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  1. Hate that call. Yvan was straight up and he landed into him.
  2. They released a commercial that said “I’ll be your boss someday.” Such an arrogant institution.
  3. I'm a pretty big Red Sox fan and I have the same hatred for Creighton as I do the Yankees. Let's hope we win.
  4. Agreed. I found it annoying being a fan. Don’t quite understand the technical on Lat. The whistle was blown, let go of the ball and let go of his leg.
  5. Maybe a dumb question, so sorry in advance, is the Big Ten COVID protocol the same in basketball as it is in football? 3 weeks?
  6. Crayton lost 73-72. Kansas “fouled” Zegarowski on a three pointer with 1 second left. He made the first two and missed the last shot. Heck of a game.
  7. I don’t think the Big Ten would let that slide especially Nebraska, now maybe Ohio State? Maybe.
  8. I’m a sucker for black uniforms. Being a baseball fan I loved the Mets and Royals black jerseys. I don’t understand the take of “black isn’t a school/team color.”
  9. It’ll be interesting watching Crayton play Kansas this afternoon. I’m hoping both teams somehow lose.
  10. Hello HHC! I've been a lurker for awhile now and finally decided to make an account. Farm boy from rural Nebraska, now living in Omaha. Growing up my dad took me to a couple of Nebrasketball games every year (Barry Collier era) and loved it. Loved watching players like Alex Maric, Ade Dagunduro, and Brandon Richardson. I hate Creighton, sorry Jayskers. I also dabble into some Providence Friars basketball. My great aunt lives in Rhode Island and has sent me some Providence Friars gear. I felt like I had to go when the Friars played Creighton. The two games I went
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