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  1. Hoiberg’s system: Lue Strick Pike Cope Roby
  2. Mack/Curtis Green/Burke Cheatham Kavas/Thor/Cross Stevenson/Cross/Ouedraogo Spark plug (and I mean it): Easley I'm not convinced Yvan gets Cross' freshman minutes based on Hoiberg's system. I like Yvan, but I'm not sold on him as a shoe in contributor yet. It's nice to have offense coming off the bench, and there are going to be nights where our bench outplays our starters on that end of the court. I love Curtis. Hell of a freshman talent. Steal of the class.
  3. There are obvious front court issues which will definitely be helped with Yvan... but man we have great depth ands should be able to run like crazy.
  4. We have talented freshmen. Thor needs to remember he's a role player.
  5. You can see how Mack's speed is going to flourish in this offense. Wiiiide open sets.
  6. James let him know. That’s for sure.
  7. James looked like an NBA player tonight. He definitely is one if he keeps shooting 60% from 3. If he can keep these numbers up, he’s got a college body of work to bolster his chances. His height/length make him a MUCH different prospect than, say, Tai or AWIII. He might mess around and make a roster.
  8. Roby vs. Nets: 10pts, 4rb, 1a, 3to, 1stl, 2blk (28min)
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