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  1. I was about to ask where in the world you heard anyone here bashing this hire.....so thanks for clarifying it was on another site!
  2. Alright! I didn't think he was going to come. But this sure appears that he'll be coming back to Lincoln! Woo hoo!
  3. Many are freaking out over there. They can't believe Hoiberg would offer a kid from Ames, Iowa (like that is off limits for him). It's interesting how many of them have turned on Fred. My favorite is how some now call him "Fraud" Hoiberg.
  4. From Doc's comments yesterday, I don't think he's coming back to Nebraska. Just my opinion. Would love to have him though! My money is on Hsu. I can't see Hoiberg retaining both Gates AND Molinari.
  5. The pride of Coe College - former Bills RB Fred Jackson!
  6. Fragile Fred Taylor...
  7. Remember, Royal - it's not just a "league"....it's the CONFERENCE OF CHAMPIONS!!! LOL
  8. Here's what you missed on "One Shining Moment"...
  9. The CONFERENCE of CHAMPIONS!!!!! Ugh.
  10. Yeah, hope no offense at my "donkey" comment. It's all said in fun. I don't HATE the Broncos. I dislike them, of course, but I truly HATE the Raiders! I'm sure we can agree on that!!! LOL I always like it when former players come back and support their college team, no matter who the player or what team they are supporting.
  11. No kidding. What a dumpster fire out in L.A. They can't get anyone to come there! I find it hilarious.
  12. As a Chief fan, I take offense to your dislike of Mahomes. LOL Yes, the camera shots were a bit overboard, but Travis Kelce was also sitting right beside Mahomes. CBS does the AFC games, so it makes sense. Plus, as another poster said, what other famous TTech person was there? And how can you not love Mahomes? The kid is awesome! Please tell me you aren't a Donkey fan?!? HA
  13. Yeah, sorry about that. I've lived in Iowa my entire life (except for 1 year in Minneapolis) and love the state. But the "fans" of a couple of universities in this state set me off......
  14. I've heard that explanation too. I think it depends on which idiot you talk to. The ones I've talked to say they think Nebraska is about as masculine as "Little Debbie". And I've also heard them call Wisconsin "Connie"..... Next time the Gophers come to town, talk with some of their fans. They HATE Iowa like no one else. I'll never forget a few years ago at the football game in Lincoln when a pocket of Gopher fans near me starting chanting "We hate Iowa!". It was awesome. I quickly chimed in with them!
  15. Funny that you say it's boring to drive through. That's another thing Iowans love to say - how BORING Nebraska is to drive through. I live 9 miles from Van Meter. The Bob Feller museum has actually been closed for a few years now. When Bob was still alive, he would visit often for autograph sessions and bring along other Hall of Famers to do the same. He even got Johnny Rodgers, Mike Rozier and Eric Crouch to come for a day to sign autographs. Hawkeye fans LOVED that. LOL Anyway, Feller autographed his book for me. Very cool experience as I'm a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan.....
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