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  1. That's a legit 36-37" vertical. Dude is eating green and lifting iron. Proud of you Yvan!
  2. Yep he does. Crazy arm length for his height.
  3. It would be pretty rad if an HBCU got 5 5 stars and blew up college basketball.
  4. Lat can play point center too. I think he’s a poor man’s Roby.
  5. It really depends if Lat is better at the 4 than Shamiel. If he is, then Yvan is probably our 5th best player to role out there. Lat is definitely a more natural 4.
  6. Banton - Webster McGowens - Wood - Thor Allen - Thor Stevenson - Thor Mayen - Yvan - Walker - Andre I think Mayen will be interchangeable with Yvan based on opponent matchups. I think Webster will be a green lighted scoring spark off the bench, and I think Thor will log a starter’s minutes playing between 2-4 as needed.
  7. Long limbs doesn't = clumsy. The kid is super long and moves really well. He has good hands to boot. I don't see the bad rebounder thing at all. He grabbed quite a few given his minutes, blocked a shot, and forced a steal. He seems very coachable and plays well within the flow of a game. I think his size alone could log him some minutes as a backup. He's quite bit taller and longer than Yvan. Part of it is that we haven't seen a true 3* caliber center (a TRUE center) recruited to Nebraska in a very long time. This kid is legitimately 6'11". Most of them look slow because their strides are so long. He covers a ton of ground defensively and his dunk finish on the break was a thing of beauty. I highly doubt he redshirts and I'm thrilled we have him. He's an in-shape Jordy who can be a great rim protector in a limited role.
  8. Banton - Webster Mcgowans - Wood Allen - Thor Stevenson - Thor Mayen - Yvan Mayen is the dark horse for me, and probably not a very smart bet to start over Yvan. But he's a willing rebounder and good shooter from deep. He's also an 80% free throw shooter. We should be able to give some really interesting looks in the front court this season.
  9. I think he'll play because he's an excellent, long defender and elite passer. Looks like he'll be good for spot minutes at the 1-3. I think he could be groomed behind Banton as another giant PG. He's 6'6". Check the hudl: http://www.hudl.com/v/2DX6uX
  10. Little bro is a 6’6” scoring machine combo guard. I guarantee those talks have begun. Bryce is a scary talent with an NBA future.
  11. Good looking player. Interesting skill set—looks like a fantastic defender at 6’6” with elite passing skills and good ball handling. I doubt he’s much of a scorer initially but he has all the looks of a glue guy—a legit one. I’m pretty excited about this pickup.
  12. If it's LJ, we get way better. He's a nifty, versatile player with range. If we clear THAT dude, we should be realistically aiming for a win in the tournament as a team goal. I'm not exaggerating.
  13. it actually puts the duffel bag in the hands of private companies, or at least lets them compete with the dealers. Huge advantage for Nebraska.
  14. I'm thrilled that some of these young athletes who will very likely not go pro will still be allowed to make money outside of the university for the their talents deemed valuable by the market. Many of these athletes don't come from wealth, and for football, the only ticket to getting paid is making the league, so more power to them in my opinion. Walk ons are allowed to have jobs outside of campus. Scholarship players should have the same right. Some people are better than other people at things. Nebraska is at an enormous advantage given its general appetite for college sports. I hope to see all sorts of commercials starring these athletes. It will help recruiting tremendously. Now Creighton can just get a private company to purchase their players instead of running an underground secret society or whatever they do up there.
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