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  1. From the volleyball board, I believe that mendelson will arrive on campus in time to start school on June 6 and I believe will work out with basketball during June. That board also reports that she received an invite to USAV junior team and USAB junior team but as they conflict this year, she chose the vb invite. I’m a little confused by age groups because the gov body changed something so idk when that commitment is. HuskerJen on the nebraska thread on the volleyball board always has good info (insider) but it is always from a vb angle.
  2. I’m not sure they knew it was coming? She was literally on the roster yesterday and today she is not. I don’t think she entered the portal, or at least it wasn’t announced because that would have been done by May 1. And I’m not sure she was a 4 star recruit? She was not on the espn list (which ranks the top 100) and was #263 by All Star Girls Report. I think she also went to 5 high schools. This may be a reason we will not hear about, such as medical, grades or a disciplinary issue or maybe she just wanted to go home? It could be a million things that tie coaches hands.
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