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  1. GIFTED passer. We haven't ha a true pass-first pg since like B.Richardson. This kid is a legit. Totally different skillset than Jervay, but just as valuable.
  2. That's incredible. It's also coaching. If you have good mechanics, you typically get better with the number of attempts you take, especially if that's your coach's philosophy and you are hoisting hundreds of threes in practice every day. I might die on this hill, but I think Fred makes Brady a player moving forward. I never said anything about Amir being able to shoot. I said every single other component of his game gets him on the court and he contributes.
  3. I hear you, but Amir is the type of kid you can sic latch onto another team's best scorer (1-4) and bring hell to the game. He's also a good rebounder and finisher with PG handles. I realize shooting is going to matter more in Fred's offense (and I welcome this eternally), but Amir just looks like a kid that has the it factor, and I'm very hesitant to let kids like that walk. There will be a lot more Iowa-esque games in his future.
  4. Agree. The only ones I disagree with what some people are saying are Amir and Brady. I think Amir is an NBA defender and athlete. He brings enough on the defensive end and in transition to warrant a spot regardless of how his shot develops. I actually think Brady fits Fred's system a lot better than Tim's, and he already has a serviceable 3pt shot. Beyond those two, Fred has clearly made it a point to go after the guys he deems worthy to be here who have already been recruited. It'll be interesting to see how it shakes out.
  5. I didn't say starting, but even if they are, I disagree if we have three guards in double figures every night. That's another reason why I think Amir can still be effective. He might not have to score a lot. I saw plenty from Brady this year to believe he takes a big leap next season and ends up being good player for us. It's 100% strength and conditioning. He has skill.
  6. If we get Mack, we might see a lineup of: Mack Green Burke Arop Heiman Might be a stretch for Akol, but he's a banger and a nifty finisher around the rim. Great athleticism, decent handles, and a good 3pt stroke. I think Heiman will be encouraged to let it fly from deep next year. Wouldn't be a bad thing to have 5 guys out there with range and have Amir come out as the greatest Benny Parker ever off the bench. The more I think about Arop, the less I think Nana has a job. Akol screams Ade 2.0 to me.
  7. I think Amir can play the 4 based on what I saw last season. Fred likes buckets at the rim too, and that kid has high upside as a finisher in transition. If I'm Thor, I'm shooting threes and running sprints exclusively for the next few months.
  8. If Nana can make 3s, he is sturdy and athletic enough to play the 4. He just has to put up more points than the guy he guards. He's a good and willing rebounder. But if he can't make 3s, he is way more of a liability than Thor or Trueblood as they are both better team defenders and all around offensive players. Personally, I would love for Doc to become Nana's worst nightmare and make a player out of him.
  9. Yep. I think Thor would get minutes next year, and his passing ability could help us in transition. Have we heard that Trueblood is moving on for sure? We could use him as well.
  10. Roby is going to the league. He'll get drafted.
  11. Per radio this morning, Washut said: Roby is essentially gone no matter what. Decent shot to land Cheatham -- likely deciding mid-May. Visiting us first this weekend. Good shot to land Mack -- likely visiting next weekend. Mack would take us from very formidable backcourt to one of the best in the B1G, imo. Sniffing around a lot of athletic PFs who can swing the 4-5. Might be a grad transfer or two with regard to this spot.
  12. Jervay Dachon Amir Thor/Nana/Arop Brady/Yikes That said... I’d be shocked if Fred doesn’t get some killers in here to play right away next fall. I think we’ll have a very athletic/fast lineup, formidable guards, and—bold prediction—Brady makes a big jump under this staff.
  13. Love the offer. He looks like Amir with a stroke. Could definitely be serviceable at the 3 or a stretch 4. Looks like Doc energy all day. BTW... how much is Doc going to love Amir?
  14. He and Dachon are going to be the real deal at the 1-2.
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