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  1. The more I think about it, the more I think Trey as the full time PG was probably a part of the lure of Bryce, which is fine by me. Fred seemed pretty comfortable about Trey as PG moving forward. Whether that means Dalano is the backup PG or starting at another spot will be interesting. How hard he works during the offseason will determine his status, imo. On talent/playmaking alone, I would start him over Lat in a second, especially with other playmakers/shooters on the court, but if he can't reliably hit a wide open three, he can hurt us because his man can sag off and help.
  2. If Dalano gained 15-20lbs in the offseason, I'd be intrigued to try this lineup is well. He was pretty effective out of the post for us this season and has surprisingly good defense in the post.
  3. He’s a SF. Swing the 3-4 at KU. I don’t think he has quite the handles or outside presence to play the 2. Plus we’re pretty loade at that spot.
  4. If we’re done, here’s my guess on lineups: Trey-Banton Bryce-Keisei-Kobe Wilcher-Tyon Lat-Wilhelm Walker-Andre-Oleg I also don’t think there’s any way Tyon stays off the court at the 3 or 4. There might be games where he is a better 4 than Lat or Wilhelm. Keisei is going to get thrown out there for heat checks I would have to presume. There are times in practice where that second group would beat the first so I expect lineups to be fluid as hell next year. Bryce, Wilcher, Keisei, and Wilhelm give us so many more philosophy options it’s cra
  5. I still don't see why we wouldn't offer a grad transfer PG senior for that final spot.
  6. It's bizarre to me seeing Banton coming off the bench, but I don't necessarily disagree. If he's 15lbs heavier and 5% better from 3 next year I think he starts at the 3. But damn... with Keisei, Wilcher, Wilhelm, and the KU kid... good grief.. the second group could have nights where they stay on the court a LONG time.
  7. Bluebloods as we knew them in the past are dead, and I'm HERE FOR IT!! I like Nebraska's chances to ascend in the era of free agency. We have the coach, fans, and facilities. If the NIL thing comes to fruition, we'll also have the money. Now the players are showing up.
  8. It’s like a poor man’s Roby and a rich man’s McCray had a baby.
  9. I think Tyon would be an intriguing option at the 3. 6’7” with handles and crazy athleticism. If Toney McCray could dribble, he’d be Tyon. Still think we need a true PG (though I’m not as worried about Trey and Bryce handling those duties as some), but Tyon would give us a better Shamiel who could play and guard the 2-4. He’s an elite athlete and can get to the rim and block shots. Don’t know much else.
  10. Love this hire. Impossible to make excuses when playing for this coach, and he's a fantastic technician. He'll help the culture move forward a lot.
  11. The baseline dunk with the left?! And those 3s are pure.
  12. My guess is the Mizzou kid.
  13. I think Keisei is a different cat than the other two. Trevor wasn't a D1 player coming out of high school and Jervay couldn't out-athlete D1 players to get to the rim. Keisei has Thor's IQ with elite, world-class shooting. He can put it on the floor, dish, and cut as well. I like Trevor, but he's not a D1 athlete. It's easy to see he can shoot, but that's him making up for his lack of athleticism. The only knock on Keisei is his strength at ~165-170lbs., but he's got enough athleticism for D1. He's the #2 SG and #9 JUCO prospect. I don't think those are far fetched rankings. He's also
  14. This kid is an insane talent. I think we'd have the best backcourt in the B1G if he came here.
  15. Agree. This kid isn't a stretch at all from my vantage point. He's almost as good of a prospect at the 5 as Wilhelm is at the 4, imo, and I really like Wilhelm. Those are two extremely skilled bigs from day 1. Remember this kid is taller than Andre.
  16. Great get. Major upgrade to our front court after losing Yvan. Depending on his off-season weight gain, this kid might start once Walker graduates. It’ll be a good battle between him and and Andre. Andre might have more upside but Oleg has a lot more skill at this stage, and he’s a legit 7 footer doing all that. We get a PG and look out!
  17. This would be a huge steal imo. Kid is 5'11" but gets about 30" in the air on his jumper. Extremely explosive athlete--quicker than Trey. Handles are good. Passing instincts look good. Elite shooter. I think he could be a solid PG but in general could make our team better in many ways.
  18. Tremendously underrated post.
  19. Man... he is efficient. I didn't see much of a liability on defense--way less than I thought I would, and he has a knack for steals. Offensively, the kid is just a player. He scored 14 points with one missed shot and had zero turnovers. The Thor comparisons are apt, but I think this kid is a much better player offensively. Just having him out there completely changes the driving lanes. You can't leave him, and if you guard him close, he knows exactly when to cut. Effort is all out on both ends. Can't wait to see him here.
  20. Agree. I don't think we'll see Kobe and Keisei on the court at the same time under any circumstances. Kobe is probably a better all around player than Keisei, but his size pretty much relegates him to a 3pt specialist on offense in a big boy conference. Keisei is purely a 3pt specialist. He might be a worse player than Kobe but more effective for Fred's system, even as a decoy that stretches the defense. He can probably come in for Kobe, Bryce, or Trey if any of them need a breather or are particularly off from the perimeter one night.
  21. Banton just needs to eat and lift and do nothing else in the offseason but gain weight so he can be the point forward we all dream about.
  22. Appreciate the clarification and what you say makes sense. On my end, I'm liking the free agency more because it gives Nebraska a chance to compete. I do miss the nostalgia of the NCAA bluebloods battling in the tournament, but not more than I like Nebraska's chances moving forward. I also like that players have more power than they used to be in terms of their personal choices. Once player likeness/image $$ gets ironed out, I'll be thrilled for both the players and Nebraska for our chances at regularly landing big time recruits. That deregulation will hopefully get rid of th
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