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  1. I got the shirt in grey from scheels earlier this year.
  2. But sadly thats Kansas and we are Nebraska start winning and then prices going up are a different story. Right now it seems like they’re doing it bc a new shiny coach and all. Just my opinion and I’ll still be paying to attend the games.
  3. Both have their name in the draft if I remember right. Would be a pipe dream.
  4. They won’t have a 9 man rotation, so even if Stevenson isn’t available 1st semester I think he redshirts regardless.
  5. I see Arop redshirting this year with Banton (bc he has to).
  6. Let’s keep the music and get rid of the band.
  7. I would assume scouts are watching this stuff?
  8. I’ll go with 6’7.2967. Just had to be more precise than Norm. ;)
  9. This is a good point. I could see some of the remaining guys waiting and focusing on their final couple weeks of school before announcing.
  10. This makes me think it’s 98% sure he’s not back next year.
  11. I can vouch for this. Got my degree 99% online. It can be done rather easily now.
  12. You have really great points here and I hope you’re right, but I still think there is a 90% chance Roby doesn’t play for the Huskers next year.
  13. Fred won’t have the “traditional” bigs. He wants guys to run and shoot. The “bigs” will be guys who can run and are athletic freaks. 6’8/6’9 guys who can jump. Have a feeling that Doc will have defensive game plans with a lot of doubles and traps to keep teams honest. I cannot wait to see this team on the court.
  14. Was more talking about the starting roles (as of now). I’m sure that there will be plenty of minutes to go around.
  15. Over Burke or Green? Those 2 are starting regardless. If Mack comes aboard then there’s 1-3 taken and Cheatham likely a 4/wing.
  16. Got your wish. No Pig Souie for him!
  17. You gotta be correct. Seems like a back up back up plan for now. For the schools he’s visiting too seems like he might’ve been a reach if the offers never came.
  18. This quote makes me smile! Gonna ruffle a ton of feathers.
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