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  1. some bad calls, but ultimately that was a meltdown. palmer and roby better start knocking down some 3s, or we're going to lose a lot of games. both guys hovering around 20% for the season after tonight.
  2. how do 3 refs miss such a blatant interference?
  3. TimSmiles

    The Top 25 thread

    kinda wish we weren't ranked yet. given our history against creighton this ranking feels a bit premature. we need to get that monkey off our back. i'm sure it helps recruiting to be ranked, but we saw how much it matters to be ranked in December in 2015.
  4. TimSmiles

    Morrow leaving

    well i'd be surprised if he stays at marquette if he only gets 10 min per game.
  5. TimSmiles

    Morrow leaving

    i was only half joking though. copeland/tanner will be gone. ed would most likely start unless brady makes a huge leap next year. even if brady started ed would still probably play over 20 min per game.
  6. TimSmiles

    Morrow leaving

    Ed should grad transfer back to nebraska next year. we can give him more than 10 minutes per game.
  7. didn't realize he would be this good of a shooter from day 1. we definitely missed out. i'm still an amir fan though. he's got length and athleticism that you can't teach. if he puts in the work, he'll be very good down the road.
  8. very good win. i think we're going to have to be a little more efficient from the 3 point line if we want to be a truly great team though. roby was more aggressive today, but unfortunately had his minutes reduced from foul trouble. nana has been huge for us off the bench. we really don't drop off when he's in the game. palmer bounced back from his slump which was greatly needed tonight. watson wasn't great, but made some timely shots. copeland's been our most consistent player. another solid game. allen has played his role well. big time shot tonight.
  9. i see. espn said 1-8 yesterday, but i guess that was an error. he's definitely not shooting enough. he's taking fewer shots per game than both nana and allen.
  10. after today's game, roby's shooting 14% from 3 and palmer is shooting 17% from 3. i know it's early, but definitely something to keep an eye on. these next 5 games are going to be interesting.
  11. TimSmiles

    Roby will be back. Book it

    he definitely won't if he keeps taking 5 shots per game. there's maybe 5 centers in the country who could actually guard him. either miles is telling him not to shoot or roby has a serious confidence issue. both Nana and Allen are taking more shots per game than roby. at some point roby has to be selfish and takeover on offense. he has the ability and we've seen it. why he's not doing it i have no idea.
  12. wish roby would be more selfish. 5 shots in 37 minutes is not helping the team. i think palmer will be fine. we saw what he's capable of in the 2nd half of the seton hall game. those charges threw off his game. 1 of which was not a charge. everyone else has pretty much been what we expected. Roby and Palmer have to be the difference makers or we're going to have more games like tonight.
  13. TimSmiles

    Roby will be back. Book it

    i think that's mostly roby's fault. i don't think miles would mind if roby shot the ball more.
  14. TimSmiles

    Roby will be back. Book it

    i'd rather have him not be back if it means he's putting up 17-7-5 this year. next year's team likely won't be as good if if roby does stay.
  15. TimSmiles

    There's Always This Year

    you should have waited about 6 more hours before you posted this.