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  1. If it’s one of those guys it’s Not exactly the splash I was hoping for....
  2. Robin has said that he doesnt expect Thor back. Isnt 100% sure on Banton but ultimately thinks he will be back. I assume Stevenson is the one that is expected to leave yet but just hasnt announced it yet.
  3. How I interpret it is that Robin seems to think we are in on a transfer that hasn’t announced that he is even transferring yet. Originally was thought to be a true PG but now he says he is more of Combo guard. Hoping by the end of the week will know more...
  4. Too bad I never entered this bracket into any tournaments for cash or anything.. Just my luck! But I am happy with HHC Pool Champion!!
  5. Sounds like Shaka is leaving Texas for Marquette. Will be interesting to see who Texas goes after.
  6. Can cross off Walker unfortunately. We didn't make his final list.
  7. Might be hearing some news on this one soon...
  8. Do I get a free subscription for a year for this if I win?? I see I'm in first place!!
  9. not sure on that but the prior relationship we have with him helps..
  10. Are there any kids willing to do that anymore??
  11. WOW, this is big heck of a player
  12. So do we get the name? Or was this in reference to Kobe?
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