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  1. Working out with the Pacers tomorrow.
  2. Morrow released her top 3. LSU, South Carolina, and USC.
  3. Van Lith has an official visit at LSU.
  4. Bad Bear would be would be good if she or the staff are interested. She’s a good defender and rebounder. Not much of a 3 point shooter but she has a good inside game.
  5. I wonder if the staff is pursuing Kola Bad Bear, a 6-2 forward who is also transferring from Montana State. She would have been coached by Assibey her freshman year and is close with Darian White. I think White will be a contributor. We will see how her play translates at a higher level.
  6. It gave me flashbacks to the T he got at Michigan last year when he thought he got a clean block on Dickinson.
  7. Merritt Beason is N. The Florida transfer averaged over 3 kills per set and hit .261 on the season. She is a 6 rotation player and was a part of the U21 national team that won the gold in the Pan American cup. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cmh-c4Jrp1J/?igshid=NDk5N2NlZjQ=
  8. Bergen Reilly is coming in January and she’s very good. She set for the senior national team last summer after the setter had Covid. But I do hope they find an experienced setter in the portal, just in case.
  9. The Huskers are serving very well today. Passing pretty good, and figuring out how to score out of system. Ally is settling into her role in the back row and getting some great digs.
  10. That was so much fun to watch. Loving this!! 3 in a row! Woo!!
  11. No Nicklin Hames or Whitney Lauenstein tonight. When it rains, it pours.
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