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  1. Yep. Don't think the commish would risk slander if he didn't have something solid to back his claims against a corporation with that much influence.
  2. I've watched a lot of the 3v3 games with Tominaga. Japan is very undersized so he's been stuck guarding giants and they take full advantage. He also struggles a bit on perimeter defense. But, holy cow, that kid needs no room to get his shot off against guys 4-5 inches taller. He's going to score a lot more than he gives up on many nights. Great to hear about WB. He has a whole lot of game for his height and it sounds like he's hit the weights hard since his arrival. With weight, he's going to be scary. High IQ.
  3. Love this. I wonder if we're working on Bronny James at PG? :) Teammates.
  4. Beyond that, the people listed have been known to be tireless workers. I liked Moos for the most part, but Trev is going to pride himself on being present and rival our coaches in his own work ethic.
  5. Very good breakdown. I really like this hire.
  6. Phew. That guy is a freaking monster.
  7. This is a nice addition. He may or may not be a bench guy for us, but he has some serious scoring ability and great footwork/ball handling. Very crafty with the pick and roll. Much different scorer than Teddy’s bruiser iso buckets. 80% from the free throw line is a lot more important than most realize. I think Trey, Bryce, and Alonzo will start. The three of them give us positionless basketball at the 1-3 which can be a huge advantage in transition. Hopefully Alonzo can hit threes at a 35% clip. If so, I can’t see him coming off the bench. It’s very difficult to gu
  8. TMac-Kobe BMac CJ Mayen Walker-Andre ^^^ that’s the rotation I would count on. Beyond that it’s a crap shoot for the 8th man IMO. I personally think Tominaga is a huge potential X factor off the bench. It will be very interesting to see if he can stretch the court at the D1 level. I think he’s a different cat. I don’t remember ever seeing a shooter like him on tape coming to Nebraska. Not counting on other youngins outside of Bryce to be contributors. That includes Wilhelm. I just don’t think they’ll have the strength but I hope I’m wrong.
  9. We're going to look back on Moos' tenure and find it enormously successful, methinks.
  10. CJ can guard too. Big difference on the defensive end.
  11. One can also flip the a & o argument by showing, with certainty, that certain athletes generate a substantially higher amount of revenue for the university and private sector of Lincoln than said architecture student while they are here. They deserve well beyond the extra clothing and food they receive. They deserve a piece of what their talents and hard work have generated in the private sector, which affects the university revenue zero. For a place as crazy as Nebraska happens to be about college sports, it should serve as an advantage to our recruiting for these athletes receive NIL
  12. 85% of 5* basketball players make the NBA. It's completely different in terms of accuracy.
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