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  1. So mad right now!!!! I think I better hold off posting too much right now.
  2. I really thought Palmer should have been able to dominate this matchup so maybe you are right and he is a great defender. I feel like the last 3 minutes he was a lot more aggressive and would have liked to see more of that earlier in game.
  3. ConkintheCorner

    Watching Horne

    not to change subject but why didn't Morrow play last night?
  4. ConkintheCorner

    Scouting Mich St

    any spread predictions on this one?? Michigan st -3 is mine but who knows
  5. ConkintheCorner

    HHCC Game #17 - at Indiana (Jan. 14, 5:30 PM CST)

    Indiana 76 NU 69
  6. It seems like he gets kind of lost in our offense. I feel like a lot of his scoring has been done in transition rather than the flow of the offense
  7. Allen is too passive sometimes, needs to be more aggressive and look more for his shot.
  8. ConkintheCorner

    Penn St. (7-8) vs. Nebraska (11-4) Game Thread

    I swear either we get refs whom call everything or we get guys whom call nothing
  9. ConkintheCorner

    Penn St. (7-8) vs. Nebraska (11-4) Game Thread

    Some Players seem to be going thru the motions. No energy or fire from anyone really
  10. ConkintheCorner

    Nebraska Bubble Watch

    I will have what your drinking!!!!!!!!
  11. ConkintheCorner

    HHCC Standings - End of Week 09

    Am I confused by the bench point deal? I thought Nana was the only bench player to score?
  12. ConkintheCorner

    2018 PG Tyrese Haliburton -> Iowa St

    Boy this kid is a stud. Missed out here. Shot is weird but they go in