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  1. TimSmiles

    Truly Astounding Stat Line (TB)

    disagree. had 1 bad loss at rutgers. the 5 other losses were to tourney teams. we were struggling but far from wheels falling off.
  2. TimSmiles

    Truly Astounding Stat Line (TB)

    we're 1-5 since tanner replaced copeland and have been horrific on offense. 57 ppg with tanner vs 73 ppg with copeland. i'm not saying there's a better option on the bench, but we have been terrible since tanner has been in the starting lineup. those of you praising tanner's all zero statline are just making me laugh. hopefully the next coach can recruit a legit big man and not resort to starting walkons.
  3. he pretty much has to be a 20-10 guy for us to make a run. he's not done well the last 2 games. luckily plamer and watson showed up tonight.
  4. i think they made the right call. i'm just saying the refs swallow their whistle a lot in that situation. would not have been surprised if it had been a no call.
  5. i just don't feel like this team can score enough points to realistically make a run. hope i'm wrong. the next 2 are very winnable. 16-11 with 4 ranked games to finish the season would at least provide some excitement.
  6. hopefully we can get these next 2 to at least make the final stretch of the season somewhat interesting. NW on 5 game losing streak, and we already have proven we can beat penn st. both should be winnable if we play like we did tonight.
  7. TimSmiles

    Enjoy The Last Month Of The Miles Era

    1 tourney appearance in 7 seasons is 'momentum'? he's also a top 35 paid coach. how would his firing be unjust in any way?
  8. it was definitely a foul, but refs will let that go a lot of times at the end of the game.
  9. can't forget that we lost an ugly game at rutgers when copeland was still healthy. simply put miles had to produce this year injury or no injuries. the injury would have been a lot more manageable if miles had recruited another backup or kept morrow, jacobsen, or jordy. can't just blame the injury for this mess. every team goes through injuries.
  10. we definitely need to be adopting the d'antoni rockets philosophy. obviously we aren't as talented as them, but our only chance to win is to make a lot of 3s and open up the driving lanes to attack the hoop. we take some really bad mid range shots that need to be 3s instead. roby is the perfect small ball center. i'm not sure why we've been playing him at the 4 since copeland went out. bring tanner off the bench instead of starting 2 big guys.
  11. watson, allen, palmer, nana, roby this lineup is our best chance to score over 60 points imo. all these guys can run the floor and are willing shooters. tanner and roby in the game together take up too much space in the paint on offense. too easy to guard. start out the game by running and gunning with the 5 guys i mentioned above then rotate thor/tanner/harris in as needed. just my opinion and something i'd like to see because whatever we're doing now is simply not working.
  12. we got a career performance out of allen and still lost by 20. i can't believe we still have 8 games left. this is gonna be a long month.
  13. the only agreement i've seen on here is that an unestablished mid major coach is probably not the way to go.
  14. TimSmiles

    Nebraska Fans-the best in the country!?

    we're the worst power 5 basketball program ever and have one of the highest attendances. i'd say that makes us pretty good fans. best in the country is up for debate, but not sure how many fanbases would put up with what we have.
  15. TimSmiles

    Rock Bottom!

    its basic fundamentals. we have guys who struggle to dribble with their left hand and don't know how to properly execute a pick and roll. miles has recruited some good players, but his offensive coaching ability is just flat out bad.