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  1. LK1

    Jervay Green is N

    Holy hell this kid is strong with the ball and explosive as hell. Big time get. The future is bright. He's doing some unreal things in isolation on this video.
  2. LK1

    Practice Countdown

    Amir is now 6'6" according to the article. That's some freakish handles for that height. Wow. There will be some games where he can guard 1-4 for us. That's a really big deal.
  3. LK1

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods

    We get Markese and Armon Gates is immediately elevated to demigod status.
  4. LK1

    2019 PG Mika Adams-Woods

    He screams Tarin Smith to me, talent-wise, but that's not a bad thing if he's willing to give bench minutes. We need a backup point guard who is okay with being a backup and pushes the starting PG in practice. We've really missed having a solid PG off the bench. This is really the first year under Miles where we have two true PGs (GWIII, Amir) on the roster.
  5. Yes you did, and that's noted, but two of the 4stars (Roby, Allen) are slated to return next season. I also think stats already acquired are a greater indicator of talent, and Burke's 18ppg as a true freshman scream 4 star talent to me--kind of like Terran. I think he's earned that distinction based on practice rumblings. So: 4****: Roby, Allen, Burke if his D1 stats are a formidable substitute for stars (possibly Yavuz) 3***: Harris, Heiman, Thor, Nana (possibly Adams Woods) 2**: Dedoch Chan (which might be wrong based on his JUCO numbers and All-Region accolades as a freshman) This just doesn't look like a huge dropoff to me, and certainly not an emergency, but I do agree it probably can't possibly be as good of a team as what we're rolling out this season.
  6. Either way it's good news. If he's a first rounder, we're probably in the sweet 16 and TM can have a shrine.
  7. I don't agree with this entirely. If Roby stays next year is potentially... RFr: Heiman, Davis So: Amir Jr: BURKE, Allen, Chan, Nana, Thor Sr: Roby So a starting lineup might be: Amir TA Burke Chan Roby That's a pretty formidable bunch with 4/5 upperclassmen. The real question is whether or not the bench players (Nana, Thor, Heiman, Davis) will be able to effectively contribute. TM deserves the benefit of the doubt for his evaluations of talent at this point, considering the lineup he's rolling out this year. I also think we'll add a couple of impact freshmen based on the sniffs we're currently getting. If we get Yavuz Gultekin and Mika Adams Woods, that gives a serviceable backup PG and a very versatile and talented 3-4 swing player. 2020 is looking glorious for local talent, and already got Donovan Williams and probably Arop, so I would say things are pretty well under control.
  8. LK1

    Nebraska Football 2018-2019

    Agree. It's also important to remember the nastiness of the Blackshirts is back as well, and we were doing plenty extra to their quarterback on a few of those sacks. With Frost at the helm, I welcome any team to try to out-tough his players or play dirty. It's going to be a bloodbath down there next year, and we'll win handily. I think this will be the case with several teams we face this season--we'll put up a good fight and lose the execution battle due to new systems and then destroy them next year. Having stated the above, we're going to win 1-2 we're not supposed to this season. The coaching difference is abundantly clear. The program is back and it's only a matter of time.
  9. LK1

    Practice Countdown

    I liked a lot about Doc, but I felt like his personality and approach to coaching was the absolute worst thing a terrified kid from PR could walk into as his US introduction. That entire process was a trainwreck to the end and a complete waste of talent while he suited up here. He was a way better player than we developed, and he left as soon as possible. Maric was a true traditional center. JBD was a 4 back then. I would argue they played different positions, but I would also offer up the pro careers of both to indicate Maric was quite a bit more valuable to any team. He's had a great pro career in Europe. His career reflects Tai in that he worked his ass off to improve each season on the court and in the weight room. He was a great representative of our program.
  10. LK1

    2019 Akol Arop

    Williams is definitely a 2. He's JPJ at the 2.
  11. LK1

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    One thing about TM that cannot be questioned is his ability to recruit or his eye for talent. If that's in-state, great. If not, fine. But he's absolutely earned the benefit of the doubt in that regard.
  12. LK1

    2019 Akol Arop

    He has serviceable three point range now, which was his biggest question mark before TM offered. He's worked hard in that area, and Nebraska quickly offered when he began to prove it in AAU games against elite competition. He has freakshow athleticism--as much as anyone we currently have on our roster, and that says a lot. I think he can play the 4 here with his strength/length and leaping ability. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/8733361/5ac6bb20968157099445fb5d Reminds me a lot of this guy, and EVERY team has room for this guy:
  13. LK1

    The rotation this year

    The thing that intrigues me the most this season is I don't think there is much of an opportunity for a defensive lull, particularly on the perimeter... Glynn is a great defender. James is a very good defender. Copeland is a very good defender. Roby is a great defender. The question is perhaps between the deficiencies of Amir's offense vs. Allen's defense. I think that will determine a lot as to who fits into that fifth spot. Both of those guys bring upside in entirely different ways. The guys getting the minutes can all score AND defend, which will be an incredibly rare thing to witness in Nebraska basketball. Beyond Amir/Allen, I think we're going to see Glynn/Cope/Roby/JPJ push 30min a piece. Last season, Roby was the only one of them who didn't average 30min. I think he'll increase his minutes by at least 5 per game this season. So, in my mind, 40 minutes will be split between Amir and TA as both can help with the 1 and 2, and Chan will probably be the first big off the bench at either the 4 or 5. After that, the wild west of the rest of the roster will probably be rotated situationally. I think Borchardt is the last of his body type we'll see in the TM era. I think TA starts at the 2 with a short leash. He really gives us an intriguing player there, but it depends entirely on his making shots. I'm hoping that his perimeter defense and ball handling have improved because he can shoot the mess out of the ball if he can just stay on the court. But, man.. thinking about Amir's length and athleticism out there at the 1-2 with Glynn is pretty rad. We are going to have a murderous three point defense and transition game this year.
  14. LK1

    Dedoch Chan

    What I like about his game is his three point ability and ball handling--not great, but definitely a threat to spot up beyond the arc or go by a defender and draw some fouls on opposing bigs. Having him be able to sub for both Copeland and Roby means we're potentially going to have 5 guys on the court the entire game who can shoot the ball. The lane is going to be wide open for penetration and we should be an excellent transition team offensively and defensively. It's nice to have yet another offensively proficient player who can churn out 15 points on a good night. Will we be a bad rebounding team? I don't think we'll be as bad some may think. Roby alone will average 10+rb a game this year, and we have a lot of size in the other positions.
  15. LK1

    Dedoch Chan

    I think this kid has a great opportunity to outscore his defensive assignments. That's pretty much the risk you take in small ball. He's also a very physical player at 215lbs, so I'm not sure the weight will be that much of an issue. As for comparisons, it's important to remember we've never had bigs like Roby and Copeland in the past playing the 4-5. Chan really reminds me of them more than anyone else. He fits very, very well in what Miles has evolved his team's identity into. Remember the other advantage of small ball: switching screens/improved 3pt defense. Hopefully Chan has enough mobility for that. I personally think he does.