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  1. 49ers for the sole reason that in a playground setting Keisei is basically unstoppable
  2. Pretty Impressive considering how there aren't too many high level defenders on this team
  3. Will be fun to have at least two P5 schools with another one or two with the gavitt games and ACC challenge hopefully landing us one or two more, should be a fun Non-Con
  4. I feel teams holding their own MTE events will be reduced as those big overseas tournaments start happening again with Covid not being as much of an obstacle next year
  5. With his stats at PV AM I doubt it, 26% from 3 and 36% from the field in the Swac does not exactly inspire confidence
  6. Depends on how the rest of transfer season shapes out, I would be happy with 6-8 wins as the team is currently constructed
  7. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2021/oleg-kojenets-260728 Lithuanian C, Has offers from Seton Hall, Nebraska, Saint Mary's, and Georgia Tech, Washut has him N
  8. 100% on free throws! Granted he only took 4 of them
  9. I expected it, but I still feel a little sad right now, good luck to him wherever he goes.
  10. In a season as crazy as this one I am glad to just experience what I did, Some changes are probably coming in the upcoming weeks, but I feel so much better after this year than last year, Can't wait to hopefully witness games in PBA again next year, GBR!
  11. God that felt so cathartic, a good win from beginning to end
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