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  1. doesn't sound very promising with Donovan Williams right now..... He might be looking elsewhere
  2. Kavas is a worse basketball player than Mcveigh ever was!! defense is atrocious.
  3. I got 2 in lower bowl top row if anyone is interested
  4. We doing a score prediction contest this year????
  5. Great way to end a crappy weekend... I hope Hoiberg has someone better to take his spot. I really thought this guy was a perfect fit for Hoiberg but I guess we will never know!
  6. little surprised they are sending both these guys to media days... Figured Burke would be a guy that would go.
  7. So where's he going?? Any insight on 2021 guys that might commit?
  8. He posted this about a year ago to the day... lets hope he has a little better read on things with this one.
  9. need to work something out with 1460 out of Kearney...
  10. really surprised by that. Liked sharp and benning
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