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  1. Bryce has handles over Keon, but that's about it from what I saw. Keon's upside looks crazy.
  2. This could very well happen, but what I'm most excited about is that we seem to have enough shooting that we'll have significantly less games where we hit nothing eternally all game. Now you can just sub the guy out and the guy coming in will likely shoot it better. I don't even remember the last time this was possible here.
  3. Good sign that Walker likes him, because Walker is super high character and very smart. Verge seems to be a bit Rondo-ish. I like it.
  4. Was he saying eventually or game 1? I think he'll likely grow into the starter either at the 4 or 5, but he weighs enough to play the 5 now, so he's certainly going to create some options game 1.
  5. Gotta think Our Roby & Banton NBA hybrid body type is a major sell here. This kid is that sort of prototype matchup problem.
  6. His new teammates saw his name and quickly fixed the problem upon his arrival.
  7. Heem looked bigger than Walker to me at the scrimmage. They are definitely within 10lbs of one another. Heem is over 230 now and has 2-3 inches on Walker. Looks like the kid has the same motor for the weight room as he does for the court.
  8. He can shoot the crap out of the ball. Good system guy for sure. I'd love to have another sniper.
  9. The Harden stepback uses the same technique and I feel like it should be until I slow down the film. I guess what I'm saying is that it never was, technically, a travel, even though it would've likely been called at first. Players just have better feet and handles now. It's fun to watch unfold. Same page I think.
  10. He catches at the same time his foot lands then takes two. Not a travel.
  11. It was killing him not going all out in the scrimmage on defense. I loved that.
  12. I didn’t read it that way. I read it as Dean saying it wasn’t coincidence that WB was in the starting 5 with a sidelined Lat—seems to indicate he’s at least the first big off the bench.
  13. What I’m most excited about is there probably won’t be a night that someone isn’t cooking from deep. There’s just too many good shooters on the roster/offensive skill to go team-cold anymore. Keon, CJ, Bryce, Trey, Kobe, and maybe Verge can all get it going from deep as well. But the best pure strokes I saw were Keisei and Wilhelm. I’d probably put Lat in the latter category too but he didn’t play last night. Another hot take: Keon is a better athlete than Bryce—stronger and more explosive and maybe a better 3pt shooter. I don’t think he’s a better player as Bryce has pretty good handles, but don’t sleep on that kid. He’s high energy. Overall I was way more impressed with the newcomers than I thought I would be.
  14. No way Wilhelm stays off the court, IMO, based on what I saw last night. I think he’s a 5, and there will be plenty of nights he’s our best 5. He and Lat as the 4-5 could create massive problems for defenses. Keisei will take over some games. I’ve never seen shooting like that in my life. Warmups through the game it was absolutely freakish.
  15. Not an exaggeration: Tominaga is the best shooter I have ever seen in person. He will get minutes. So will Breidenbach, who looks nothing like his high school film from a weight standpoint. Kid is plenty big to bang and has a great looking deep ball. Loved what I saw from Keon—nice shot from deep and freak athlete. Thought Wilcher did some good things. Verge has a ton of midrange scoring ability and quickness. Bryce was underwhelming, but I don’t think he nor Trey were taking the game seriously at all. Bryce has a hell of a frame. They’re gonna be fun to watch. I think Tominaga will be the first guard off the bench and Breidenbach will compete for starting minutes at some point in the season, either at the 4 or 5.
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