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  1. TimSmiles

    Dedoch is N

    decent pickup given circumstances. was he planning to go back to juco had nebraska not offered? probably would have been a bigger commodity if he had. thinking we might see a lot more zone this year given our lack of centers
  2. TimSmiles

    Jordy Gone

    that's really all we need. copeland/roby will be getting 32-35 min per game as long as they stay out of foul trouble.
  3. TimSmiles

    Jordy Gone

    Miles still could have recruited another juco/transfer big guy knowing we had a good chance of losing jordy and/or copeland. he deserves some blame for that, but like i said he has a little time to pull of another evan taylor type signing. we'll see.
  4. TimSmiles

    Jordy Gone

    Jordy missed games and practices during conference play and told multiple local reporters he was leaving the program back in January. I think i would have just moved on if I was miles. A player committed to the team/program doesn't do that in the middle of conference play.
  5. TimSmiles

    Jordy Gone

    miles deserves some blame here. jordy wanted out back in january, and miles essentially pleaded for him to stay. the team was playing better without jordy in the starting lineup anyways. and now here we are in late july without a legitimate big guy. brady is barely 200 pounds and borchardt is a 3rd string center at best. unless miles can pull off a evan taylor type signing, this is a bad start to the 18-19 season.
  6. TimSmiles

    Akoy Agau

    i honestly thought he'd been done with college basketball for like 3 years.
  7. TimSmiles

    Way too early Top 25

    i just hope the guys are more focused on winning than the nba. just win games and the nba will take care of itself. DiVincenzo was not even projected to get drafted before the tournament and now being projected as a 1st rounder.
  8. TimSmiles

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    he either has no sources and made this up, or he's the biggest jack mcveigh fan ever.
  9. TimSmiles

    NBA combine starts today

    they'll be back. palmer has only has 1 season as a starter under his belt. I don't think copeland is ready to settle for a european career. remember that he was a top 25 recruit.
  10. TimSmiles

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    andrew white left on june 26th, so i will feel safe after that date.
  11. TimSmiles

    Ominous Tweet Re: Roster Attrition

    palmer should for sure be back. copeland will be back if he thinks he can take his game to another level and get looks from the nba and part of me thinks jordy is waiting to see what copeland will do before making a decision. jordy clearly seemed upset about his role and not sure if he'll want to stay if copeland and roby are the starting frontcourt again. i'm not sure why anyone else would leave. should be a lot of new playing time opening up with taylor, gill, and mcveigh leaving.
  12. TimSmiles

    2018 Red-White spring game

    i'm guessing adidas wasn't thrilled with the idea of having a nike store basically on campus.
  13. but will norm have to pay donations this year?
  14. TimSmiles

    Let me get this straight...

    do people really think miles is getting a raw deal? he's the 35th highest paid coach for making the tourney 1 time in 6 years.
  15. no. uconn won a championship 4 years ago and is a blue blood program. we've never won an ncaa tourney game. that's why kenya left.