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  1. I was speaking more in terms of energy and rotation. They took a lot of contested threes and we were closing with a hand up with WAY better effort than any other game this season. We played like one of Doc’s teams—pesky and fast.
  2. He has shown he can guard the 5 somewhat when he isn’t being soft, but he was terrible boxing out last night. At the very least, Akol is a better and more willing rebounder. The main difference between Kavas and everyone else last night is literally everyone else who came in played with their hair on fire. If Akol is playing as hard in practice as Fred says he is, give him a few spot minutes.
  3. We have a great coaching staff. Thor has earned his starting spot. The only thing I want to see change in the rotation is, just once for kicks, Akol for Kavas. Again, I really don’t think there has been much separating Easley from our other guards. I trust him out there on both ends. I think he’s a better player than Curtis and don’t forget he can shoot the rock—not streaky, pure. He’s also in the weight room—that kid is no punk. I like Jervay off the bench if he comes back. Hell of a game. We just saw Fred’s (and Doc’s) system tonight, and it’s as good as any system in the country. So fun to watch.
  4. We here at HHC are shocked you were paying attention to “the football team’s season.” See you next fall.
  5. This is what I was saying after game 1–that the only position Kavas is quick enough to guard is the 5 and that he might be able to make them pay on the other end by stretching the court. Maybe we could put Kavas there permanentlyand move Cross to the 4 where he belongs.
  6. I can promise if there’s a coaching staff that won’t back down on its own principles, it’s this one. As a player, you’ll either man up during your time with Fred and Doc, or you’ll wimp out. Time will tell who the real ones are. I’m hoping Cam is able to mature into a leader under this staff despite what appears to be an Oedipal upbringing.
  7. This article has a hilarious premise considering Sip gutlessly kicked Miles on his way out the door. Give it a year. We’re young and inexperienced. We have good recruiters and a great coaching staff. It doesn’t take long to improve a basketball program, but it takes longer than a summer. Nice to know Sip can’t handle 9 games with an entirely new roster, coaching staff, and scheme. Lol. I’m still seeing things in the offensive scheme being installed that are going to pay enormous dividends down the road.
  8. Creighton is a good team—middle of the pack B1G caliber. I think this is what we’re in for on the road in conference all year. Gotta learn to defend home court this season because we are going to get boat raced on the road a lot. Also, we’re very, very young and our best players are arguably sitting out absorbing this asswhooping. Lastly, I highly doubt this staff will have difficulty recruiting from this season on.
  9. This is yet another sign that Fred’s offensive system is for real. We’ll get players who can convert those over time. I’ve been extremely impressed with the shots we take and the open looks we get at the rim and on the perimeter. It’s fun to watch even when we’re struggling. Keisei Tominaga, for example, is going to score a ton of points in Fred’s system. I think there will be more players of his mold (pure gunners) moving forward.
  10. I still don’t get why Arop has gotten zero looks. He just seems athletic enough to adjust if he’s thrown in there. We need a hustle guy who is serviceable from 3 and can rebound a bit. He must be way behind in practice.
  11. Kid is a stud. Very similar skill set to Cam. Elite passer.
  12. 1. He’s Japanese. 2. No. He’s a legitimately good prospect and will likely be our best shooting player since Cary Cochran.
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