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  1. I don’t think the non con is as bad as it seems at first glance. A couple of those road games could be Quad 1 wins.
  2. Yeah.. it LA makes ONE good acquisition in free agency or a trade, I think they’ll be the favorite in the west next season with a healthy Lebron. That 4th draft pick miracle will pay huge dividends if they play their cards right.
  3. It’s good for us to have winnable p5 road games in our non-con. Low risk high reward.
  4. We can thank the Bulls' awful front office saving face for Fred being our coach. He had an impossible roster and injury situation there. I'm pretty sure the entire coaching fraternity knows it.
  5. I don't think Hoiberg signed all these guys based on his starting 5 pitch. I'm guessing he was able to pitch pace of play and how that equates to playing time for damn near everyone who can conceivably contribute meaningful minutes. That's why he had to wipe the roster. We'll go 8-9 deep and expect the players in to not pace themselves. Cheatham will have to play. A lot. I also don't think Samari is coming in to sit this year. I think he'll have a solid amount of true freshman minutes at PG and spotting the other guards. Kavas, Ouedraogo, and Cross will all play a lot. It's going to be a hell of a show. This team is built for speed. We have to keep in mind we haven't seen this sort of pace since, maybe, Nee. Dudes get gassed in it.
  6. Love the Livingston comparison and agree. Very unique player.
  7. I know I keep saying it, but Cross is going to get chiseled up and go to the league. Fred is going to make him an absolute machine.
  8. Yep. With Curtis, our two deep PG position is going to be really, really good. Complete team: Mack - Curtis Green Burke Cheatham - Kavas (Stephenson) Ouedraogo - Cross
  9. Exactly. Those guys are the most freakish of athletes in the league right now in many ways, and there’s only like 15 of them on the planet. The most athletic specimens from the combine are absorbed into that group in the league. Roby’s athleticism was evident in the scrimmages I watched. He was a cut above most of the 4s I saw as a pure athlete.
  10. This. Petteway's only option in the league was a scoring shooting guard. That's the hardest position to be because it requires you to be an elite scorer night in and night out. Petteway was an okay defender and an okay shooter, so he could never be a 3 and D guy. Roby is an entirely different prospect. He is never going to be asked to be a primary scorer in the league. Scouts are interested in the freakish things he does on the defensive end to influence games and his elite speed in transition. For a big, he is a freak athlete, including in the NBA. Look at his post-scrimmage test results. They were all top 5 for bigs. For Petteway, he had to get hot to take over games or he was a detriment to the team. Roby can be cold from the field and still make his team better with the other things he does on the court. If I'm an agent, I'm pitching Roby as a longer Iggy. Golden State could make fantastic use of him.
  11. Looks like precisely the body type and skill set Hoiberg wants, based on the evidence. He'd be a great get.
  12. Might’ve played his way into the 1st round today. Isaiah was looking beastly in the scrimmage. Not sure on stats but he was dominant.
  13. Fred's system and Doc's defense are also balls to the wall, so the depth we have means 1.) we can tell anyone who is in the game to go as hard as humanly possible and not pace themselves and 2.) incoming recruits who have talent are much more likely to see the floor with this sort of pacing based on tempo alone. We have the depth to be completely relentless on both ends for the first time in, well, ever. I think playing time is a major plus for Fred's recruiting pitch due to system alone. It's actually extremely unique in terms of P5 pace. At ISU his possessions per game ranked: 34, 151, 26, 11, 24... throw out the anomaly year and their pace is consistently top 25. Almost no power 5 teams play with that pace--mostly midmajors who like to jack up shots. So the likelihood of guaranteed playing time appears to be quite a bit higher at our P5 than almost any other P5. That's a really big deal. Pair this with the fact that our recruiting approach is almost entirely geared toward pure scorers that Doc can transform into serviceable defenders, and what pure scorer wouldn't want to play in that system? Lastly, if you look at the players on our roster who can create their own shots, it's going to be ridiculous. It seems very likely that multiple players will have a hot hand every game, and it can come from 1-5 and like 8 out of the 9 guys in the rotation.
  14. Yep he tested really well in several categories—great agility and vertical jump scores. Top 5 among bigs.
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