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  1. Green seems like he’s so close sometimes to having that light turn on. I know a lot of ppl wanted to give up on him, but he’s so talented. I hope he figures out his role and how to play under control. He would be a great scorer off the bench now and next year.
  2. Just listened. Jack is great to listen too. Makes me feel much better about my over the top fandom.
  3. Interesting! I haven’t heard the post game comments yet. Did he go into detail on anything?
  4. I loved watching the halftime adjustments last night. Some of them are so simple too. At one point Hoiberg simply gave Cross the ball at the top of the key 2 straight possessions and WSU was forced to take their 7 footer out.
  5. That’s what I’m thinking. I don’t think Hoiberg has any problem telling guys they can’t play at this level. He’s got a couple on this team and those conversations will happen at the end of the year.
  6. I’m looking at the pieces for next year (I know it’s very early). Who does everyone think is a big contributor on next year’s team? I see Mack, Green, Ivan, Cross, hopefully Curtis, and...? I hope Arop develops. He has the athleticism’s to play in the big ten if there’s some skill development. Banton and Walker come in and provide size, skill, and experience. I just think this year is all about seeing certain guys improve. I apologize if I left out anyone who will be a part of the future. Just thinking off the top of my head.
  7. Better to be known at least haha I’m in sunshine pumper mode today so I pulled the positive that Dicky V and Jay Bilas mentioned Nebraska during the broadcast with Fred Hoiberg as the coach. Would that have been mentioned with previous coaches? Maybe? And hey, at least you don’t have to poop anymore lol
  8. I don’t think anyone who wants to keep things in perspective is saying this wasn’t a very frustrating game or a “clunker” if you will. There’s a lot of issues with this team but ultimately if they could’ve made some lay ups and free throws throughout the game I don’t know if they lose that initial lead or at least stay close enough to be in the game at the end. This looked exactly like what Hoiberg explained was his worry in the preseason. When adversity hit the team sort of unraveled. That’s what happens when there’s s bunch of new guys trying to play together and there’s no clear leadership on the the court. This game sucked for sure and the point differential was shocking, but I think the issues as to why it happened are not surprising and can be worked on through this season.
  9. Damn autocorrect....but yes I agree he should remember that...
  10. There’s a guy we’re recruiting right now with the last name Mading. Can’t remember his first babe though. edit:
  11. Ok ya that makes sense. Hopefully that’s just an age thing. He’ll get some major push back when he goes against other bigs in the conference so hopefully that makes him realize he has to play strong. Sometimes you have to get popped in the mouth to understand how the game is played.
  12. Question, and I didn’t get to watch the game at all so I’m just wondering, what makes you say Yvan didn’t play big on offense? My understanding is that bigs in this system aren’t going to post up much at all. They’re more screen and roll guys.
  13. Exactly. My only real expectation is that the team we see in February/March is clearly an improved team over what we seen in November. I get some extra comfort knowing we have two guys waiting in the wings (Walker and Banton) that should atleast help alleviate the glaring hole this roster has. Then fill in the gap with Donovan Williams and another good recruit.
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