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  1. Its so weird watching robes with these guys Thus is truly the best tine of yr after a long summer content://media/external/file/70787
  2. http://art19.com/shows/the-ceiling-is-the-roof/episodes/218d7a86-3952-4910-b85e-a36dd2a25f7a Also saw that Copelands in dallas Work out maybe??
  3. Hes different now And I like it Cant wait to see where he goes https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/wizards/isaiah-robys-journey-small-town-unknown-potential-nba-draft-steal
  4. https://us.blastingnews.com/sports/2019/06/nebraska-basketball-isaiah-roby-stops-in-philly-to-show-sixers-he-can-be-impact-player-002930745.amp.html?__twitter_impression=true
  5. 31 here. I hear he's worked out with okc also has 76ers and back to San Antonio who I hear really likes him. I doubt he makes it through the end of the 1 st round though before he hears his name called. I think I said before that the bulls and dallas and san Antonio I feel are the most likely landing spots. But man I hope the spurs and pop get ahold of him. Roby would be a problem for the league lol possibly right away. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/2019-nba-mock-draft-hawks-take-dukes-cam-reddish-at-no-8-with-the-first-of-their-six-selections/amp/
  6. Today's offer Saw this kid play he's the real deal hope he comes here but doubt it. By 2021 my guess he'll just go straight nba probably. https://youtu.be/BJhS2VWnvKA
  7. https://www.nba.com/hornets/video/teams/hornets/2019/06/01/2631742/1559407386172-190601-isaiahroby-2631742
  8. I was just thinking about that ? I saw another 1 can't remember from what game
  9. https://aroyalpain.com/2019/05/28/a-royal-prospect-isaiah-roby/
  10. Hmmm If I'm Hoiberg I'm trying to call Roby Could he be back???????
  11. Gotta disagree he's already proven he can put the weight on if he needs too but he's even said he's not gonna be banging around in the post next level he just needs he just needs too get stronger.
  12. As of right now anyway bucks only have 1 pick. Last pick 1st round I was just watching something about Greek freak on fs1. I'm not gonna even bother to spell the real name. But how about he's not a late game guy or needing some help in late game situations or something along those lines and I immediately imagined him passing to Roby at the end of a game and roby nailing it? Idk why maybe I'm wrong and all but it seems too me that over his time in Lincoln at the end of games or possessions when the shot clock is low and he just had no other option at all but to catch and shoot it It seemed too me anyway that most of the time those went in. And I swear I remeber hearing something on 1 of the game broadcasts this year about some last second 3 point drill or something in practice that he had some crazy #s with. Plus I hear he shot lights out in Milwaukee better than anyone they've seen with his size at a workout in a few years. I'd imagine we hear something. Well obviously we will lol with the deadline and all but I bet he doesn't get past milwaukee in the 1st round.
  13. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2837977-2019-nba-mock-draft-who-sits-behind-zion-williamson-and-this-years-big-3.amp.html
  14. Idk watching that pro day and other practices with all these "elite" college guys and out of all those guys the only 1 was Clarke that rivaled Roby and we're splitting hairs. Even at the combine Those guys are just thrown together they've never played together, or hardly even knew each other at best and thrown into a game with coaches they don't know in front of the nba world. He got better playing with the same guys the next game. Theres no doubt in my mind once he gets drafted and gets with some good coaching (which I dont believe he's ever had) I like coach miles and all but i dont think he's that good of a coach at all. Need your program kick started that's the guy Oh yea My wifes uncle coaches at augustana I believe it was somewhere in south Dakota I cant remember the schools name but he did say they were in the process of transferring to a d1 school soon. We ended up meeting a few times in the line too get ? he said he's known miles for over 25 yrs told a few drinking stories and also says miles probably will get into broadcast or something tv related. But as far as roby He will do well everyone seems too be focusing on the player he was at nebraska well he's definitely not that guy Idk how to explain it But he's not that player he was in Lincoln anymore thats for sure. He's showing waay more attitude and nastiness and selfishness than I've ever seen before and I've watched since high school. His agents were telling us after it was all over and we were meeting and greeting That they've been constantly working on making him be decisive they seemed too be saying he just has so many options of things he Can do at a time he overthinks. And he's killed every private workout I guess. Seems too me anyway they are not concerned as long as he's a top 40 pick as more as he goes too the right situation And well that agency usually gets what it wants I guess lol I wish him the best. I really don't get the point in coming back to a whole group of people you don't know or a staff even besides gates who hasnt been here that long. And I doubt he sees much time in the g league if any.
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