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  1. This is probably likely, going to be tough to keep everyone happy with minutes
  2. So right now if Roby goes pro, next year we will have 2 schollys availiable and we already have 2 commits so unless Thor leaves we wont have any schollys open? Is this accurate?
  3. I went with a B+ Love our guards we signed but not sold on the 2 young bigs we signed last couple of days. I like their potential but concerned if they can compete right away in big 10. Sign a solid grad transfer post that can come in and play right away and it would make a huge difference.
  4. Just reading thru that thread looks like a lot of Minnesota fans want Tim Miles as their assistant..
  5. Gotta remember this kid is still only 17.. Im not sure how much we can expect from him year 1. All we need him to do really is defend and rebound!
  6. Thank goodness this job wasn't open a couple months ago!!
  7. I don't see much difference between the two. I look at the end of the year and Amir was really starting to get some confidence. I think it comes down to Thor has fewer years left than Amir and Fred thinks he can get someone better and with more upside to take Amir's scholly.
  8. 5. Brady heiman.... lol just kidding. Kinda thought we had some bigs locked up with his departure but guess not. These guys that set up visits(Johnson; Ntambwe; cross) after visiting here are gone in my opinion. If they wanted to Be here they would of committed
  9. Still leading with this guy?? I'm guessing he will be deciding soon since his visit with Marquette is done.
  10. Are we going to be hit with any APR ramifications penalties with all this roster turnover?? Is that still a thing even?
  11. Still don't have any transfers that have to sit out a year yet do we? Id take Banton and then add some size!!!!!!
  12. really just your opinion or you know more than us average joes..
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