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    ConkintheCorner got a reaction from Husker Hoops Penitent in 2021 4 PG Carter Whitt -> Wake Forest   
    Boy our HS recruiting has not been ideal...  Not sure whats going on but I feel our coaching staff felt we had this guy and Sanoga locked up and came up empty on both..
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to The God of Thunder in 2020-21 Husker opponents   
    Ladies and gentleman. The Nebrasketbubble. Coming soon to Lincoln, America
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to REDZONEDAN in 2021 SG John Camden   
    The real question is has Robin given them crystal balls for Nebraska?
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to Husker Hoops Penitent in 2021 4 PG Carter Whitt -> Wake Forest   
    Agree with Colhusker. The Hoiberg admin. seems to be commensurate with the historical performance from NU. It is beginning to seem insurmountable. So many (myself included) thought the combination of Hoiberg and Abdelmassih would reverse the hopelessness of the previous century-plus. Even "insiders" thought we would land Sanogo and Whitt. The initial buzz from the hiring of Hoiberg is now rapidly diminishing. Last year's historically bad team now gives way to this team which is pre-season last-place by the sports writers. There are very few impact players considering NU in this recruiting cycle (unless I am missing something), and we just whiffed on the highest ranked player in the state's history (Sallis, who many thought Miles would land)! They shit the bed with Hepburn, Murrell and Williams (though the case w/ Williams may have extenuating factors). My guess is Traudt and Breidenbach will choose a good school to play for and the futility will persist. 
    This doesn't mean I don't love Hoiberg and staff but I don't have any reason to think the pundits will be wrong this year either. What kind of recruits will NU be attracting after another laughable season?
    Perhaps Covid and the impending ecological catastrophe we are seeing will scuttle the season and we won't have to endure any further humiliations. 
    And before anyone lashes out without considering my position, tell me where there might be reason for optimism- and I don't think because ISU was pretty good in his second season is a reason. Are there reasonable reasons to hold out any optimism? 
    Happy Autumn!
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to The God of Thunder in 2021 4 PG Carter Whitt -> Wake Forest   
    Live look at Robin Washut’s recruiting predictions these past few months
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    ConkintheCorner got a reaction from Red Don in 2021 4 PG Carter Whitt -> Wake Forest   
    According to Robin it sounds like Breidenbach could be a very good possibility and if we get him I'm sure they will save other scholly's for transfers.
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to thrasher31 in 2021 4 PG Carter Whitt -> Wake Forest   
    hes been at the top of my list for a while. All signs point to us. All FCs on rivals and CBs on 247 have us. 
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    ConkintheCorner got a reaction from Dead Dog Alley in Cam Mack   
    Wow, What a train wreck....
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to throwback in Will they or won't they: A poll   
    If we manage to start B1G sports around Jan. 1 -- hardly a given at this point -- it will have been roughly 300 days since an NU team had taken the field. 
    In the interim, millions of middle and high school aged players will have participated in multiple club sports (traveling across state lines) and high school sports. Millions more college-aged students will have been thrown into the petri dish that is a college dorm/campus/frat party house. And other university athletic departments, with significantly fewer resources (financial and otherwise) than a B1G school may pull off some semblance of a college football/volleyball/soccer/cross country season.
    I hope 2021 is officially named the Year of Common Sense Returning.
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    ConkintheCorner got a reaction from mwm89 in 2024 C Steven Solano   
    damn he's already 6'11"  wow
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to cornfed24-7 in Derrick Walker is N   
    I am not one that knows much about fashion, but is my man wearing a sports bra?
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to Swan88 in Offseason overseas   
    Thor is here.  Yvan arrives tomorrow.
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to aphilso1 in Will they or won't they: A poll   
    Appears he tweeted consistently at least a few times per week prior.  then just silence starting June 1st.  In isolation that doesn't mean anything, but combine that with his Lincoln arrival date continuing to get pushed back...
    As a Nebrasketball fan I am conditioned to read any change as a negative, because usually it is for us.
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to OmahaHusker in Big Ten Conference-Only Season   
    I'm with Lamar. Let these athletes play if they want to play.
    Get busy living or get busy dying. 
    Edit: This goes for both CFB and NFL. Actually any sport. 
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to Art Vandalay in Post July 4th Poll: Would you rather ...   
    Go to the casino turn $300 into a grand and buy them all and keep the original $300
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to cornfed24-7 in The View from out here on My Limb   
    I may have told this story on here before, but I don't care because I love this story.
    So, I am at the Bob with my Dad. I have 2 season tickets. It's when the price was $99 a seat for the nose bleeds.
    The Bob is decently full. There's only a dull hum of noise though. The game is in hand. It's in the second half. Ping gets subbed in for the first time. An inbounds play under our basket.
    Well Ping does something wrong which throughly pisses Doc off. I think he cut the wrong way, went to the wrong spot, ended up with the ball that was ment for someone else, and finally lost the ball out of bounds for a turnover. While its happening you can hear Doc coaching Ping. Over everyone. Loud. And crystal clear. 
    Doc called a time out. Subbed out Ping. He was in the game maybe 5 seconds. And that was the last of Ping for that game. Ping was soooooo bad.
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to swmckewon in The View from out here on My Limb   
    One thing about Yvan: I believe he cares. I think he really wants to get better, and did, and isn’t ambivalent about the game. 
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to REDitus in Wisc. transfer Kobe King is 'N'   
    There are a number of things that could happen to impact eligibility.   Maybe he didn't go to classes the last semester.   Maybe he didn't take enough credits each semester to show academic progress.   Maybe he was borderline academic probation.  Maybe his credits didn't transfer over.      
    The 2nd part of your puzzle I have no idea how to answer so I give up.
    My solution is...it's water under the bridge.   The 13th spot has been refilled and I am moving on. 
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to Noah121 in A Storm is brewing...   
    And that Storm may allow me to attend way more than just winter break Huskers games!
    I recently accepted a Math Instructor position with SCC Beatrice, (hence the Storm) and my partner and I will move to Lincoln in late July!
    The Hard Hat is back!
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    ConkintheCorner got a reaction from jayschool in Non-Conference Schedule released   
    my guess is Virginia Tech
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    ConkintheCorner got a reaction from cipsucks in OT: Nebraska Star Beef   
    Just ordered a bundle!!  Thanks for the discount!!
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to cipsucks in OT: Nebraska Star Beef   
    Thanks for the love, guys!  It's been nuts since all this insanity started.  Online sales are through the roof.  I've got restaurants on both coasts that are getting our products shipped to them.  We've been averaging about 5000 lbs of ground beef shipping out every week.
    We do some stuff with Adam Carriker.  Right now, we have a 15% discount off your total order if you use the promo code Carriker15 at checkout.  And , as always, feel free to pm me if you have questions or want to place larger orders.  I'll work with you.  😀
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to colhusker in Think Yvan as slimmed   
    down just a bit.
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to Norm Peterson in Fast forward a year   
    I wouldn't be so quick to write Andre off as an outside-the-rotation player. One thing that struck me about last year's team was how we needed that shot-blocking rim runner. He's that guy. Not sure how ready he is because there's so much we still don't know. But his competition for the rotation is a still-very-young Yvan Ouedraogo who, while beefy, isn't all that long or explosive, a juco transfer who weighs 205 lbs dripping wet, and a Tennessee transfer who wasn't in the rotation at Tennessee.  I think there's at least an outside chance that a new guy like this, if he has some tools, has just as much of a chance to make the rotation as some of the other guys who also have holes in their game/abilities.
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    ConkintheCorner reacted to LK1 in 2020 C Eduardo Andre - Signed   
    He's like an in-shape Jordy, and that's a good thing.
    He looks limited offensively, but he already looks fantastic in terms of his ability to help on pick and roll, and he handles the ball pretty well.  
    He can really, really run at 220lbs.  I'm guessing he can remain comfortable at 235-240lbs.  
    I'm not sure if he can help us next year, and I don't see him playing the 4, but his speed and skill in transition is an element we don't currently have at the 5.  
    I like it.  
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