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  1. I believe teams have to play if they have 7 or more players eligible so this would indicate it hit quite a few players.
  2. good fight from them just cant play so poorly the 1st half
  3. We lack footspeed at certain positions thats for sure, Markowski has been terrible defensively tonight. I dont think they have played any zone this year but this would be a game to try it.
  4. Settling for too many bad 3's and playing no defense again.
  5. Defense just wasnt good enough to win. Way too many layups and wide open 3's.
  6. Giving up way too many wide open looks, defense has to tighten up.
  7. Iowa is a really interesting team. Surprisingly one of the worst shooting teams so far in the league and Clark is only shooting 24% from 3 this year. At some point they are gonna break out and hit a bunch of 3's, hopefully thats not today.
  8. The thing I was most disappointed in was there was no adjustments made defensively, MSU was not gonna beat us from outside with that roster today but yet we kept letting them get into the paint over and over again. Msu was the more aggressive team and we settled for 3's. Clouden is all MSU had and we let her beat us. We were pretty obviously the more talented team so a loss like that stings.
  9. I didnt wanna be the one to say it but Wake looked horrible. So slow and just terrible shooters, looking at their schedule it looks like most teams would be undefeated with that. I'm guessing at the end of the year theyll be towards bottom of the ACC.
  10. This game is on bally sports alt channels if any of u get any of them, i didnt know i did but i guess i do. Wake isnt too impressive, were gonna get a bunch of open 3s but we gotta quit fouling.
  11. That was my complaint about this nonconference schedule, its all about quad 1 wins now that they switched to the net rankings. And we dont have any quad 1 opportunities in the nonconconference. Gonna put alot of pressure on the squad in the conference.
  12. As someone thats been following high school girls basketball here in MN for awhile, I dont think its ever been better. The 22 in state class is the best and deepest I have ever seen. Good year for the Gophers to break thru and land 4 of the top 5 top players in state. If they can keep it going they can build something special, the 23 class has 3 top 50ish players in the country and the 24 class has Olivia Olson and Liv Mcgill who are both 5 star type talents.
  13. The dobo Amanda Hart was a small college assistant that probably has aspirations of coaching so she definitely can help out. The video guy was also a small college assistant so he can help out too if it doesnt affect his video coordinator job. We dont have a very big staff compared to alot of programs so unless theres other positions that just arent listed those are the 2 that should be able to step up and help out.
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