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  1. Not to pile on but I did notice Thor's +/- was -22 against Wisconsin.....
  2. No one asked.. someone did ask about Stevenson’s minutes but nothing on Eduardo.
  3. And yet he hasn’t played....
  4. Prolly my only concern with Hoiberg is our half court offense.. Man it would be nice to get some easy buckets..! Seems like our half court offense has really struggled, part of that comes from our lack of shooters. It seemed like last year Hoiberg would drop up some nice plays but sure haven’t seen much of that this year. Is this something that will get fixed with some shooters or what’s everyone’s thoughts?
  5. I was listening to the broadcast last night and I believe it was Markowski whom was saying how good Yvan's hands were. I was like "WHAT"...
  6. Did some searching on a few of these guys. Nana and Cross are getting quality minutes for their teams. Pretty surprised by Green, Curtis and Harris hardly getting any minutes for their teams...
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