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  1. Yep. That was pretty evident yesterday. I actually think the most important piece for offensive flow is going to be Wilhelm. His ability/instincts passing from the post will work wonders, and he’ll have enough of an inside game to be a threat in the lane. Having Bryce will help immensely in games like yesterday. No one is going to be able to guard him straight up.
  2. I wouldn’t rip too much on Teddy. He was the only one scoring during our comeback, and they were gritty points. He had no help outside of Banton. He didn’t shoot well, but he was aggressive getting to the line.
  3. Thor was bad on both ends today. He may end up just being a zone buster on this team. He can’t defend guards. Lat was softish on the boards. Banton needs to go to the rack against tall defenders as a default. He can get in at will and draw help if he doesn’t score. Kobe and Shamiel are making serious cases to start. Trey didn’t show up offensively but he willed us back into the game on defense. Can’t fault him for this one. Teddy was abysmal in the first half but I think he’s figuring out how to manufacture his points at this level.
  4. Unbelievably bad officiating. Worse than I’ve ever seen at PBA. Zebras stole this one. I’m as critical as anyone but there’s only so much you can do when the opposing PG is guaranteed two free throws every play.
  5. Didn’t know Shamiel can play the 3, 4, and 5 and also guard the opposing point guard. He’s super duper versatile. Everyone else is as advertised, but he’s special too. Nice spark from him.
  6. Lat is our best rebounder, and on occasion will be our best player. It’s gotta be between Thor and Yvan which is exactly the kind of luxury we’ve never had. Banton, TM, Allen, Thor, and Mayen is the lineup I’m most excited to see. I think Yvan, Kobe, and Shamiel off the bench will be brutal for other teams’ tired legs. I’m interested to see if/how Walker is used.
  7. It's the shooting that will get Bryce on the court. He's an elite shooter from anywhere. That's a major difference between he and Sallis offensively.
  8. Terrifying bunch right there. What do you even do to prepare for that group if you’re the opposing defense? They are going to score an insane amount of points.
  9. Thanks for this. I didn’t realize how big of an influence coach Pop was on Fred. That’s my favorite revelation about his coaching thus far. The film looks like a team from a different planet. The intelligence in spacing and passing is oozing from this roster, not to mention the talent. I have never seen a team like this at Nebraska. It’s going to be a very, very interesting season.
  10. Really like this offer. Kid has a skillset very similar to Teddy's.
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