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  1. TimSmiles

    Secret Scrimmage vs Iowa St

    watson 3-13. don't like to see that after his struggles shooting last year.
  2. TimSmiles

    2020 Zaire Wade

    you realize he has no other D1 offers right? i would think we have a great shot at this point.
  3. TimSmiles

    Dedoch Chan

    chang is much longer and a better shot blocker than chan. if i had the choice, i'd probably take chang. though you can argue Chan is more proven offensively based on what he did in juco. picking up a player somewhat comparable to chang with 2 weeks notice is way better than what most of us thought we'd get.
  4. TimSmiles

    Dedoch is N

    decent pickup given circumstances. was he planning to go back to juco had nebraska not offered? probably would have been a bigger commodity if he had. thinking we might see a lot more zone this year given our lack of centers
  5. TimSmiles

    Dedoch Chan

    it's not so much about the actual blocks themselves, but usually good shot blockers are also great at altering shots and making it difficult to shoot over you. and at the juco level, you'd think a 6'8 guy playing 30+ min could get more than 0.3 blocks per game
  6. TimSmiles

    Dedoch Chan

    seems to be a decent offensive player, but his defense worries me. only blocked 8 shots in 25 games as a starter in juco.
  7. TimSmiles

    2018 Transfer Market

    I thought miles was just saying that we passed on a player because we already had enough big guys. and was basically saying we would have added that guy if we had known jordy was leaving.
  8. TimSmiles

    2018 Transfer Market

    i would think this staff always has a list of names they keep track of in case of emergency (especially after the andrew white transfer). i would be very surprised if nobody else is added before the semester starts.
  9. TimSmiles

    2018 Transfer Market

    this guy is available. started 27 games last year. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/_/id/3155706/hassan-hussein
  10. TimSmiles

    2018 Transfer Market

    that site doesn't appear to be updated at all. like 95% of those guys have signed already. not sure what the story is with this kid. former 4 star that left memphis for juco. http://www.verbalcommits.com/players/nick-marshall appears to have missed the 17-18 juco season because of car accident injury in december of 2017. i assume he'd still be eligible if he finished his classes?
  11. TimSmiles

    Jordy Gone

    that's really all we need. copeland/roby will be getting 32-35 min per game as long as they stay out of foul trouble.
  12. TimSmiles

    Jordy Gone

    Miles still could have recruited another juco/transfer big guy knowing we had a good chance of losing jordy and/or copeland. he deserves some blame for that, but like i said he has a little time to pull of another evan taylor type signing. we'll see.
  13. TimSmiles

    Jordy Gone

    Jordy missed games and practices during conference play and told multiple local reporters he was leaving the program back in January. I think i would have just moved on if I was miles. A player committed to the team/program doesn't do that in the middle of conference play.
  14. TimSmiles

    Jordy Gone

    miles deserves some blame here. jordy wanted out back in january, and miles essentially pleaded for him to stay. the team was playing better without jordy in the starting lineup anyways. and now here we are in late july without a legitimate big guy. brady is barely 200 pounds and borchardt is a 3rd string center at best. unless miles can pull off a evan taylor type signing, this is a bad start to the 18-19 season.
  15. TimSmiles

    2019 PF Akol Arop - VC

    i'm gonna go out on a limb and say he's not coming here. i'd imagine his family doesn't think the most of miles.