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  1. Personally think Braun is the best of the bunch but Battle is dang good as well. Maryland really wanted both of them. That Braun Battle backcourt is gonna give opposing guards fits.
  2. Shimmy is back in the Big Ten. Good hire by the Gophers
  3. http://www.warrennolan.com/basketballw/2021/team-net-sheet?team=Nebraska
  4. Minnesota's really trying to slow this game down (for good reason). We just gotta keep up the intensity, dont think Minnesota has the firepower with all their players out.
  5. Looks like MInnesota is without Powell Scalia and Sissoko, probably their 3 best players.
  6. MInnesota had positive tests today, since we just played them that could be why this is cancelled.
  7. Minnesota had a good gameplan. When Cain was in the game they put her in pick and roll defense over and over again and when Stewart was in they posted her up and attacked her every possession. Credit to their coaches for attacking our weaknesses, something i wish Amy Williams was better at.
  8. Losing to a Minnesota team without their best player, just gross.
  9. Stewart is awful defensively, When she was hitting shots, she was giving up bucket after bucket on the other end. Kiss our NCAA chances goodbye after that game.
  10. Minnesota's really beat up, Jasmine Powell will be out, Sara Scalia is likely to play but missed last game and Hubbard has been limited in the 2 games since she returned after missing almost 4 weeks. Just a game we absolutely cannot lose.
  11. I just got home, we really have 12 turnovers already?
  12. Shes not a wnba player, just too small and not very athletic. Will be interesting to see what happens with Purdue, they have a bunch of highly ranked recruits on their roster but they are a terrible team.
  13. Maryland is obviously dam good but this defense is brutal
  14. We are too slow to even get back on defense
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