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  1. Thrilled Thor's shot is coming around. Thrilled Cross is down 15lbs already. We're going to play so effing fast with this system and these guards. I think home games are going to be nuts.
  2. Oh I think Davis is the one who decommitted, to be clear, and I said I liked his film. But I don’t think it was desperation time to keep him on because we are already guard happy and Davis isn’t a legitimate 3pt threat while Williams wants to live out there (and probably can). I’ve seen plenty of Hoiberg teams play—enough to know if you’re a 2-3 guard you better be able to stretch the floor all night in his ideal system, particularly in catch and shoot situations in transition. Davis is probably a better player for most high major teams than whoever we’ll fill his spot with. I don’t doubt that for a second. He was a really good get. But rarely is the slasher also the three point specialist. I’d take a stretch 4 or a decent center in his spot all day for this class right now.
  3. Regarding Branson, we were likely offering a package deal for him and C Davion Bradford, who committed to KSU. Not sure we want Branson w/o the big, but he’s kind of like a Thor with range. Nicely skilled player with zero athleticism.
  4. D Williams fits the Hoiberg system a lot better, so we’re already covered at SG with an athletic outside shooter. Liked Davis a lot, but this assessment is spot on. Mading would be an amazing get at the 3-4. He has kind of a similar game as Davis, but he’s freakin 6’11.” That Turkish kid looks like a very good fit as well.
  5. Given there's no spot for him left at MSU, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Tom called Fred about it.
  6. Played PG in high school. He wouldn't meet our power forward needs but he and Banton playing guard could create horrifying mismatches. Intriguing prospect.
  7. Check out their roster for that season. It was a hell of a coaching job to finish with a top 70 RPI in the regular season that year. I think Fred has more to work with this year, and probably an equally brutal conference.
  8. Our team is more talented than his first team. Our talent is somewhere between his first and second teams at ISU. I also think he has a better supporting cast in terms of coaching. I'm not saying we won't finish last, but I would be really, really surprised if we don't make a least a little bit of noise on our home court throughout the season.
  9. Seems to be in the cards to some extent, you're right. I just don't see it--even on the Italy trip he looked a bit out of control to me, but I trust Fred. Hopefully Thor can be a serviceable three point shooter.
  10. If Stevenson can ball out at the 3-5, we've got a shot. It's a roster that makes sense on paper: Mack - Curtis (don't forget about this kid) Burke - Green or Green - Burke Cheatham - Stevenson Stevenson - Kavas or Kavas - Stevenson Yvan - Cross (not that small at 240lbs)... I could also see Stevenson playing the 5 I think we will be uptempo as all hell with that sort of guard depth. I'm interested to see how the rotations shake out as it all looks fairly unpredictable at the moment with the exception of huge minutes for Mack at the 1. I also don't think Curtis is very much behind if at all behind Green and Burke in terms of his scoring ability. Curtis is a tremendous young talent. I think Fred is going to nab some front court monsters in recruiting this season. We have some really, really nice pieces in place at guard for the future.
  11. Agree with all of this. I think the win column will be a similar result. Or, at least, the RPI, which is probably what we should be talking about. I think Fred's system is going to be a sometimes deadly advantage at PBA and likely get us run out of a few games where we go cold/get tired on the road. The pace is going to look like the old Danny Nee teams. If you look at his second year at ISU, that roster is probably a bit better than what he's working with this season. The first season he had at ISU was an absolute miracle to go .500 since basically his entire roster had to sit out due to transfer rules and the rest of them from the year prior left. Our team is a lot more talented than his .500 ISU squad was. I'd be slightly surprised if we aren't in the tournament after next season given our transfers on the bench and whatever recruiting miracles he'll likely pull off during this season.
  12. Our on-court coaching will be better this year. We are also a lot deeper. With Fred's frenetic pace, I think we have a shot to be decent with strong guard play. Last year's team was probably more talented, but they played like trash. If this year's team plays well, they'll be as good as last year's disappointment. How that shakes out in W/L, who knows? But at least it will look like an identity we can build on and recruit to.
  13. We had a 6’10” Kavas on campus last weekend. Can’t remember the name. 4*.
  14. Hoiberg’s system: Lue Strick Pike Cope Roby
  15. Mack/Curtis Green/Burke Cheatham Kavas/Thor/Cross Stevenson/Cross/Ouedraogo Spark plug (and I mean it): Easley I'm not convinced Yvan gets Cross' freshman minutes based on Hoiberg's system. I like Yvan, but I'm not sold on him as a shoe in contributor yet. It's nice to have offense coming off the bench, and there are going to be nights where our bench outplays our starters on that end of the court. I love Curtis. Hell of a freshman talent. Steal of the class.
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