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  1. ConkintheCorner

    2019 SG Jervay Green (Juco)

    we still after this guy??? Wouldn't hurt to have a solid JUCO player to come in next year especially if we lose Roby..
  2. ConkintheCorner

    Playing Okie State in Sioux Falls Sunday Dec 16

    event info says a 6:00 tip off is that accurate?
  3. ConkintheCorner

    Donovan Williams is N

    Wonder if its possible that Moos has been on Miles about getting more in state talent or maybe its just that the talent is better. We just seem to be really be focusing more of our attention in state lately.
  4. ConkintheCorner

    2018 SG Karrington Davis - LOI

    Sure has been quiet on him, have not heard a word about him...
  5. ConkintheCorner

    The Official Media Thread

    So what's the opinion here? Was Lee forced out or is he just taking an early retirement? The wording of the whole thing was odd to me. I know he was a great writer and did a lot for husker basketball but his political tweets were getting a little tiresome.
  6. ConkintheCorner

    Dedoch is N

    So Is Dedoch here, anyone know?
  7. ConkintheCorner

    Playing Okie State in Sioux Falls Sunday Dec 16

    Friday Night>>>>>>>>>Sunday Night
  8. ConkintheCorner

    Dedoch Chan

    kind of figured we would hear something by now, maybe we didn't offer.
  9. ConkintheCorner

    2019 SF David Roddy

    Kind of reminds me of Morrow, hopefully a better perimeter game than Ed
  10. ConkintheCorner

    2020 G Donovan Williams - VC

    Gotta like our chances of landing this kid!!!!! Let’s just hope he doesn’t take all 15 visits!
  11. ConkintheCorner

    Dedoch Chan

    Will need to pick up his defense or Miles wont play him much if he was to commit.
  12. ConkintheCorner

    2019 G Caleb Grill -> SDSU

  13. ConkintheCorner

    Way too early Top 25

    so we are actually 10th then if Iowa is 19th... Iowa and Northwestern are biggest head scratchers to me besides us being so low.
  14. ConkintheCorner

    2018-19 Husker opponents

    YES guaranteed 2 games