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  1. Handy, I hope you're right, but I don't see it happening. The players do NOT like this new proposal by the owners and I don't think they're going to pass it. I don't think we'll see any sports until 2021, unfortunately.
  2. They stopped doing the winner of the All-Star game giving that league home field advantage in the World Series several years ago....
  3. I would agree with this IF......it was like the old days where the AL and NL did not play each other until the World Series. Now, with interleague play, it's a HUGE detriment to the AL team playing the NL ballpark. As bad as the pitchers are in the NL at hitting, imagine how much worse the AL pitchers are. At least the NL pitchers "may" have taken some hacks in spring training and batted throughout the season. An AL teams comes into an NL park and the AL pitcher has to bat and it's probably the 1st time he's picked up a bat since college or high school. I don't want to watch that.
  4. Or, if the pitcher does somehow manage to get on base, watching him try to run the bases with a stupid jacket on. DH for both leagues. Please.
  5. Amen to that! I'm still hanging my hat on that victory to these idiot hok fans at work! They are thumping their chests today that Garza is the Big Ten player of the year, Doyle is the Big Ten's women's player of the year and some Iowa wrestler is the Big Ten wrestler of the year. Yet, in basketball, with the players of the year, neither program can get close to a conference title. But they sure do have some handsome dude on that men's basketball team.....Good Lord....
  6. Totally agree. He just seemed more confident. Better moves, a little more aggression and hustle.
  7. They haven't finished these games, but they played hard to get those leads. On senior day, the Goofers will pound our Cornhuskers. Lots of frustration will be taken out on Fred's boys. As in most of the last 15 losses, NU will keep in close at the half, then get blown out in the 1st 5 minutes of the 2nd half. They'll put together a little streak to get the game back to 10-15 points, then get mauled again and lose by 20 pts. Rinse, lather, repeat. Overall, they've kept fighting during the streak but are just completely outmanned. However, I am concerned about the "halftime adjustments". Why do they get run out of the gym most of the time in those 1st 5 minutes of the 2nd half? Talk about annoying....
  8. Nebraska 61 Minnesota 84 Goofers take out their frustrations in a big way....
  9. I haven't decided if Nebraska fans are the most loyal in college sports because of their continued attendance or the dumbest in college sports because of their continued attendance. As Forrest Gump would say "I think maybe it's both. Maybe both is happening at the same time".
  10. Wow, Mr. Jones! An 18 pt Husker win? I'll have what you're drinking! LOL Unfortunately: Nebraska 58 Illinois 85
  11. Michigan State 83 Nebraska 61 This one is gonna be ugly, boys....
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