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  1. I promise this is the last time posting this familiar screed:


    The time to lock down local talent would have been 20 years ago, but we can start building bridges now that will pay off later.  We have virtually no relationship with Omaha high schools and AAU programs. Omaha kids have been going to (you know who) individual and team camps since they were 3rd graders, and (you know who) coaches and players participate regularly in school and AAU clinics. We're seen as the hotshots who might get in contact if a player gets some notice and later make an appearance in the bleachers for a game just to look interested. Think about how that plays when you're a program with our record of success the last 20 years. So not only are we missing out on kids, we've also given scholarships to kids who didn't pan out. 


    Where do I get my info? I know Omaha coaches, my kids played high school basketball, I coached non-varsity high school (just call me Kidney Jr.) and have a friend who was closely tied to OSA. They all say the same thing. I haven't been to high school games and gabbing with these people the last couple years because of Covid, so maybe something has changed under Fred, but I doubt it. 


    Assuming at the very least we'll have one new assistant next year, I'd put him in charge of identifying local talent and building bridges with local coaches. Or maybe hope our next head coach figures it out. I think the problem is that our new hires see that the recruiting base is limited and think they have to bring in national-level talent to get somewhere. But you can see that we end up missing out on roster stability, solid 4-year contributors and the occasional kid who turns into a star.


  2. FWIW, I like that Verge is no longer the axis of evil for the team. He's playing better, sort of, and we now can see that there are many more problems beyond him.


    I don't mind ripping on players' abilities, but don't like the personal stuff (he doesn't care, he's in it for himself, he's selfish, he's lazy etc.). We don't know any of them and most bad players are simply that, bad players. It's not necessarily an issue with their character.

  3. 20 hours ago, hhcmatt said:

    I checked all of our coaches' contracts.  Will Bolt also got an extension in June of 2020 that no one knew about. 

    If we hadn't let Moos go in 2021 it's pretty likely we'd be looking at a $22M instead of a $18.5M buyout right now.

    Apples to oranges, I guess, but Will Bolt is making less than half of the salary for Frost's OC, who I'd never heard of before.



  4. 1 hour ago, hhcmatt said:



    To me it's about what minutes does Trey replace. If we can replace enough empty minutes in the first 30-35 minutes of the game can we build enough of a lead that our lack of culture and poise can't blow?


    My thought as well. He takes 30 minutes a game away from somebody who is a worse. If nothing else, guys are going to have to do something positive to hold onto their current minutes.

  5. My starting point for the next search:


    Don't hire: 1. An assistant at a top program. 2. A young mid-major coach who got his team to the SS in his first head coaching job. Both are just lottery tickets.


    Look for: 1. A successful mid-major coach who has dominated his league for at least 5 years. You can't do that without being a good game coach and development guy. Examples are Gregg Marshall and Steve Pikiell. Not saying to hire now, just that they are examples. (Check out Marshall's record at Winthrop.) 2. A high-major coach with proven record of success who is feeling heat from spoiled fans and wants to go somewhere to be appreciated. Examples are Rick Barnes and Shaka Smart. (Shocker, they're both from Texas!) I personally wouldn't hire Turgeon, even though he fits this criteria.



  6. 10 hours ago, hskr4life said:

    Coming into the year.... I thought Bryce would me more efficient than he actually is.  Sure he scores 15 a game or whatever... but it took him 15 shots to get to 19 tonight... and he only made 6.

    Tonight was typical, couple of plays to wow the NBA scouts (if they still come to our games) but not doing much to win the game. He's averaging an incredible 33.5 minutes a game while shooting 39% from the field and 25% on 3s. He has more turnovers than assists and has only 13 steals on the year, fewer than Wilcher who gets fewer minutes and is generally regarded as one of our worst defenders.

    I'm not making this into a personal thing, he seems like a nice kid. But why in the #$&# does he get so many minutes? This is one of my biggest gripes with Fred, he's done a horrible job of making use of Bryce's talent. He just hands him the ball and lets him do what he wants and only takes him out when he gets gassed from taking so many step back 3s. All our former NBA coach should have to say is, "Bryce, I'm going to coach you like an NBA player, and you wouldn't get on the floor in an NBA game if you didn't (fill in the blank)." 

  7. 6 hours ago, jimmychitwood said:

    Verge cannot be on the floor at the end of a close game. His hero ball completely kills any semblance of offensive cohesion and he thinks every off-balance prayer is a foul which leads to him pouting/complaining for half of the next defensive possession. Hopefully Trey’s return fixes that.


    The constant switching up top on defense needs to stop as well. Too often there is confusion on who’s guarding who or we are left in serious mismatches which give open driving lanes that just compound the problem.

    Man, we had a horrible switch up top in the last 4 minutes that was a killer. (think it led to free throws after an easy drive to the basket.) Switches aren't exactly rocket science, it's just a matter of communication, but I guess you can add "talking" to the list of things we do crappy.

  8. 2 hours ago, coughunter said:

    Sip this morning said his buyout is $18.5 M and he got an extension after that great 1st year!  Yikes, strap in....

    It's hard to believe you could get NU basketball boosters to come up with that kind of money. Year 4 seems a certainty.

  9. 12 hours ago, HuskerFever said:

    Interesting background, I don't remember most of these supposedly top-notch guys it says he recruited. Matt A was handling recruiting for another former NBA guy, Chris Mullin.


    Wikipedia: On April 9, 2019, Mullin resigned as head coach after compiling a 59–73 record in four seasons, including 20–52 in Big East play, 

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