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  1. the sole just broke apart from the rest of the shoe, don’t think there’s any correlation between the ankle role and busting out of it
  2. gary is so good, would also like to see the ball in williams hand more
  3. it’s a sorta no middle/ force baseline defense they double the block early to limit post touches, shots at the rim, and force turnovers. the ultimate goal is forcing a midrange shot, hence running them off the line
  4. idc whos on our team they arent keeping hoiberg of the court. played a hell of a lot better than jamarques
  5. evanmayas player ratings really don’t make much sense to me, i much prefer bartorviks obpm and dbpm
  6. and i don’t agree with that guys analysis on defense, imo it was just as much scheme as it was personnel. was dw regarding as a good defender the year before? the buy in is what will be most important imo
  7. yea i haven’t seen lawrence talked about at all on any team previews outside of the nebraska media realm, even prediction models (bart, ken, and evanmaya) aren’t acknowledging much of a contribution from him this year. to me he’s the wildcard, he’s capable of being one the best players on the team and elevating this team to tournament status, but switching to the hardest position in the game in such a well scouted conference is no easy feat. i’m excited and nervous to see how it all plays out
  8. rob said something along the lines of this: it’s still sowlen, but he’s already feeling better. he wants to return for our first game vs linden wood, but that doesn’t seem likely. most likely not out long
  9. jaymar keisei brice cj rienk thinking about that offense gets me excited
  10. plenty of charlotte games on youtube
  11. who cares if he didn’t start just trust ur eyes
  12. rienk, but don’t think it’s anything too serious
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