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  1. agreed, The way we were struggling shooting the ball it would have been nice to see what Green could have done. Don't get it!!!
  2. 31 points for Williams in his first game back!
  3. I know Green is a JUCO player and it usually takes awhile for them to adjust but man I was expecting a lot more from him...
  4. Sorry, But no way Fred redshirts Yvan next year...
  5. Agree, but I wish his effort was better.. At times he seems to be just going thru the motions on the defensive end.
  6. Throw in Kai Sotto with keisei and Sallis running the show. Oh boy. Look out
  7. Damn. unfortunate but was going to be tough to get minutes next couple years anyway.
  8. I didn't want to copy and paste from other site so had to change the wording a bit...
  9. Robin said that his visit couldn't of went much better. Take it for what its worth
  10. uh he only beat Creighton his last year right.... hard to move the needle when he lost pretty much every one of them
  11. I don't think Morrow's Senior year is going the way he wanted....
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