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  1. hhcdimes

    Dedoch is N

    The above is known as "Rick Rolling" where you try to trick someone into clicking on a link or video where it then plays "Never going to give you up" by Rick Astley. Stay tuned for tomorrow's upcoming episode of The Classic Chan-nel where I break down Chan's senior year of HS and explain LARPing
  2. hhcdimes

    Dedoch is N

    The joke is that .375% <<<<<< 37.5%
  3. hhcdimes

    OT: The Key to Our Home Court Advantage

    We'll find out this December
  4. hhcdimes

    OT: The Key to Our Home Court Advantage

    It's about time we did something about annoying birds
  5. hhcdimes

    Davison Done

    I thought he worked well with Kent and I enjoyed the genuineness of his broadcast as he hit all the notes between disgust and jubilation as the situation dictated. Do we know who is replacement is?
  6. http://www.huskers.com/SportSelect.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=100&amp;SPID=25&amp;SPSID=32&amp;KEY=&amp;Q_SEASON=1985 Ann played in the 80s (around the time of Maurtice Ivy and a young Amy Stephens) She's now Ann Fritz and both her and her husband Ed are long time HS coaches in Kansas http://www.leawoodlifestyle.com/2015/04/28/basketball-is-in-their-blood/
  7. hhcdimes

    Jordy Gone

    Jordy left later in the calendar than AWIII did. The funny thing though is generally speaking people are less upset because AWIII was a much better basketball player than Jordy.
  8. hhcdimes

    Jordy Gone

    Just from the bodies we've offered for 2019/20 I would suspect we're looking for more of a strech 4/PF than a center. Otherwise I'd say a JUCO would fit in real well and our recent offerings would lead me to believe we're a lot more open to that then in years past.
  9. hhcdimes

    Jordy Gone

    Dayton doesn't have anyone over 6'7" on the roster so a great place to package a couple of post players
  10. hhcdimes

    The end of AAU Basketball

  11. hhcdimes

    Way too early Top 25

    People are high on Iowa because they bring back everyone including McCaffery's kid who basically missed the entire season. In theory they should be able to play better than terrible defense this year.
  12. hhcdimes

    The end of AAU Basketball

    Seems like a good start to me if the point is to eliminate some of the shady dealings. Eventually there will be some sort of new scheme and we'll see if it's better or worse
  13. hhcdimes

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    1. Does moving up 4-5 spots in the RPI get us in the NCAA tourney? I doubt it. 2. Does 13 seed Buffalo and their sub 40 RPI even get in the tournament without winning their conference tourney? The focus is beating tier 1 and 2 teams and not losing to anyone else. If we want to go on the road vs some mid-major team to add one more that would enhance our tournament resume (with risk involved). Hosting Stony Brook instead of Miss Valley St at home might create a slight RPI boost but come tourney time it wouldn't move the needle for us one way or another.
  14. hhcdimes

    Huskers in the Pros Thread

    Sek is reminiscing about playing for Doc Sadler tonight
  15. hhcdimes

    What type of kid should we recruit?

    For one thing, right or wrong, we're not even recruiting traditional college centers Verbal commits has Brady as a center because of his height but he's more like a 4. For us I think he slots as a Roby/Copeland type center.