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  1. I said Trey was a dog before he got here. Some kids are built different mentally, and he’s one of them. I think the kids come from a really good family.
  2. Wow. Get ready for the renaissance.
  3. Fred is clearly working this angle. Brother U is the new Transfer U. The dude is always ahead.
  4. I like him! Explosive athlete and looks like he'd be a good sized PG. I think he'll be able to learn a lot as a Trey understudy. Funny how underwhelmed everyone seems to be about 3* players these days. This kid looks legit to me. I have no problem with Fred's brother and buddy system. I think it's a brilliant way to recruit.
  5. He has some Roby to his game for sure, but that kid is an ELITE ball handler for his size. He’d start day 1 at the 4, and we’d contend as a dark horse for the B1G with him on our squad IMO.
  6. OMG please. He's Banton with weight and a jump shot. Initiates the offense a LOT.
  7. Gotta do what you gotta do to keep the plantation vibrant.
  8. Love this. I like Traudt obviously, but Green could have a really nice D1 career. It's hard to find a proper comparison to his game, but he's the kind of a swiss army knife--pretty good at everything with a D1 body to boot. Like a Ron Harper, but a SF/PF.
  9. I am here to contribute to Husker nihilism. Nothing more. A message board for Husker basketball is nothing if not a scream into the void.
  10. Good points. I'll be surprised in my own mind if it doesn't happen on some level somewhere.
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