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  1. Maryland and Michigan st struggling early. I thought Belmont might win but come on Michigan st.
  2. I’d be surprised since most coaches have been coaching the last couple days..
  3. Well it doesn’t seem to be working out for Mr. Moos so far.... #shitshow
  4. Very odd. When you factor in Ronnie Green’s statement last night I gotta lean to moos giving miles a show of support. If it’s to just say they will evaluate Tim and his future after NIT play wouldn’t that kinda be the plan already and why make a statement about it
  5. Thought same thing. Very odd. Ya we double teamed him but man it seemed like he didn’t even touch the ball that much....
  6. Morrows problem was he didn't accept his position. he left thinking he could play the 3 position....What the *&$*.. I put no blame on Miles with Morrow transferring because of this. At some point the kid has to realize his role and his strengths. Morrows was rebounding and defense. He plays the same position at Marquette as he played here so it didn't benefit him much by transferring.
  7. I think it would benefit him with another year of college, but if he is projected in top 32 than I would leave and not think twice. IMO he just needs to work on being more consistent, we see flashes but the consistency still needs work!
  8. possibly but who really knows at this point... A change is coming its time to accept it and move on!!!
  9. Id go: 1. Blame the refs 2. Blame the AD/Marc Boehm 3. Blame the coach 4. Blame the players 5. Blame the fans 6. Blame the slogan on a placard outside of the football stadium gates 7. Blame the refs
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