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  1. I’m interested in bringing Yvan’s big body off the bench against tired bodies. I’m more interested in Cross getting in a rhythm early. It’s sometimes harder to warm up, sit, and come out hot than to start the game that way.
  2. This is what I’ve wanted the entire time but it ain’t gonna happen.
  3. Cross got more boards, points, and assists today in 8 less minutes.
  4. Also, this was the first team Nebraska has played twice under Hoiberg. If you don’t think we have a great coach based on the difference in game planning and execution, you’re insane. There were so many beautiful basketball plays drawn up that we just didn’t quite have the talent to fully execute, but my goodness did we ever compete. Next year is going to be the most fun I’ve ever had watching basketball.
  5. I think if Cross had 25 minutes and Yvan had 17, we win. Instead it was the other way around partly because of foul trouble. I really don’t see why Cross isn’t the bonafide starter at this point.
  6. Agree. That said, I think it’s a given he’ll outscore his matchup basically every night.
  7. If we land him and Hunter omg. Terrifying backcourt.
  8. Post of the year. I agree and have said as much—there are new philosophical pieces being installed each game, and they’re all going to pay huge dividends when the help arrives... and I’ve never seen them before. The fact that our transfers are getting the same high level coaching all year means we should hit the ground running next year. I don’t know if we’ll be much better in the half court next year, but having three versatile 6’8” guys on the roster will produce more turnovers on the defensive end and, just as important, more rebounds. What we do in transition offensively is already scary this season. Next season we’ll be running like hell because we’ll actually get the majority of defensive rebounds. Fred could’ve elected to play Doc ball and hold it on offense to keep games close, but he’s elected to install everything he possibly could this year, and more power to him. My hot take is that Fred is the hire of the decade in college basketball.
  9. If we aren’t going to play Cross and Yvan together, then it’s time to start Cross and give him 25min a game to Yvan’s 15. Cross just scored 17 in 20 minutes. That’s not normal for a freshman. We could at least stand to give him the green light to start games and see how he’s doing. Really a pretty good effort against an average to decent team who happened to have their greatest shooting night ever. I think we beat Wiscy at home. Our guards are quite a bit more athletic. Great game from Burke. We need Mack to have a notable second half one of these days. He’s been a monster the first half of the last two games. We are undermanned but there was plenty to like tonight.
  10. Not sure Haanif should’ve subbed for Charlie. Don’t think he was playing anywhere near Charlie’s level in the 2nd half.
  11. Those screens are technically flagrant fouls because they are all elbow and moving. Crazy.
  12. Charlie is an elite defender. I hope he keeps his scholarship.
  13. One of these days Davison is going to get a real injury from getting his ass kicked. No more fake shoulder, flop, WWE injuries. So sick of this guy.
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