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  1. C'mon guys can we not jinx it.... Its Nebrasketball, we cant get ahead of ourselves..
  2. I know I was joking.. lol Robin on Huskersillustrated said he is announcing today between us and Marquette.
  3. Announcing today I guess!! fingers crossed on this one!! Hopefully Robin or Chris heady don't jinx us on this one!
  4. Robin mentioned this guy and Breidenbach as our top prospects for 2021
  5. Sounds like Duke is calling now... Wonder if we will make this guys top 12??
  6. Wonder what Tim's plan is.. Is he going to wait until his kids graduate? I know this covid thru a wrench in to things but I figured he would have a job by now.
  7. Boy our HS recruiting has not been ideal... Not sure whats going on but I feel our coaching staff felt we had this guy and Sanoga locked up and came up empty on both..
  8. According to Robin it sounds like Breidenbach could be a very good possibility and if we get him I'm sure they will save other scholly's for transfers.
  9. The BIG 10 is going to be STACKED again next year with all these players coming back..... I think 14-16 wins would be a good year!! Roster Depth and length will be a big plus for us compared to last year but still worried a bit about scoring and perimeter shooting.
  10. Speaking of Mack has he landed anywhere yet??? This pandemic has my memory a little foggy, sorry if its old news.....
  11. I also agree wit Lat at the 4. Any word on when we might expect Yvan to get here...?? Robin W. continues to be pretty confident that Trey will play this year. I will leave him off for now but just thought id mention that. Banton Kobe/Trey if eligible Teddy LAT Yvan
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