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  1. The good news about our front court is there’s 2 sides to every mismatch. We’ll be iunderdized but guys like Stevenson, Cross, sometimes Kavas and even Cheatham at the 4 is that other teams have to guard them too. It just depends whether those guys are willing to attack those types of match ups and can hit shots when bigger guys sag off them.
  2. I’m looking forward to an exciting year. I think this team will be fun to watch for sure. There’s definitely talent and when you have multiple guys who can score at a high level you’ll always have a chance. There will probably be some nights that are frustrating but there will also be some games against higher rated teams where these guys will be a major headache for some good teams.
  3. I think one problem we’re having here is people want to fit guys into the old 1,2,3,4,5 slots for a lineup. Basketball today really has 3 positions: the Point, Wings, and Bigs. This offense will certainly have 3 wings playing at the same time quite a bit. My complete guess for a lineup goes: point: Mack Wings: Green, Burke, Cheatham Big: Cross Some guys obviously fit into multiple positions, but it all depends on match ups.
  4. Prairie Wolf here haha I did live in Plainsman Hall though if that counts for anything...
  5. Lol exactly!! Graduated from Wesleyan a few years ago but always a Husker! Thanks for the welcome!
  6. Sadler knows defense and if you watched his teams when he was here you could see that. This would be a great situation for him. He’s surrounded by and offensive guy and two really good recruiters. He can come here and basically be the defensive coordinator.
  7. Do we know what the eligibility situation is for each of these guys? I assume the non-juco guys all sit one year but I can’t keep up with all the new waiver “rules.”
  8. Exactly, and he can do it however he wants because he will have control of the program. This seemed to be a big selling point in Frost coming here.
  9. I agree with this. Also, Hoiberg could be seeing an opportunity. Imagine being the coach that made Nebraska competitive in the Big Ten. I think there are some coaches that see what Miles did here and think that they can make the next step.
  10. Just going off Hoiberg's teams at ISU, he definitely liked having a 5 that can stretch the floor. One thing that I always notices though was they had 3s and 4s that were very athletic and were pretty willing rebounders. I don't think he would bring in a big 7-footer to stand in the paint, but those ISU teams always had guys that would attack the glass pretty aggressively.
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