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  1. If he's half as good as Van Horn, I'd be cool with that. I have to admit I have a bias for Heller. He was my residence hall director at Upper Iowa when I went there, and was the Peacock baseball coach. Went to Northern Iowa and did great things with them. When UNI shut down its baseball program, he went to Indiana State and led them to the best things that program had ever done. Then, on to Iowa. Plus, it would have been nice to stick it to the idiot Hawk fans. But I'll be firmly behind Will Bolt.
  2. I'm in the dumber than a box of rocks group. Just a "meh" hire. A coach doesn't ALWAYS have to have Nebraska connections. Rick Heller would have been outstanding! It's simply amazing what that guy has done at Iowa. He gets ZERO support from his administration. Have you see the facilities at Iowa? High school at BEST. I can't imagine what he could do with the support/facilities that Nebraska has. He takes marginal talent and get so much out of them. And, he knows the Big Ten. I hope Bolt is okay, but not really excited about a guy whose A&M team actually hit worse that this season's Husker team. Again, "meh". Just my opinion.
  3. This is a really "meh" hire for me. I know, I know, he's a former Husker. I just think they could have gone with someone better.
  4. I love Erstad's grit, passion, and love of NU. But, IMO, he underachieved here. I know I'm in the minority, and that's okay. I didn't dislike him and want him gone. But again, he underachieved. The Big Ten is a PUTRID baseball conference. Look at the attendance at these games, outside of Nebraska. NO ONE goes. It's pathetic. NU has BY FAR the best baseball facilities. Honestly, NU should have been winning the league title 2 out of every 3 years. And to not even make the Big Ten tournament last year was inexcusable. Can't make the top 8 in this conference, with these facilities? And then there is Erstad's horrid postseason record. Now, with that being said, I did like how he got the guys to buy in and play hard this year. Until that series with Arizona State, it looked like another epic collapse to the season. But the boys righted the ship, and I give Erstad a TON of credit for that. The man bleeds Husker red, and I love that. I just expected a bit more considering the baseball conference we are playing in. I'm hoping for the Dallas Baptist coach. That team has done a TON in the last few years. I also have a small rooting interest in Rick Heller from Iowa, since he was my residence hall director in college 100 years ago. LOL
  5. I don't know how Howard will work either. But honestly, this is no different than when Iowa State hired Fred Hoiberg with even LESS experience than Howard has. Michigan is a much bigger name than Iowa State. And Fred wasn't following an extremely successful coach like Howard is doing. But to think that Howard won't work simply because he's never run his own program is naive. It's worked before. Fred is a classic example.
  6. Hmmmmm......seems to sound a lot like what happened at Iowa State a few years back when Fred Hoiberg was hired at his alma mater. That worked out pretty well for Iowa State.....
  7. I was about to ask where in the world you heard anyone here bashing this hire.....so thanks for clarifying it was on another site!
  8. Alright! I didn't think he was going to come. But this sure appears that he'll be coming back to Lincoln! Woo hoo!
  9. Many are freaking out over there. They can't believe Hoiberg would offer a kid from Ames, Iowa (like that is off limits for him). It's interesting how many of them have turned on Fred. My favorite is how some now call him "Fraud" Hoiberg.
  10. From Doc's comments yesterday, I don't think he's coming back to Nebraska. Just my opinion. Would love to have him though! My money is on Hsu. I can't see Hoiberg retaining both Gates AND Molinari.
  11. The pride of Coe College - former Bills RB Fred Jackson!
  12. Fragile Fred Taylor...
  13. Remember, Royal - it's not just a "league"....it's the CONFERENCE OF CHAMPIONS!!! LOL
  14. Here's what you missed on "One Shining Moment"...
  15. The CONFERENCE of CHAMPIONS!!!!! Ugh.
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