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  1. It’s a great sign that the sky is falling after an early road loss to a formidable conference opponent who was playing for infinitely more than a simple home win. Say whatever you want about the loss, but this panicky nature is solid evidence program expectations have been raised to a hell of a lot higher level than they were before TM got here. I’ve actually seen enough good play last year AND this year to give TM my full support moving forward. Give the guy a chance to coach what he’s built. We’re going to win a lot of games. I wouldn’t dare change things considering what the expectations as a fan had been for, what, two decades now? Like it or not, your TM tears after THIS game indicate program success. The loss was an anomaly compared to the rest of the season so far.
  2. We have way too much talent to play not to lose and sit on the ball. We are best when we force the issue and play in transition. Trust the athletes. We didn’t let them win the game. Creighton is monumental.
  3. LK1

    2018 B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    PSU showing up for the B1G with that win. Wow.
  4. LK1

    Roby will be back. Book it

    Are you thinking of Marvin Williams? He went 2nd after averaging 11/6 as a true freshman. I actually think that's one of the better comparisons to Roby's upside. Williams is now in his 12th NBA season and has averaged about 10/5. They are similar in measurement and athleticism. Williams' defense has always been elite and is what's kept him in the league this long. I think we're greatly underestimating Roby's perimeter defensive ability at the next level because we need him in the post here. I've gotta think he will be able to guard just about any stretch 4 and a whole lotta 3s in the league. Those defensive bodies are rare, and healthy Copeland may mess around and become one of them as well. Being able to switch on picks and run people off the three point line is imperative in the NBA moving forward.
  5. LK1


    It could certainly be argued that TB's minutes vs. Missouri State and Clemson were both pivotal to picking up Ws in those games. Heiman has held his own as well--way more physical than I expected. The two of them >> Jordy's minutes in my opinion, and that's pretty surprising. They don't make mental errors and play better defense. I trust both guys when they are in the game.
  6. Agree it was called pretty fair for 95% of the game. Great straight up Q1 road win against a talented team. What a clutch block from Cope. JPJ was fearless. Gotta say it though: we haven’t even scratched the surface of what we can be yet this season. We were 10pts better than Clemson imo (and it should’ve ended up that way after JPJ’s dunk), but thrilled with the win. The asswhooping from TTech and the scare from Clemson are both great lessons for this team early on.
  7. Exactly—as if our team wasn’t dogshit when they were starting and they weren’t getting killed by our transfers in practice.
  8. I think Heiman has earned at least a few minutes a game, FWIW. I like what he brings on both ends—size, skill, and smarts. He’s a lot more physical than I expected.
  9. 1. He’d be a senior. 2. I watched Iowa State, and he’s still a defensive liability in the pick and roll (he can’t/won’t switch onto a guard) and has poor lateral quickness. 3. No way he gets minutes over Roby and Cope, but he’d obviously be better off the bench than Tanner or Heiman (at this point). 4. Greatly improved offensive game. MJ is a good player overall now—better than average—but he made the right choice in leaving. He’s too good to be a D1 bench player at most institutions. Tough spot he was in in hindsight.
  10. I’d like to see us be more creative with Roby offensively. By that I mean a pick and roll situation with he and Cope. There are plenty of opposing 5s that have a good ability to guard laterally but would have no clue what to do if they were the ones being picked. A pick and pop game with those two could be terrifying, and Roby is tall enough/heady enough to make good perimeter passes if he drew help. I really think Roby could play a Lebron/Simmons role for us in the half court which would help us get into sets faster when he brings the ball up.
  11. We didn’t shoot well at all and rebounded terribly on the defensive end. That’s a recipe for distaster for this team as we have the capability to make up for bad shooting with transition buckets. We were also awful at the line when we got there. I think we’ll be fine, but we have to make @ Clemson our god damned super bowl. It’s the most important game of the year. Props to Copeland for showing up for every game this season.
  12. Solid team win with another great defensive effort. We are hard as hell to score on consistently. Healthy Copeland sure looks like our best player so far this year, and Glynn was leading with confidence again. Cope has the most underrated leaping ability ever. Not worried about JPJ. They were set up to stop him defensively. He had very few iso opportunities and found his teammates. Roby found the real Roby again late. He needs to be the right place, right time guy for this team. Points will come, but he’s special defensively, on the glass, as a passer, and in transition. He needs to stay agressive in those ways. Unsung hero: Tanner. He gave us fantastic minutes in the first half on both ends. Great leadership and toughness. Outside of JPJ’s offense, basically everyone else was pretty solid. MSU will beat some teams this year. Tomorrow is huge.
  13. LK1

    Jordy Gone

    1. I'm glad we are rolling out what is, perhaps, our most talented team ever. 2. I'm glad our former bench (or doomed to be bench) players are getting good minutes contributing elsewhere. 3. 1 + 2 = TM is a miracle recruiter.
  14. Pretty remarkable to manufacture a 20pt win with a B game. Great defense and general intensity all night. After three games, one word comes to mind: focused. Statement made.