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  1. If its Parker its hard to get too excited because its going to be down the road before he gets here and who knows if he will ever get here...
  2. Sounds like someone who is still bitter about his own demise....
  3. almost felt like the agent was bragging him up in hopes to get drafted more than anything..
  4. Robin is pretty confident this guy is N after his visit today.. said he would put a future cast in on him committing to Nebraska
  5. Sure seems pretty quiet overall in the transfer portal as it relates to Nebraska... Disappointing but I guess we are limited in schollys right at the moment. Just feel like we need to upgrade some talent.
  6. Boy if we can somehow get this guy with the kind of offers and interest he has been getting. That would be huge. Just hard to believe he would pick us over some of those other schools
  7. Gates has been here how many years and Im not sure he has landed 1 recruit...
  8. 138 points not sure how to post videos but hopefully this works.
  9. Robin mentioned this morning that Gates is staying.. So will just need to fill the one assistant position.. Hopefully the guy can recruit!
  10. Id sure like to know this plan Fred sold to Trev because I'm not really getting a good feeling about "the plan"
  11. Needed that win over Northwestern in tournament... Dad gummit! I will take a top 5 finish though. Thanks for doing this! Cant be easy!
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