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  1. 20.1/3.5/1.8 with shooting splits of 46.9/39/81.8 to go along with 1.1 steals per game, seems good imo
  2. Just from what I've read id be surprised if he's back next year
  3. Lat and Keisei seem to be on the way out, opens up two slots
  4. What an article, thank you for sharing and only got me more hyped for Keita
  5. So much of me wishes the Wisconsin games were flipped home and away, could you imagine PBA for this game after that two game winning streak?
  6. being selective dick's sounds more fun
  7. I mean technically it has but the problem is getting more than a couple
  8. you cant just pop in say there are rumors and then just leave lol
  9. they seemed to largely fix it but I'm never great at basketball analysis when i go to the games but the second half of the Sam Houston game it felt like we didn't let that many rebounds go and it seemed like there was more effort being put in
  10. Took a few days off from any thinking about this team and honestly reading through this thread has been a little cathartic, Tuesday sucked but our issues are fixable, excited to see how we play friday
  11. Got a christmas morning giddy feeling going on right now, Counting down the hours until the game, so excited
  12. I'm excited for it, seems like a cool idea
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