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  1. guarantee he won't be missing all those bunnies Yvan did last year!!
  2. Ya the timing of that article was horrible, who knows if it had a role in his decision though..
  3. Damn this is a big blow. Been counting on this guy being N for awhile. Our history with bigs probably played a roll in this. #cursed
  4. yikes... not what i was expecting for interested schools
  5. Robin seems to think he will announce tomorrow morning! sounds like he is N
  6. Totally agree here. This is the kind of guy Nebraska has been missing. Reminds me of a young Pascal Siakam!!
  7. Wonder how mack is gonna handle this because if he waits around for the draft process to finish and wrap up then their might not be a spot for him on a college team he is interested in.
  8. Are we seriously comparing D.W. to Lebron???? C’mon man
  9. Cam is either transferring or going to NBA per twitter
  10. comical, without Zegarowski that was not gonna happen.... I remember a couple years ago when we returned most of our roster from an NCAA tourney team and layed an egg.. We shall wait and see on Creighton for next year. Will be hard to repeat the success from this year IMO.
  11. What's everyone's thoughts??? Are we done with attrition, I'm pretty surprised how quiet things have been on this front...
  12. Sounds like we are out of it with Marfo unfortunately... Robin Washut is pretty optimistic that we will get Sanogo though..
  13. Robin mentioned yesterday that he thought Iowa had lead on DJ, He said McGowens is one to watch though..
  14. Main thing is getting some guys in that can finish at the rim!! It was so frustrating last year how many layups and bunnies we missed....!! I believe the guys we have sitting out and are adding are all pretty big guys that should be able to drive it in and finish better than say Burke or Cam.
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