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  1. Yes please. Blocked shots and dunking ability = yay transition.
  2. I'd have a hard time believing Fred plays that game given his complete willingness to recruit over current roster numbers, and I don't blame him. In other words, I don't think we'll have any teams hinging its next season's status on whether or not a player returns.
  3. I finished better at the rim with my dominant hand, like most people. Teddy does too.
  4. Wisky would've played their best ball if he had stayed, too. They have a good coaching staff and system that works essentially every year. I'm thrilled to have this kid. Our lineup with him and Allen is going to bring some beef to the B1G, which is exactly what we lacked with Burke and Cheatham (though both B and C were tough players). Mack is skinny as hell too. King is also a notable finisher at the rim, and he's going to get a lot opportunities at the rim with Fred's system. Burke missed basically every shot he took at the rim. I'll also go and a limb and say King shoots it above 30% from 3 next season with Fred's coaching.
  5. It was always way easier for me to hit jumpers going left and shooting right. You have to turn more of your body to square up going in the direction of your dominant hand.
  6. Interesting. We could definitely use Burke next season as a serious contributor. I don't want him or Cam to transfer. I love how Burke plays.
  7. Why on earth would Cross leave? You implied in your prior post it would be because of a Sanogo commit. Sanogo is a straight up 5. If his commitment were to force anyone out, there’s no way it’s Cross before Arop. I’m not claiming you want anything to happen, to be clear. I just don’t know why people are speculating Cross wants out unless they know something I don’t.
  8. This. Cross will be with Mayen at the 4 most likely, and I’m guessing he’ll get similar minutes to this season.
  9. Cross isn’t playing the 5 next season, and who in their right mind would want Cross gone before Arop? Cross was a good true freshman playing out of position the entire season. He’s a talented young player.
  10. PT Anderson: Magnolia There Will Be Blood Phantom Thread Aronofsky: Black Swan The Wrestler Pi Kaufman: Being John Malkovich Adaptation Synecdoche, New York Anomalisa Russell: I Heart Huccabees Wachowakis: The Matrix Mendes: American Beauty
  11. I’m not an overly optimistic person, but I actually think we start kicking some ass day 1 next season. I’m very impressed with how the roster is shaking out.
  12. Not seeing this upside but he could become a Venson Hamilton type in terms of being a double double guy as an upperclassman. The only thing that concerns me is his free throws. Everything else has been pretty darned impressive. I’m still curious if Mayen can play the 5. He could create a lot of defensive problems for opponents if 5s have to guard him. He’s also a very good shooter and can legitimately switch on perimeter screens. I bet he rebounds as well as anyone we have to boot.
  13. This is a very good addition. I’m still intrigued with a bully ball lineup of: Banton (6’8”) King (6’4”) Allen (6’5”) Mayen (6‘9”) Yvan (6’9) Free throw: Webster (80% ft) King (70% ft) Allen (90% ft) Stevenson (60% ft) Mayen (80% ft) 3pt: Webster (33%) Thor (37%) Allen (40%) Mayen (35%) Stevenson (35%) Small Ball/Ball Skills: Webster King Allen Benton Stevenson Webster makes our lineup WAY more diverse because we can move Banton around.
  14. Hope we get Cam back, but I am also ready for this Banton dude to do that WORK at PG.
  15. I don’t see Cross as the type to take his ball and go home. Even in his worst games, he was a fearless freshman, and that’s rare. I like Mayen a lot, but he may only be marginally better than Cross after an offseason, if at all. The real question mark will be what we end up doing with Stevenson. Can he play the 5 and create problems for opponents like Roby did? If so, it’s hard for me not to like a Banton, King, Allen, Cross, Stevenson lineup. Cross has the skillset to blend in quite nicely with better players around him because of his skills. He can work within the flow of fast play. If Stevenson plays the 4, all bets are off for Cross’ playing time UNLESS we can play Mayen at the 5. Dude is 6’9” and skilled. If that’s the case, Cross probably gets a similar number of minutes at the 4. It’ll be interesting to see how it shakes out but I sure as hell don’t want to lose Cross. I highly doubt the coaching staff sees him as expendable with that many flashes at such a young age. Also, if I’m betting, Cam is back along with Green.
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