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  1. What are the chances she stays healthy? Shes played like 3 games in the last 3 years.
  2. I dont even know where to start with this topic but Id say the biggest thing is we lack athleticism, We are soooo slow. Haiby and Bourne are high major athletes no one else on the team is. Its easy to see why a player like Scoggins had no other offers, shes small, slow, cant create her own shot, and cant defend anyone, you just cant get away with players like that and Williams is building rosters full of them.
  3. Its year 5 and we're still one of the worst teams in the conference, whats to lose other than a couple recruits?
  4. I thought our man to man defense was bad but then they switched to zone and it was even worse, lol.
  5. Just 3 games against bad teams, Illinois is the worst team in the big ten and we needed Haiby to have the game of her career to sneak past them.
  6. I dont think we're not playing hard, we're just really slow.
  7. Mara Braun, Mallory Heyer, and Nia Holloway is a heck of an in state group for them.
  8. I just think Mershon was a bad fit with Nebraska, shes better in an uptempo system where she can run the floor and set screens and roll or pop. With Cain always in the post it really hurt Mershons skill set imo. I think she's a good fit in the Whalen system where they space the floor and have pretty electric guards. Itll be interesting to see how she does there.
  9. This was in the article in the post bulletin, dont look like she even considered Nebraska. Meister, who’d also been offered by Minnesota but removed it from her list recently when a couple of players with similar skills committed there, had a group of four schools that she was considering: Kansas State, Illinois and Wisconsin the others.
  10. Im sure the coaches reached out to her but it probably didnt get very far. Minnesota quit recruiting her awhile ago because they knew they had no shot, Stanfords sitting good Ive heard.
  11. Its almost gotta be someone with TT ties, Maybe Erin Grant or Krista Gerlich. I just cant see many coaches wanting this job.
  12. I'm guessing they dismiss everyone on the staff.
  13. Firing her was the only choice they had, recruiting woulda been a disaster if they kept her.
  14. Taylor Mccabe will be committing to Iowa soon. I was told shes already told Iowa coaches her decision.
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