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  1. Well all teams are bowl eligible now, so I actually prefer the tougher schedule now that we’ll essentially be guaranteed a bowl game. I think Frost’s squad makes huge gains this year and year 4 they turn the corner. This season will be loaded with relatively competitive losses.
  2. Banton Lat Teddy Trey Thor ... I'm interested as hell to see this lineup rolled out. 5 out offense and all 5 guys can shoot it and bring it up the court, not to mention switch on picks. Yeesh.
  3. So he could, theoretically, walk on/redshirt, get the system down in early '21, and then take over as the starting PG on scholarship in winter '21. He could essentially shadow Webster. Whitt McGowans Allen Banton Lat ^^ that looks like the absolute perfect roster for a Hoiberg 5 out offense, especially with Tominaga and Lakes able to swap as 3pt specialists and Yvan, Stevenson, and Walker having big bodies ready to go. Fred.Is.A.Dude.
  4. If true and we get this kid, wowwww. He's a legitimate top 10 pg, imo. Incredibly skilled as a scorer and passer. Classic make-hard-stuff-look-easy smooth athlete.
  5. Every year these are rolled out, I’m reminded how much better this conference is top to bottom than any other conference. No way we finish below NW this year. beyond that, I think maybe 6-13 is a toss up and will have some serious attrition. If Trey gets cleared, Fred is going to have a tremendous opportunity to coach circles around a few people who will roll out comparable talent. He did it game in and game out last year but just didn’t have the dogs. I cannot wait to see his system with this squad, and I’m excited for our team defensively—I think Doc w
  6. I think we're better at every single position on the court this season. That includes the bench. I'm very excited about this team.
  7. Disagree. Defense has had to improve across the board athletically now that everyone has to guard the perimeter no matter what position they play. You have to basically be a demigod to be a great perimeter defender these days because everyone can shoot it (and will with a sliver of an opening).
  8. If this was directed at what I wrote (not saying it was), I agree that part of the issue is cultural, but that culture was developed in an artificial, state-sponsored environment designed to fail. There are policies that could greatly help reverse these trends (child brain development, home ownership, generational wealth, prison reform) that could position young people in these environments to get out, create nuclear families, and actually have bootstraps with which they can pull themselves up. People of color in the suburbs do not have these inner city cultural problems or crime ra
  9. It would be proven descendants of Black Americans who lived between the 1920s and 1970s. That’s who would get the discount, yes. The generational wealth accrued for non-Black Americans during that period was fundamentally devastating, and I believe the government owes for their state-sponsored systemic racism. As for UBI, I get the argument. I’m not sold, but certainly Yang is on to something with regard to inevitable automation. It’s the psychological research that I’m not certain supports his hypothesis as to what people would do with the money.
  10. Tyronn is an all time great at NU, but he worked his ass off on his game when he got here. Keep in mind Tominaga is two years older and has semi pro and semi collegiate experience to boot. But, yes, definitely different players. I think they’ll be equally impactful newcomers. My main point was, in Fred’s 5 out system, junior Tominaga may be a better fit alongside Banton than true freshman Sallis would’ve been. I’m in general agreement with that notion that Sallis is not a 5* player yet, but he may go crazy his senior year. If he gets a real 3pt shot (31% is not a
  11. I'm an academic as the brunt of my living. There are three things from my research I would propose to empower our Black American families: 1. Universal Pre-K. There should be no political argument here. It is not a child's fault what situation he is born into. 80% of the brain is developed by roughly age 6. We need compulsory education starting at age 2. This isn't my opinion. The literature is conclusive. The age 5 compulsory start for children is completely arbitrary. 2. A 60-year housing discount for Black families to reverse the FDR (and beyond) redlinin
  12. Tominaga is as good as Lue was out of high school. Here's 50 minutes of his highlights at a higher than high school level. He's a different cat, and Fred's going to get a lot of praise for finding him:
  13. Not really. Sallis reminds me a lot of Romeo Langford, who was an inefficient 5* volume scorer as a freshman at Indiana and shot 27% from three. There are one and dones who are going to have immediate impacts in the NBA as lottery picks, and there are developmental first round one and done picks who have all the talent in the world but need development. I don't think anyone in their right mind thinks Sallis is a lottery pick after next season, but I'm guessing he's a first rounder based on his upside. Sallis would likely become a name to remember in the college ranks, but he's
  14. Hoiberg is the steal of the next decade in all of college basketball. I firmly believe this. There is no way I'm an AD and turn him down in that situation. There weren't any other candidates better than Miles (I thought Miles did a great job) to come here except for that miracle. Fred is a dude. It's only a matter of time with him at the helm.
  15. Sallis is going to be a great player one day, but I don't think he'll be any better than Banton as a combo guard at the college level. I think Tominaga is a pretty special find and will be very impactful at the guard position in a year. I'm not saying Sallis wouldn't be welcomed, but I'm saying we should field a pretty complete team without him. He's only a 31% 3pt shooter at the high school level, and he's not a true point guard. I think it'll take some time for him to contribute to a blue blood in D1. Compare that to Tominaga who is shooting nearly 50% from 3 wit
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