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  1. We got any stats on Keisei this year or what's going on with him...??
  2. Damn that was a hell of a 10 minutes we played!! Gotta give it to the players and coaches. They definitely left it all out there.. now for the final 30. No comment on that garbage
  3. So Lakes gets the start... odd but okay. Then he doesn’t play again the rest of the game.. I’m guessing the Lakes experiment might be over but who knows. Next game he will prolly play 40 minutes..
  4. Agreed but outside of maybe cross I don’t think we lost much off last years so it’s hard to judge.. just hope Mcgowens makes it here...
  5. Thanks Chris Heady!! He did look good in this game. Better than Andre that’s for sure
  6. Yikes. He should fit right in then with those shooting percentages
  7. Not to pile on but I did notice Thor's +/- was -22 against Wisconsin.....
  8. No one asked.. someone did ask about Stevenson’s minutes but nothing on Eduardo.
  9. And yet he hasn’t played....
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