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  1. Derrick and Ed were on the court together briefly during the Wisconsin game. That was due to foul trouble, but it worked. That was the only time they tried that but I’d love to see it more often.
  2. I believe so, he was at UCLA first.
  3. https://lsutigerswire.usatoday.com/2022/03/29/lsu-basketball-shareef-oneal-enters-transfer-portal/ I didn’t see him play much, but thought this was worth noting. Doubt he would come to NU but you never know.
  4. I’m so glad it’s official. Can’t wait for the 22-23 season! Even if it’s painful.
  5. Good luck to Bella. She will do well wherever she goes!
  6. Not surprising, but didn’t he transfer from DePaul? Will he have to sit out next season?
  7. That seems like a good fit for him. Hope he has some success
  8. I have been wondering if both Coley and Stewart would transfer. Especially with Maggie Mendelson coming for big ten play. And Tatiana Popa who redshirted this season.
  9. If Izzie and Alexis had made their free throws, they would be ahead….hope they can clean it up in the second half.
  10. My womens bracket is perfect so far….come on Huskers!
  11. I can’t watch so I’m listening…sounds like they’re taking some questionable shots. Hope they can pull it together.
  12. With the loss yesterday OUs net ranking is 39. So it could go either way at this point. Rutgers I think is definitely out.
  13. Right?? Why call a travel after time has expired if you aren’t going to review the clock? Reffing across all conferences has been pretty bad.
  14. They’re hanging in there with Tech right now. Texas Tech looks checked out.
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