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  1. Thanks to a fan, that’s a mom and I was screenshot some of the comments made in regards to Cam and I. No one knows our story but I would prefer you not bash Cam. He loves it here and he admitted he lost track of time on Saturday And felt so bad but he also didn’t let me know he had a bacterial infection from the Caymans. I am a lion with her cubs... No one wants to see people just bashing their child for no reason. I didn’t bash the team as a whole. I basically stated they don’t complete his assists which is an issue as well as Cam not sinking free throws.. I am Cams #1 cheerleader and also his #1 one critic... Cam hates me on social media but as a mom you can feel when your kids are having a rough moment. These players read these blogs and that hurts them. I am battling breast cancer which I ask for no sympathy, just prayer but that does not stop me from protecting my children. Cam worries, he doesn’t know if one day he picks up the phone and I don’t answer. i did that one day because my phone was in the car, I missed 10 calls and texts, You okay mom.. I will fight for them until my last breath.. When coaches recruit kids, they are not honest such as SFA... Cam said one year playing because he doesn’t know how long I have on this earth, no one does but he has had dreams of going pro since he was a kid. Don’t punish or talk about Cam because of my actions.. I said #staytuned because Cam is just getting started.. He is not the savior but he plays a major part in the success of this team because he is gifted and talented... Understand these kids have real life situations and it’s bigger than basketball. Its not easy to lose and your fans are bashing you... He wants to win, he texts me everyday and my advice to him is , trust God , you got this. He didn’t bring you this far to not complete what he started in you as a 2 year old little boy. We have big games this week, be positive and support your team I will not be back on social media because sometimes it takes me to thoughts that are not holy...and actions that are not nice
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