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  1. Where was her letter about the football team? If I remember correctly, 96 of the 149 players currently on the team were brought in by Frost. That's pretty close to the 2 to 3 leftovers after Hoiberg's hire.
  2. A large part of me wants the movie ending where Nebraska wins the NIT with 6 players and Miles quits during the post game interview. It would be the most Nebrasketball thing ever. Coach quits before being fired for tying the most wins in a season and best post season performance in school history.
  3. If Miles is gone, that’s the biggest issue. What decent candidate is going to look at the external optics of how the administration has handled the last year and think this is a good place to coach or build their career? It’s a bad look all around. If what everyone outside the program sees is this bad, I can only imagine what is said in private conversations between any candidates and Miles and his staff is worse.
  4. Two numbers to explain why we are at a "plateau"....17 ppg & 4.5 apg. Those are Xavier Johnson's numbers at Pitt this year. If this Administration really cared about basketball and didn't drag out the laughable 1 year extension after the most conference wins of all time, he could be on this roster. If they really wanted to win, give Miles a few more years for security (we only make 52 million a year from tv now) and give Kenya whatever was necessary to keep him and Johnson here. A player of his caliber completely changes this roster.
  5. These last 10 games are a referendum on Nebrasketball’s future. The early work was done to get good enough “metrics” to make the tourney, but this team’s resume only consists of these games and the BIG tournament in the committee’s eyes. Fail and the only way to get that first win is to play the same dirty recruiting game as everyone else. Miles is respected enough in the coaching circles that any coach wanting to improve his career trajectory the right way will not come here. To paraphrase Bud Kilmer, every 40 minutes of these last 10 games need to be played like it’s the next 40
  6. One of the things that’s hurts the team in close games is Palmer cheating/freelancing on defense. If you look at a lot of the situations where the D has to go into scramble mode, it’s because he lost track of his man while trying to make a play on or watching where the ball is. A perfect example is when he lost Cowan at the top of the key for a layup because he was looking at the ball in the post. In a blowout those mistakes are hidden but giving up those two easy points were huge tonight.
  7. Moos doesn't need a full year. He had that already. The guy was hired in the middle of October and didn't attend a game until Wisconsin in January. I look at that and think this guy just ignored the second highest revenue generating program for 3 months. That's some great AD-ing there. By the way, Frost was hired two weeks before the Kansas game and Moos couldn't drag himself to that. What it boils down to is that any of us could have been the AD to hire Frost as long as we let the puppeteers pull the strings and everyone behind the scenes do the legwork like Moos did. If Mo
  9. I blame it on a lot of Nebraskans moving out of state. I played on one of the elite early 90's Class B teams and none of us have moved back home after college. If we stayed home, i'm sure our kids would be good in-state players in the next few years.
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