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  1. jimmychitwood

    Let me get this straight...

    Moos doesn't need a full year. He had that already. The guy was hired in the middle of October and didn't attend a game until Wisconsin in January. I look at that and think this guy just ignored the second highest revenue generating program for 3 months. That's some great AD-ing there. By the way, Frost was hired two weeks before the Kansas game and Moos couldn't drag himself to that. What it boils down to is that any of us could have been the AD to hire Frost as long as we let the puppeteers pull the strings and everyone behind the scenes do the legwork like Moos did. If Moos was a real AD he would have been at the biggest home game in years, especially since the football staff was already back at UCF. Everything about the way he handled basketball the past month stinks whether it be from not making Kenya an offer he couldn't refuse to stay and keep recruiting up or dragging the extension out over a month only to make it for a year. To anyone with a brain this seems like the puppeteers are pulling the strings again and they couldn't fire Miles after 22 wins so they decided to do the best they can to make it an impossible situation for future success.
  2. jimmychitwood

    It's Early but....

  3. jimmychitwood

    Nebraska high school talent

    I blame it on a lot of Nebraskans moving out of state. I played on one of the elite early 90's Class B teams and none of us have moved back home after college. If we stayed home, i'm sure our kids would be good in-state players in the next few years.