coming into next season. It may be a lackluster season but you have to hope he gets his minutes and in 4 years we can upgrade because we've become a better team.
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