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  1. So where's he going?? Any insight on 2021 guys that might commit?
  2. He posted this about a year ago to the day... lets hope he has a little better read on things with this one.
  3. need to work something out with 1460 out of Kearney...
  4. really surprised by that. Liked sharp and benning
  5. Should be a big weekend!! Hopefully Gameday is in town for the football game!
  6. that timeout Toronto called with 3 minutes left could end up costing them a championship!!! They had all the momentum and then called a TO....
  7. Just got an email from University. As expected my season tickets went up. It looks like they increased about $75 a ticket for the year for 100 level tickets. Anyone else receive anything??
  8. 5. Penn State: Watkins and Stevens return. Stevens can take over games and will be one of the best players in the country. Dread and Bolton had impressive freshmen campaigns. Chambers has his best, and maybe last, chance at having a tournament team. FYI, Bolton transferred to Iowa St.
  9. https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/top-50-forward-dain-dainja-preparing-for-official-visits Don't look promising with this guy
  10. http://www.basketballinsiders.com/nba-daily-60-pick-nba-mock-draft-5-28-19/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Roby Not listed in this guys Top 60
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