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  1. Late on this topic and I haven’t read through it yet but I was thinking the other day when moos said he has a short list of coaches in his desk I wonder who they are...I have my guesses but interesting to think about. I also think there is a zero chance we go after a mid major Coach this time. I hope a clear vision will be put in place and then some heavy research and moos using his wide cast of connections to bring in a high level assistant from a major program who’s young. You read comments on social media and all that on available coaches and you see a lot of Hoiberg, greg Marshall, kelvin sampson, Altman etc and many fans say it jokingly like it’s a pipe dream which maybe it is but honestly besides bill self, Coach k and the usual I don’t think there is such thing as a pipe dream with moos in charge and with what we have going with PBA and all that With that that being said I’m rooting super hard for Miles to make a miracle run and save his job
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