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  1. His Arkansas Interest has changed from warm to cold, no idea if that means anything
  2. The only hoops scoop of his I remember off the top of my head was how much the staff loved Banton during his sit out year
  3. Frost gets 5 Years at minimum, However I think the Football team will finish 6-6 and I struggle to see 7 wins on that schedule, We dont know Basketballs schedule yet but I feel good about going above 500
  4. #1 Husker Hoops #2 Husker Football #3 Da Bears Then everything else
  5. Washut talked on Huskers Online about how Wilhelm is 6'11" now after going and getting his posture fixed
  6. cincinnati fans think he's garbage, 7.2 rebounds per 40
  7. Still Insane seeing us third on this list, also Tamar Bates has had an insane recruiting bump in these last few weeks
  8. The Penn State to Iowa State pipeline continues
  9. Moves us to 19th on Rivals, intrigued but would be surprised if he plays big minutes this year
  10. I have gone from being meh on Keisei to super excited to see him play, Gonna be a fan favorite for sure
  11. No I just like Thor and want him back, not an either or situation
  12. I would agree if Kobe wasn't our best 3 point shooter last year, especially as he can play off ball more now I would be very surprised to see a dramatic reduction in his minutes
  13. he shoots 5-6 against us if that happens
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