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  1. LK1

    New NET Rankings

    Man... 3 wins and I bet we get the nod based on last year. That's including the BTT. By the metrics, we essentially have no bad losses and several notable wins. Defend home court. If the argument is strictly academic, I would guess we're going to have a decent one if we pick off a couple of ranked teams at home.
  2. LK1

    Truly Astounding Stat Line (TB)

    Yep. I thought Tanner played pretty well. Amir had a similar night. It helps us out a ton if our role players do the dirty work on defense, set good screens, etc.
  3. Was going to say Amir finally looks 100%. He was fantastic guarding Coffey.
  4. That was a good call. And both the half court and in bounds sets were solid.
  5. They just don’t think they can actually win. Argh.
  6. It's still so bizarre... we are first four out right now and talking about canning the coach as an inevitability. And, yet, it feels like it is. Weirdest season I've ever witnessed. I always hope we get wins, but I hope we get a win tonight just to make it weirder.
  7. Not for timeout strategy being garbage. That’s how you get players out of slumps and refocus them offensively.
  8. Another double digit run before a timeout is called. Unbelievable. Horse shit coaching.
  9. If I’m TM, I’m telling Tom his job is now to be our go to scorer/volume shooter. He is literally the ONLY one who can actually shoot the basketball well. Also, Thor should get every second of Nana’s minutes.
  10. A coach can know a 3-2 defense can be attached with a 2-1-2 offense. I watched us match up with 5 guys around the perimeter two straight possessions and shoot a 40 footer at the buzzer. Any decently coached offensive team has the ability to recognize zone defense and run a go-to set against it. Well coached offensive teams can’t generally be defended with a zone at all. We get murdered by zone every time.
  11. Outscored 17-2 by their bench in the 1st. Mind blowing.
  12. Credit Palmer for drawing a lot of fouls this half. Also credit Palmer for going from automatic at the line to a complete liability. It’s like if Shaq was a talented SG. We are forcing them to Hack-A-Palmer against their will and it’s working... for them.