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  1. To add, one of the worst things you can do as a pro prospect is see your numbers decrease from one season to the next at the college level. No way Teddy puts up 17 and 5 next year with Bryce on our team. Those will be Bryce's numbers now. The more I think about it, the more I think this is a really smart decision on Teddy's part. I just wish he'd finish the year unless he's nursing that wrist. If he grad transfers somewhere, it would probably raise some red flags, but I doubt that happens.
  2. I thought all in all Teddy played pretty well for us during an insanely difficult season. I hope he graduates and makes some Euro loot. His game should work well there. We knew there'd be some drama with him but it was kept pretty minimal. I'm happy with his time here, and I think he would've had a very difficult time putting up numbers next year with Bryce in the lineup. A whole lot of those iso attempts are gonna go the freshman's way next season.
  3. This game is probably a good reminder that if we roll out a team that can make shots, we can win a lot of games. The future is bright if we have enough deep threats out there. Turnovers are still a major problem but we also had 19 assists and almost 6 guys in double figures. I expect more games like that next season.
  4. Illinois is #5 and was at home and has better basketball players than we do. That's about all I took from the game.
  5. 1. I think the basics are really only alarming in the shooting realm. Defensively, I'd say we're in decent shape moving forward. We just struggle with post defense. I think Trey, for example, is an elite on ball defender. Walker and Yvan are good defenders as well. Andre knows what he is supposed to do on both ends, but doesn't have the body yet. But, shooting alone makes this category a challenge for a decent grade. I think the team is relatively skilled in general outside of that category. We've recruited three guys that can shoot the ball. Boxing out and defensive rebounding from
  6. Oh so it's Fred's fault because it took him an eternity of 1.5 years to land a Top 25 class. Is that seriously your complaint?
  7. I don't think we need another iso guy, though it would be nice to have a true PG who is a freak athlete. We already probably have too many slashers. We need shooters.
  8. That was a JUCO Teddy game. Nice to see it can happen in D1. PSU had a very good game plan offensively. They fed their underrated big (who was destroying us all night with his strength) and actually making their threes. Most possessions felt like we were picking our poison. Gotta figure out what to do with Banton but I really don’t like Kobe taking his minutes.
  9. Depends who is guarding the post and who the opposing bigs are. It’s pretty tough not to double the post with dominant bigs in the B1G. I don’t think Doc does it just to do it. We just never seem to have a 5 who can handle one on one post defense.
  10. Yeah I see him as a very good iso player who is too quick for most bigs and too strong for most guards. The problem is our offense outside of Lat has only iso players, even though all of them (Banton/Trey/Teddy/Shamiel) are pretty good in one on one situations. I feel like any of these guys will be more effective with guys like Bryce, Tominaga, and Wilhelm on the court to spread things out. At least, that's my hope. The fact Shamiel has decent numbers of late is even more remarkable considering there is constantly someone guarding the paint and sagging off everyone besides Lat.
  11. Agree in football for sure. In basketball, Beilein's 5-out was dominating the B1G before he left for the league. Iowa does it as well, though they typically don't recruit great defenders and sort of live with that identity. Their defense is atrocious this year but their offense is remarkable. Shotmaking is a huge deal, but our defense has more potential than most teams with Doc at the helm.
  12. We are adding players to the roster who currently have skillsets zero people on our current roster have. Bryce will end scoring draughts by himself. Tominaga will be a pesky, Gallegos type threat (worse defender, better shooter), and WB is a very skilled big who can stretch the floor. Those are pieces (particularly Bryce) that give Fred seemingly infinite more rotation options. When I watch us play a competitive half of basketball against the top teams in the country, I'm encouraged by our roster. We don't have the horses for halftime personnel or rotation adjustments. Most of
  13. It's a really deep roster next season with lots of possibilities. That's what I like about it--options. Small ball (also my guess for starters): BMac TMac Allen Lat Banton ^^^ I think this is a deadly lineup. We might get killed in the post (although I think Banton's post D is underrated) but we'd be horrifying in transition and could run the 5 out/handoffs until we have a mismatch against almost any team. It would be all layups and 3s with this bunch. 3pt: Bmac Tominaga Allen Lat Breidenbach
  14. Great pickup. He's a similar athlete to Walker. Great size and lots of experience. Has a decent turnaround jumper in the post which we haven't seen in God knows how long.
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