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  1. Wayne Pesek

    Kenya Hunter

    Northern Iowa let a kid out of his LOI eight years ago when there was a coaching change at Creighton. The new Creighton coach and UNI coach were friendly. The kid might have made a difference at Northern Iowa!
  2. Wayne Pesek

    Really OT

    Sour Mash was always a good time, no matter the venue.
  3. Wayne Pesek

    Really OT

    Timberline, live at the Royal Grove.
  4. Wayne Pesek

    The crowd must get better

    Every basketball program complains about the effectiveness of their crowd. 8,440 of the fans at PSU made no noise at all Friday night. Because they weren't even there! Yet, somehow, their team was able to overcome this obstacle and win the game. Keeping track of who stands and for how long, who yells and how loudly, who arrives late and leaves early, are petty complaints. More important things to worry about. 4 pages now, and nobody has explained yet about how selling beer will fix everything! What's up with that?
  5. Wayne Pesek

    Rumour du jour: Possible Jordy Transfer

    Uncle LaVar must have told Jordy about a great opportunity in Lithuania.
  6. Wayne Pesek

    Agau's Salty

    Katina Powell is a very persuasive recruiter.
  7. Wayne Pesek

    B1G officiating: mission to screw Nebraska?

    139 D1 games are being played today, employing 417 referees. I wouldn't go so far as to say there were 414 better referees, but then again, somebody had to be #415, #416 and #417. These guys deserve a nomination.
  8. Wayne Pesek

    Paul White - Georgetown transfer -> Oregon

    I think most schools have vacant scholarships. I'm not kidding when I say Oregon has had at least one, and usually two unfilled scholarships every year. Maybe they are an exception, I only know about them (and Nebraska) and not about other teams. Most schools lose at least one, sometimes two players to transfer every year, which actually makes it rather hard to keep all the scholarships filled. It makes sense to have room on your roster for a potential late transfer (like Syracuse and Oregon did). And if they have to then sit out a year, that just makes your practice squad that much better. I'm not as concerned about the vacant scholarships, as I am about the talent level of the players currently on scholarship. I think the last two recruiting classes have improved that talent level, but more steps need to be taken to compete in the top half of the conference. I would like to have seen the addition of a JC big man. Even if he turned out to be only average, or below, it would have only been risking a two-year investment.
  9. Wayne Pesek

    Paul White - Georgetown transfer -> Oregon

    Wow Dana Altman is leaving scholarships open? I know you are joking but....I would be surprised if he has done so 5 years in a row. Either way, nobody would probably say a peep about not utilizing scholarships if we were coming off an elite 8 run as opposed to two losing seasons. Actually, he has. At least one, sometimes two (or more!) each year. Sometimes one will go to a walk-on.
  10. Wayne Pesek

    Paul White - Georgetown transfer -> Oregon

    Don't know why he would be visiting Oregon right now. The team is in Spain.
  11. Wayne Pesek

    New Assistant -> Michael Lewis

    Looks like this Lawson guy would come with two, possibly three, really good credentials! http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/eye-on-college-basketball/25563443/inside-college-hoops-tubby-smith-is-facing-his-first-dilemma-at-memphis
  12. Wayne Pesek

    Shavon Shields update

    Shoulder might have been dislocated by Buckeyes tugging and pulling on him whenever he tried to move without the ball.
  13. There has been lots of optimism about the long term future of the program due to the perceived upgrade in recruiting. Perhaps we would be better served to scale back the recruiting! Derek Pardon was ranked as a 3-star, #43 PF. Ed Morrow was ranked as a 4-star, #10 PF. Something about those numbers doesn't make sense.
  14. Wayne Pesek

    Some thoughts on why we lost

    Groselle was recruited to play in the Missouri Valley Conference against MVC talent. He kicked the Huskers ass. And the Huskers acted lilke they didn't know the pick-and-roll was a thing. Inexcusable.
  15. Poor Rick. Seems like women just like to cause trouble for him. http://fabwags.com/karen-cunagin-sypher-rick-pitinos-affair/