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  1. LK1

    Way too early Top 25

    It's unfortunate because I truly believe the B1G has the very best coaches, top to bottom, in the country. Every team gets measurably better by the end of the regular season. If there was a beginning of the year and end of the year challenge (impossible, I know), the B1G would fare quite well. Or... you could just look at the NCAA Tournament basically every single year when no one wants to play those pesky, well-coached B1G teams like Wisconsin or MSU or Michigan.
  2. LK1

    One-and-Done Going Away?

    This is extremely bad news.... for Creighton.
  3. LK1

    2019 SF David Roddy

    I think both guys offset their height with athleticism. I also think Roddy is a more intriguing prospect, though I like them both.
  4. LK1

    2019 SF David Roddy

    I'd take him as a 4 for sure. He can dunk off 2 feet, straight up, is strong as an ox, and can lead the break. If he can't guard opposing 4s, he can at least bruise them up, but with that leaping ability I see his height as a moot point, and boxing out won't be even remotely an issue. I loved how OSU used Jae'Sean Tate. Same idea.
  5. LK1

    Way too early Top 25

    Interesting. I don't disagree entirely with this angle, but TP could really guard and had fantastic lateral quickness at 6'7". He was also such a great momentum player when others were contributing, but I agree it would be a risk at the least and Shavon was as cerebral as any player we've ever had, evidenced by his academic performance. I certainly wouldn't turn either of them down, though.
  6. LK1

    Roby (is Good)

    A lot of projects get taken in the lottery, and Roby is no project on the defensive end. He also might be a prodigious passer in time. If he can learn to really handle the rock (and I think he can), he may stick around for a senior year that looks like this:
  7. LK1

    Way too early Top 25

    That's a good point, and I certainly wouldn't be opposed to this, but if TA turns into what I think he will this season, he could really spread the floor for us. Junior year Shavon shot 19% from three. I think TM wants to field lineups where 1-5 can knock down an open perimeter jumper. I forever love me some Shavon, but he wouldn't start on a lineup of: GWIII TP JPJ IC IR ^^^ This is what I had in mind when I said he wouldn't start. Only TP would crack that lineup. No way would I take SS over the upperclassmen at 3-5. My point is that we're really, really talented this year, and the comparisons to '15-16 are awful. Also, the character/leader thing... I'm not sure I've seen a team with better character than the one we're currently fielding. With the current roster, we've had zero offcourt legal issues, zero internal conflicts between players, zero classroom issues, and fantastic on-court comradery. Psychologically, it appears to be a team made up almost entirely of introverts, so the leadership is, let's say, calmer than in years prior. Think about it--GW, JPJ (maybe), IC, and IR all seem like introverts to me, but that doesn't make them bad leaders in the least. It might mean they lead by example and listen well, which I'll take any day of the week for leadership.
  8. LK1

    Way too early Top 25

    I don't think #16 is too high. I think it's probably our ceiling, but not too high. We were mirrors of PSU from a talent standpoint last year. If they would've returned all of their players, I guarantee they are a top 20 team and no one has qualms about it. I thought all season we were just about as good as Michigan, but a tad less talented and not quite as well coached, even after we initially kicked their ass. What did they end up doing again? I also hate the comparisons to the post tourney meltdown year with TP, SS, and Walt. These are completely different teams in terms of starting 5 talent and character across the board. I love TP, but I wouldn't trade him for JPJ. No other player on that roster could start for us this year. That's wild. They also lacked Gallegos, and we have TA to fill that role and do it well. I don't see a single "longshot" game on our schedule, and I don't think we'll lose any at home.
  9. LK1

    Roby (is Good)

    I hear this. Talent-wise, he could go, but he is such a high character kid that I still have this feeling he wants the complete experience for the intangibles. He'll be fun to watch either way.
  10. LK1

    FBI Ramification

    If the FBI put the witness on the stand and gave him immunity in exchange for cooperation, it very, very likely means: 1. They already knew what he was going to say. 2. They already have proof that the payment offers were made. I don't think the NCAA is going to have much of a say at all, but more of a reaction to whatever the FBI concludes. Creighton is cooked.
  11. It was a joke because it's hilarious, but I'll take my down votes in stride
  12. https://www.3newsnow.com/omahasportsinsider/osi-college/osi-creighton/osi-creighton-mens-basketball/creighton-basketball-mentioned-in-federal-court-case
  13. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/24895503/brian-bowen-sr-accuses-colleges-offering-cash-improper-benefits-son-attend
  14. https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/college-basketball-corruption-trial-brian-bowens-father-makes-explosive-allegations-against-several-schools/
  15. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/college/2018/10/04/brian-bowen-sr-son-had-cash-offers-arizona-creighton-ok-state/1528384002/