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  1. My brother-in-law buys season tickets to creighton basketball. Does not watch the games, just walks around the mezzanine, eats food and talks to people. Not my idea of how to spend my entertainment dollars, but whatever. He is a pompous ass that is an expert on everything, so that must explain it.
  2. The B1G protocol is 21 days of quarantine with no practice possible. He has been quarantined for 8 days? So he has 13 more before he can interact/practice again.
  3. Been cooking Thanksgiving dinner... getting ready to pack everything up and head over to my folks. Will be back online after the game! Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving, and... GOOOOOOOO!
  4. I can remember seeing the Shim-Shams perform at Devaney, and my Mom worried about any of them falling and breaking a hip. While I didn't particularly enjoy their performances, they certainly seemed to enjoy themselves. So here's to all the Shim-Shams that are no longer among us! God bless!
  5. I have a co-worker that is from Pennsylvania and is a Penn State fan. Says Penn State is still treated as an outsider, probably always will be. Get used to it, he says. Also notes that the conference keeps its name not only for brand recognition but also to make it clear that 4 schools are not an accepted part of the whole. Sounds a bit tin-foily to me.... but there are times that certainly make you wonder.
  6. Back when we still played at the Bob... it was much easier to wait until the crowd filed out than to try to "beat the crowd". We made it home 10 minutes later if we waited, and it was a far less hectic drive. Gave us a chance to watch the end of the game and also listen to the post-game radio show. I would expect it's about the same with the games at PBA.
  7. Okay, fellas. You have no pulse if you didn't enjoy the hell out of this one! This takes me back to the heady Danny Nee days!
  8. Hitting 2 of 3 from the line. Better than last season, can still improve. There. That is what we need to impove.
  9. I don't have cable any more, so enjoy listening to Kent and Jake on the radio. Hopefully these games show up on youtube.com for "rewatching".
  10. Who is the MVP of the game? That, fellas, is a tough question to answer. EDIT: Also a good thing. So many weapons!
  11. I don't recall them mentioning Andre not playing in the pre-game show.
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