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  1. I just didn’t see the fire today granted I was watching it during our Thanksgiving. I feel like our defense needs to be more aggressive and forcing turnover to help us but today we just backed off and let them do what they wanted.
  2. I noticed this also and actually wondered if he was hurt or something. Would of like to see him get more playing time. He needs it against some of these lesser opponents. Wish it would of been asked post game.
  3. What's your thoughts on situation..??? That doesn't really tell me anything.
  4. What's everyone's thoughts on him redshirting? Sure seems like it came out of the left field! I've always thought redshirts at least suit up or am I wrong? IMO, probably wont be seeing him play for Nebraska..
  5. This over and over!!! The one guy was a perfect 6 for 6. after his 2nd one find the shooters and get in there damn face. I don't understand how we continue to let them get good looks. I mean ya it would be nice to scout ahead of time but even if we don't you need to adjust and get up on them on the 3 point line. It was ridiculous the shots they were getting to start 2nd half.
  6. I ragged on Wilhelm after the Colorado game so so feel like I need to give him some props tonight. He was a lot better! Hopefully he continues to improve. Wilcher was a disappointment tonight. Hopefully he gets it figured out. Wasn’t overly impressed with his defensive effort out there.
  7. No offensive flow. Opponent can’t miss. It’s all too familiar
  8. Pretty underwhelmed with Wilhelm’s play. I know he is coming off surgery but he needs to be ready to shoot when he gets ball. Him putting the ball on the floor or pump faking is not what we want. He had a couple chances to shoot it and passed
  9. welp never mind. Sounds like we are going to go 0-2 on Parker and Green…
  10. With the schedule, I guess I just don't see anyway he is over .500 so was just curious. I'm sure by February I will be on the "Fire Hoiberg" bus but right now I am liking what he's doing and done so far this offseason.
  11. I know the offseason always gets overblown and doesn't really mean much when you are only winning 9-12 games a year... But I really like what Fred has done with his staff this offseason. If he can somehow pull in Parker and maybe get Braelon Green. That would be a pretty crazy recruiting haul considering our record over the last couple years. That being said I'm just not very optimistic in the upcoming season. Hard for me to get real excited about it. Since Trev has fired Frost would he be a little more tentative to fire another coach this year or not? What's everyone think? Are you willing to give Fred and this staff an extra year or are ya done with Fred regardless if he isnt over .500? Just curious everone's thoughts.
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