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  1. Sounds like this guy is committing tomorrow. Has to be a good sign for us with the recent visit!
  2. Any opinion/thoughts on this guy?? Seems like we are in driver seat.
  3. Could he have a similar career to Matt Garza when he is done at Nebraska?? Probably doesn't have the inside game that Matt Garza did but I see similarities.. My Bad LUKA GARZA!!
  4. I know both McGowens are planning on moving on after this season so I sure hope we don't waste their talent and not even make the NIT.... I will go with 19-12
  5. Im all on board for Eliminating the Charge call!!!
  6. He Committed to Creighton.... Dont really get this one. We were his first offer and always have felt he would be N. Not sure if we decided to back off him or what. Would of preferred he went to Colorado. Gotta trust Hoiberg, but '22 recruiting seems to have really quieted down. I know we are short on scholarships but got to believe we will have some turnover.
  7. for the price they should.... good grief!
  8. McGowens McGowens Wilcher/ZO Walker Lat Id lean ZO over wilcher but could see this also..
  9. Welp good to know that in case it happens again in future. I am currently top row of 100 level and really do like them so doubtful I would of found any better.
  10. Any luck? I guess I was worried about losing my current seats if I did seat myself..
  11. Ya he was but I thought he was in the transfer Portal..
  12. Has Cam Mack found a new school yet or what’s his plan I wonder..?? I swear he tweeted awhile ago that he got an offer from UNO but I can’t find it know..
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