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  1. Penn State looking for new head coach as Pat Chambers resigns.
  2. Sam McKewon replies(retweets?)... Tracks with what we wrote a few weeks ago. Event manager will come in and run the MTE. Watch the teams being added later, too. With some of these other events being cancelled, the names could get pretty good.
  3. Per John Rothstein twitter... Sources: Elevate Hoops (@elevatehoopscbb) will be hosting an MTE in Lincoln, Nebraska that features Nebraska, LSU, Northern Iowa, Nevada, Illinois State, & Cleveland State. More teams will be added. A burgeoning event to monitor during college basketball's "Golden Window".
  4. A schedule, a schedule! My kingdom for a schedule! ~ King Richard, Shakespeare's Richard III.
  5. I know it's shameful, but I can't remember the last baseball game I was able to watch from start to finish. I guess I am pre-disposed to more action-oriented sports.
  6. I thought I read somewhere that there could be 8, or even 16 possible teams. A real tournament.
  7. Here is a Husker Extra podcast that talks about Nebrasketball (start at 30:00-ish or so). Chris Basnett is the Journal/Star Nebrasketball beat writer. Fun stuff!
  8. I was surprised to hear that coach Cook has been lobbying for Volleyball to move to the Spring Semester for many, many years. Makes sense when you think about it. Gives incoming Freshmen a semester to acclimate and practice. Plus it would be a great segway from Football to Basketball to Volleyball. Husker sports gifts from September through May.
  9. Could that be an indication that KSU and CU could be coming to Lincoln for the 2020 "Ameritas Classic"? I miss Big 8 basketball.
  10. Here is an Article from Hail Varsity by Jacob Padilla discusses Webster and Allen as two probable leaders on the team this year. Also mentions Thorir as a leader during last season. I am officially excited for 2020 Nebrasketball! Hope the link works.
  11. These rankings tell me that national media does not think twice about Nebraska, and after winning 7 games last season, they are waiting for Nebraska to show it has improved. I respectfully (okay, not really) disagree. I think if we had a normal season, we would more than double that win total, coming closer to tripling it. 19 wins was my target win total - right before fall sports were put on hold.
  12. My Dad and I picked the 10 biggest blowouts vs good teams from '92 to '97. Last week... 1992, #8 NU vs #8 CU.
  13. Thank you for the update! I read this thread title as "New Jersey" Numbers for 20-21. Must be Friday.
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